Donate Your NSW Discover Vouchers to Children's Charities!

Symbio Wildlife Park are paying your discover vouchers forward x2 to childrens charities.

Pay Discover forward to help kids in need through a random act of kindness.
Don’t let your unused NSW Discover Vouchers go to waste and choose for one of four children’s charities to on-gift your $25 Symbio Gift Pass!

Don't let your vouchers go to waste!

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Symbio Wildlife Park
Symbio Wildlife Park


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    I'm being a little cynical here, but we have a private corporation with a great scheme to make extra money by using children as an excuse. The funds for those vouchers will be redeemed from us - the taxpayers. If they cared that much about children, they'd let kids who coming through those charities in for free.


      Well put. I feel like they'd be claiming the visits on their tax somehow.


        Sound like double dipping…


      is there any way to donate them to a legit charity directly?


      I see where you're coming from.
      But in the example that you would be letting your vouchers expire, wouldn't you prefer to see that money used towards something beneficial?
      Like, of course, you should spend your own entitlement, but if you weren't going to spend it..

      At the end of the day they still have to pay the bills and staff somehow. I believe it would also be used to allow the kid's parents in for free too.

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        But in the example that you would be letting your vouchers expire

        The vouchers are government funded. When they get used, the businesses will claim the funds back from the government (ie, us taxpayers). If they are not used, then there's nothing to claim.

        So what the Wildlife park is suggesting is you provide them with your voucher details and they'll provide two child tickets to the charities to hand out to the kids. The Wildlife park will then put their claim forward to the government for a claim on the money.

        Letting your vouchers expire isn't necessarily a bad thing if you don't have anything to use it for. It'll mean less cost to the taxpayer. But the Wildlife park seems to be playing on the fact that people will think that "it's not my money anyway, so might as well donate it for something "good" instead of letting it go to waste". The vouchers are not like food that's already paid for and will go in the bin if it's not eaten.

        If Macca's did a similar scheme, you would provide them with your voucher details (so they can claim money from the government) and they'll hand out free Happy Meals to the kids. Maccas still gets paid (and gets a huge sales boost) and the kids get to eat too, but it's the taxpayers, like you and I, that have paid for everything.

        I'm not saying that the Wildlife Park's scheme is a bad thing, I'm just saying that it's not as innocent and charitable as they make it sound.


          Fair enough. Well said 👌