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Kogan 6.2L Digital Low Fat 1800W Air Fryer for $58.99 + Delivery @ Dick Smith (by Kogan)


DIcksmith have a promotion until 30th June 2021 for 15% off selected items including the air fryer. Price discounted in checkout.

Check the link out for more deals.

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The Kogan 6.2L Digital Low Fat 1800W Air Fryer works out to be $69.99 with $11 off at the cart checkout dropping the price to $58.99. Postage seems to be $8.99 to most locations.

This air fryer helps you to cook meals quicker and using less oil, with preset cooking functions that means it does the thinking so that you don’t have to.

  • Cook delicious dishes without the oil
  • Rapid air circulation technology
  • 7 one-touch preset cooking functions
  • Simple to use finger touch panel
  • Easy control of time and temperature with the digital display
  • Recipes Included.

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    Been waiting for this deal thanks!


    ohh nevermind, nice one thanks.

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    I have been looking at air fryers for quite some time, but never pulled the trigger.

    Is it really easier to get a good quality "bake" in these rather than a regular oven?

    Thinking for things like homemade chips, pumpkin wedges, chicken pieces, fish?

    It seems like you would have to do so many batches to cook it all (2 people, a few pieces of chicken and some pumpkin wedges for example), i find it a little difficult to picture how big a 6.2L is, especially with the slightly misleading photos with that photoshopped whole chicken in there.

    Don't want to drop money on it (however little it might be) just to find out that its easier to just use the oven.

    Any recommendations?

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      It doesn’t need pre-heating, and it cooks much faster than oven. The result is in between frying and baking, which is good. I use my Philips one almost daily. It’s hard to clean though, and oil and grease will inevitably accumulate over time. Which is why I suggest you to buy cheaper ones like this, so that when the time comes, you can just toss it and buy another one.

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        Thank you for your honest feedback.
        I dont know if I would "toss it" but the tip of the difficulty of cleaning is a great one.

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          Just my two cents. I don't use it as often as popora but I was sold on air fryers when it was able to consistently fry bacon very very crispy (which I love) much better than typical pan and fry.

          As for cleaning, the trays are dishwasher friendly but I normally just fill it boiling water from the kettle, leave it for a few minutes and then remove all the residue oil with a sponge.


        Try not to have that consumerist attitude, we dig too much out of the ground and chuck too much rubbish on land fills as it is. Unfortunately our capitalist society doesn’t build in the cost of disposal/recycling into the product price (externalised cost).


    I got the 12L model (oven style), still getting use to it, but happy with it so far.
    Main issue is it can't heat a pie and some chips in the rotating cage at the same time, unless you use the square tray without the cage.

    My biggest regret is not getting an air fryer sooner.
    I use it 3-4 times a week, food for 1.

    I would say to go with something bigger, at less 12L for 2 people or this 6.2L for one person, might be other brands/models in between these sizes.
    I'm glade I went with this size/style and not smaller.

    Looking forward to trying it with other food apart from the norm.
    Thanks for the tip about bacon @ sin069.


      Update to my comment about not getting one sooner, I should have gotten the Kogan 12L Smarter Home Digital Air Fryer Oven instead, it's taller & looks like it has more rack/tray positions.


    Can anyone vouch or comment for the quality of these? Worth buying instead of more expensive Phillips etc ones?