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[VIC] Free Voucher for a Heattech Top (Valued at $19.90) by Playing Hot or Cold Game @ Uniqlo


Repeat of this Deal for one day this time, play hot and cold

Fri 25th June, 2021
10:00am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm

Additional info found by skido via broadsheet.

There’ll be 5000 up for grabs throughout the day, with release slots at 10am, 1pm and 4pm. The catch: to claim one, you’ll have to be successful at a virtual game of Hot or Cold.

Players will use their cursor to find invisible tops, moving behind a blank background – across three levels. The cursor will change colour depending on how close or far away you are from landing on one.

Winners will be given a code to redeem a free Heattech top valued at $19.90, and the option to gift another Heattech top to one of three charity partners: the Melbourne City Mission, St Vincent's Foundation and Thread Together. Overall, Uniqlo's giving away 10,000 tops – 5000 for players and another 5000 to those in need.

Other Australians outside of Victoria can also play the game for the chance to win one of five $500 Uniqlo vouchers.

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  • You guys that managed to snag one - did you have to fill out the details with the 25 words or less question, and then it told you that you won a voucher? Or if you get to this then you obviously did not win and are in the draw? Cheers!

    • +2

      you only find out whether you've won after filling out the form

    • +1

      25 words or less came up and THEN I got the voucher.

      Note that I would click "submit" and nothing loaded/changed, but I checked my inbox and I had a voucher!

      • +1

        I got a screen showing something along the lines of you've won

        • +1

          Yeah my submit button was failing so it never progressed to the next page in the browser, but still got the email.

    • Thanks guys! Absolutely no luck today! Nevermind…

  • Also says I'm not in Melbourne but I am….

    • Yeah my laptop had trouble detecting my current location. Worked on my mobile phone though, just make sure you turn off VPN

  • Does anyone else have trouble getting it to show up as being found? Even when I've been hovering over the correct one, it doesn't register as found. Also no luck with my phone, what am I doing wrong??

    • The target was very small. You must have been close, but not close enough.

  • won the competition but no email sent… got con'd

    • Typed your email address incorrectly perhaps!?

    • check your promotions section if you use gmail, or try your spam section

      • +1

        lol its there thanks !!

  • +3

    I recommend starting the game at around 3.58pm so by the time it is finished it'll be 4.01pm and you'll be first in.

    • Great idea. Just picked up the shirts from Uniqlo. Looking forward to trying these out.

  • Got one! email arrived instantly!

  • Thanks OP, my partner and I won one each :D I bought some heat tech leggings, tops and socks a couple of weeks ago and can confirm they are amazingly warm.

  • +1

    Had issues with it ar 10, too busy to notice the time at 1, set an alarm for 3:55 and managed to get one finally at 4.

  • 0/2 what in the world???
    i better win this $500 voucher hahah -tears-

  • On another note, as my partner grabbed one during the last drop and picked St Vincent's.

    It said 4300 ish had gone to St Vincents, so nearly 90% of the total 5000 that could be donated. Nice job folks.

  • A bit of pain to play this game, especially on phone; much easier on PC, but managed to win 1 at the 1pm opening. Tried to win for mum at 4pm, but no win.

  • I was able to get one at 10am and went to the store at Emporium to pick up a shirt. For whatever reason, the code provided in the email was rejected at first, and ended up taking 5 tries before the code was accepted.

  • damn lockdown is extended i have not collected my heattech :(

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      I tried their chatbot, and it had this automated answer:

      Thank you for playing our game of Hot or Cold! If you haven't been able to redeem your voucher code for a free HEATTECH yet at one of our Melbourne stores, not to worry as these vouchers have been extended until Sunday 29th August.
      They can only be redeemed at one of our Melbourne stores once they re-open and the T&Cs of this promotion are on the following link - https://bit.ly/3qB0z5v

      The T&Cs still state "e. Promo code expires 25th July 2021", but last lockdown they first extended the voucher expiry then converted it to online redeemable codes when the lockdown dragged on. Hopefully they do the same this time too!

      • awesome, thanks!

        • I got an email saying the same on 22 July.

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