[Factory Seconds] Captain US$145 (~A$195) (Usually A$260) + US$20 (~A$26) Shipping & More @ Thursday Boots


Thursday Boots are a good gateway for a lot of guys to get into goodyear welt boots at a reasonable price. They never have sales because they have everyday low prices (tm) so this is a good way to get a bargain. This link is not available on their site and is only handed out after you contact them via email, however it is generic as I have seen it posted on elsewhere in the past.

Shipping is based on the cost of your order, e.g. between US$99-299 shipping is $20.

Note these have no returns available for seconds, so don't do this for your first pair, make sure you first get your sizing right using their regular return policy on regular boots. Amazon sell regular Thursday Boots if you want to use them for ordering and returns as well.

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    The French roast colourway looks straight up gorgeous…but if I'm not wearing RM WILLIAMS COMFORT CRAFTSMAN how will people be able to look at my shoes and understand I have a penchant for:

    *getting on the beers
    *bag fiending
    *addicted to kfc zinger boxes
    *going all in on obscure 8 leg multis that have zero chance of getting up?

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      I know "join the young liberals" is the right thing to say, but I'm not sure if its the setup or punchline to this joke