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Russell Hobbs RHTOV25 Air Fry Crisp 'N Bake Toaster Oven $75 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Mine's delivered today, good quality and value, lowest price I believe.

Russell Hobbs Air Fry Crisp'n Bake Toaster Oven introducing Air Fry Technology. Air Fry Technology uses high-intensity hot air to bake, brown and crisp favourite fried foods with little to no oil.
A generous 20 litre capacity can accommodate a large 12-inch pizza while the convenient toast timer enables browning control.
Features 5 easy-to-use functions toast, airfry, grill, bake and keep warm. Includes air fry basket, bake pan/rack and removable crumb tray. Ideal when cooking for the whole family. Variable temperature control up to 230 degree Celsius.
Power: 1500 Watts.

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  • +1 vote

    I don't see a convection fan to circulate the air for air frying.

    • +5 votes

      lol I don't see a power cord either

      • +2 votes

        Obvs not 1500W then.

      • +2 votes

        I don't see a toaster in the oven either


      There is a fan in air frying mode, although it's super quiet so it's hard to tell whether it's on or doing anything.
      My Philips air fryer sounds like a jet in comparison (for better or worse).
      But I've air fried a few things in there and seems to do the job.


        The Kogan 12L isn't quiet either.
        I thought air fryers are a lot quicker than ovens, still takes more than 30 minutes to heat from frozen 1 pie at 180C, whats recommended.

        • +1 vote

          Don’t think you can get around the laws of physics - the core of the pie will take some time to heat up, whether you are blowing hot air air or not.

          One trick though is to microwave the pie first and then finish it off on the oven for the crispy crust!

        • +1 vote

          air dryers are ovens. just small fan forced countertop ones.

  • +1 vote

    The first review is brilliant 🤣

  • +3 votes

    I actually bought this a couple of weeks back when my toaster went kaput. It's my new favourite kitchen gadget!
    Makes really nice toast, bagels and toasted cheese sandwiches, baguettes etc.
    You can make those grilled paninis and sandwiches that you pay $10 for at cafes.

    Really handy when you just want to make a quick snack and not have to turn the big oven on.
    Yes, it has an air fry mode, and though the fan is really quiet, it seems to get the job done. I've done chicken tenders, meat pies and stuff like that without any issues.

    Edit: oh, and OMG reheating leftover pizza is the BOMB! Nice and crispy, tasted almost like I was eating it fresh.

  • +1 vote

    source please for the 'good quality' statement besides your opinion of course.

    in my experience russell hobbs are very poor quality


      The pinnacle of marketing, add some chrome strips and fake wood to a cheap toaster or kettle and charge $200.

      • +1 vote

        i think you meant chrome coloured strips …