NSW Defensive Driving Courses and logbook hours


I’m looking at buying my son a defensive driving course (in Sydney) and looking for recommendations.

Also does this contribute to their total hours and I had heard that some insurance policies acknowledge your drivers who have done these courses.

Keen to hear some options and feedback if you or someone you know can recommend the defensive driving course.



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    If your son has at least 50 log book hours, the $140 5-hour Safer Driving Course counts for 20 log book hours.


      Thanks Thrift,
      Have booked one of these for my son.

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    I did one ages ago in Easter Creek, but that was after I had my full license so doesn't apply to your son atm.

    Just wanted to say kudos to you for looking into this. More parents should make this a priority, in my opinion.


      Thanks Andre, there are so many average drivers out there. Defensive and evasive driving skills will save my sons life and possibly others too!

      I think foreigners also need to sit a basic test.

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    Murcotts Defensive and Advanced courses are quite good. It doesn't count towards the logbook hours.

    The Safer Driving Course does give logbook hours (and I think is compulsory?).

    Also, if they do 10 hours with a driving instructor it counts for either 30hrs or 40hrs.

    Have a look at the Sydney Motorsport Park website. They used to do a free "Night Drive" course at the track. I did it with my eldest daughter and she found it really good for learning about braking before corners, correct cornering technique and we did some emergency braking and some full throttle acceleration up to the 80kph speed limit. Ostensibly the object is to make you feel comfortable driving at night but we made up our own program.

    My eldest also did a defensive driving course once she got her Green Ps. My employer offered it free. She is a really good driver and very safe to be with.

    My youngest "couldn't be bothered" and did the bare minimum to get her licence and it shows. She's a nightmare to drive with and won't take advice on technique. Only 2 days back she wasn't concentrating and ran into a median strip and ruined 2 tyres. An $300 lesson for her.


      Thanks Brad1-8tsi,

      The night drive looks real interesting!
      Seems to get booked out real quick too