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HoMedics UV Clean Phone Sanitiser $5 (Was $29) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Homedics UV clean phone sanitiser at jbhifi .
Was _$99 it says on the box.
Using no harmful chemicals or liquids.


Our sanitising UV-C technology breaks down bacteria and viruses at the DNA level in just 30 seconds per side.

Patented pop-up technology maximises LED coverage without compromising portability.

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  • This might be useful in combination with the UV screen protectors. Instead of using the flimsy UV lights they give you and trying to cure it by going over the screen protector a few times, just use this instead

    • Those UV-cure OCAs require a light source that's between 365-400nm depending on formulation. These UV-C devices are lower down in the 250-260nm region, which doesn't penetrate glass much.

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    FYI water and alcohol are not "harmful chemicals"…

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    Wouldn't an antibacterial wipe just be faster ?

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      Yes, although it'll probably cost more in the long run. A bottle of alcohol and some tissue paper would be about as fast as an antibacterial wipe and cheaper, although alcohol will eat away the oleophobic coating. UV-C doesn't.

    • Faster to fill up landfill yes.

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    Can we use snake oil instead ?

  • This device is for all those times you hand your phone to a bunch of strangers to touch and cough on.

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    Thanks. Bought this one:

    May use it for other stuff

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    Two question: Can you use this to kill vampires, and does this kill Covid?

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      Not sure about vampires but my research suggests they are not very effective against zombies. If you can point the ray directly at their brains, you could kill them with brain cancer in about 5 to 10 years.

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      Covid is fake, but it works really well on the 5Gs

  • Bought one. At this price point it's worth a try. Thanks OP!

  • There's also this product by the same company on sale for $15 and seems to fit larger phones. It includes 4 UV-C LED lights compared to the $5 which has 2. Does that mean a better clean job?

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      I purchased both at these prices, the bag is bulkier. I struggled to get the charging port point out of the tightly sewn case( actually bent tweezers getting it out), was going to return it as almost impossible to get cable port out.
      The smaller black case UVC cleaner squashes down nicely to save space , can just fit my samsung note 20 with bulky case on in it (16.5 cm length).
      Both have a zipper with magnet tag system to activate light.
      Black one big enough for eye glasses.

  • What a crock of a product. Just get a Glen 20 wipe or equiv sanitiser…

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      I'd happily pay $5 to prevent my phone smelling like glen 20 or hand sanitiser, and to avoid rubbing away the oleophobic coating. :)

  • Thanks so much OP. I purchased one and also one of the bag sanistisers also for $15.00 as Novrain kindly pointed out. :-)

  • My one from amazon arrived today and I’m pretty happy with it. Will use to clean my earbuds and smaller items

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    Just got mine. It fits a s10+ with a Samsung case

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    It also fits my S21 Ultra with slim case.