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3% Cashback on Purchases of Kogan Products at Matt Blatt @ Swooped


Swooped members get 3% cashback on all Kogan products you find on Matt Blatt's online store

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Matt Blatt (Kogan)
Matt Blatt (Kogan)

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    How generous. But you get 100% cashback if you don't support Kogan and their scummy business practises. I should post it as a deal.


    Can’t buy gift card to get this cash back? Easily we can get up to 5-6% gift card then how this should benefit?

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    God I hate Kogan with a passion. Recently a family member purchased some flat pack furniture and lucky (unlucky) for me I was assigned to put it together. What a damn nightmare, and for the price that was paid it was a disgrace. I was cursing them the whole time.

    Much more to Kogan than just poor quality products too going by OzB history. And now we have to deal with them owning Matt Blatt and Dick Smith too, yuck.


    Discounted gift cards are 6% through Suncorp Rewards. But why would you even consider buying anything from Kogan?


    This company uses postage pirating.

    Identical products (bar the colour).
    One is $180; shipping? $20.
    The other?
    $100! Shipping? $100.

    I wish the company would just run a good shop like the used to 10 years ago.
    They used to at least have value.


    Never buy Kogan.. they guarantee that neither the fake products nor the fake warranty on the said products work but they are a good company because they say the truth about the products they sell if you read the fine print



    Having said that, buy some of their shares ..90% population will forever fall for the "cheap" deals