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Buy 1 Membership, Get One Free $280 (Save 50%) @ MasterClass


Buy 1 get one Free Membership for Masterclass. Pretty self explanatory. Has some great educational videos, which are high quality by experts in their fields.

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MasterClass Online Classes
MasterClass Online Classes

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    If anyone would like to go halves, DM me. I'm looking to split it with someone!

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    My partner was super interested in getting this.

    After acquiring a few that she was interested in she could see how the high cost is not actually worth it and was glad she didn't buy it. This will show you far less then any Youtube/udemy/school will show you, and there is way more filler in the masterclasses as well.

    Scanning through all the programs, most of them are not "classes", and while some might give you some building blocks to become a "master" the video and the course material doesn't actually do that. The course material is always lacking a lot of the obvious things that would normally come with an online class.

    I would say most of it is just how to motivate and inspire you to become a master, with some tips and tricks along the way.

    To me the only way you'll find value in masterclass is either

    1. You want to pay $280 for a documentaries for a celebrity to talk about themselves and their favourite topic.

    2. You want a specific look into how a celebrity does something that might inspire you to look at the topic differently.

    Maybe there are a few hidden gems in there, but overall I wouldn't expect too much.

    If you have no idea what to expect, I think its very similar to a TV show documentary.


    What I noticed with Masterclass is the production quality of the promo videos is super-high, and the classes also seem to be made to that quality, but it's still a lot of $$$ for us OzBargainers.

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    Newish MasterClass buyer here (I posted this deal), and our perspective is a little different from samfisher5986, but it really depends on:

    1. What you expect to get out of it.
    2. The classes you're interested and, of course
    3. The trainers

    We're getting a lot of enjoyment from it right now:

    • One of our kids is getting pointers on Drumming and Percussion with Sheila E — there's a genuine inspirational aspect that's not just the airy-fairy sort, and wow it's genuinely practical also.

    • We're all learning very practical things about Dog Training with Brandon McMillan — this one's fairly no-nonsense, teaching you his 7 most important commands to train dogs (and their humans) and why he chose them out of dozens.

    • Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking 1 is mostly very entertaining to watch, but we certainly learned a thing or three about good technique as he teaches you to serve the most amazing ravioli, or appreciate how to cut/use/serve eye fillet. So even if our skills levels and equipment aren't the same, we can use a few tips in our own kitchen and cooking straight away.

    So, is it worth it?

    For our family and what we want out of it, the answer is Yes.

    Can we get this all elsewhere?


    Maybe a combination of YouTube, Khan Academy (guessing), free Linda courses (guessing), and so on. But this will require a bit of time to hunt down / research, and the progress tracking, quality, and packaging of the whole class/course won't necessarily be to the same standard.

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      From what I've seen from Masterclass your experience is exactly what I would expect and seems well suited if thats what you purchased it for.


    Hi Guys,

    I just registered this account and cannot message you guys.

    Can anyone who want to go halves DM me?

    Thank you


      yes, can't DM, I think you have to enable private messaging in your account. DM me ;)


    Same, does anyone want to split the AU$280 for 2 memberships? The offer ends today, so DM if interested by tonight, please.

    This does not (at least in my view) violate the offer terms found here: (https://learn.masterclass.com/fathers-day-2021-offer-terms, "When you purchase an annual membership at the stated price pursuant to the Father’s Day 2021 Offer, you will be entitled to receive one year of annual membership to another person for free.").

    There is no mention of people not being allowed to split and also no mention of the free year not being allowed to be sold.