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Elgato Stream Deck (15 Keys) $173.17 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Been watching out for a deal on this thing for a bit, seems to be lowest price it's been in a while.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Always wanted to have a play with one of these and kept missing deals.

    Not the cheapest but pretty good!

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    I paid $162 with a discounted gift card back in 2019 and it's excellent. I use mine with Star Citizen as it has pages of controls which is a lot quicker to press than having to do it ingame with shortcuts/cursor.

    I'll pick up another thanks.

    • I got the xl stream deck for Star Citizen, I love it

      • Excellent. It's uncommon to find a Star Citizen fan here. Favourite ship?

        • I pledged years ago but only recently started playing. I love my Freelancer MIS, would have been nice to have s4 weapons but the x4 S3's gimbled is pretty good, plus all the x28 S3 Missiles is awesome. You?

          • @NeoNator: Freelancer MIS is an excellent ship as are all the other Freelancers with the good gun mounts.

            Caterpillar is easily my favourite ship. Once you get the hang of it you can quite easily fly fast with it.

            • @Clear: Ah nice, cargo runner? I was thinking about buying a Hull ship (C or D) when it comes on sale again :P

  • bought one from JBHifi about 18 months ago. wicked little thing. use it daily to control audio functions and monitor in real time system stats like temp's, CPU and RAM usage.

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    useful video about workplace uses for a stream deck

  • Quick question - does an Elgato app/client need to be running for all the functions to work?

    Or does it somehow get written to the device so it's plug and play on multiple devices?

    Say if I saved a bunch of shortcuts, but want to use it with a work laptop (where I can't install any of my own programs), would it still work?

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      It's an app in the taskbar.

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      Yeah, it does need the client to be running in order to work unfortunately, so it wouldn't be any use to you if you don't have install rights on your machine.

      But as to your second query, if you were able to make it run, you can export your config so that it can be the same on multiple computers. I have done that on my 6 button Stream Deck.

  • Corsair really has their stuff together. Thanks OP very good deal.

  • awesome deal! thank you OP

  • Has this gone up in price in recent years or is it a revised model?
    I recall going to JB a few years back and asking what their best price was and getting it for around $130

    • that's the "mini" price which only has a 2x3 grid (6 icons).

      • No, it was the full size one, 3 rows of 5. I bought mine before the mini one came out

  • Price has gone back up.

  • This is one of the best purchases you can make if you work at a computer especially in any creative industry. I got one of these this year, and WOW it's so damn useful. I'm a mix engineer, so I use this for work everyday when mixing for clients. There are so many uses, especially if you have some smart home devices. You can have multiple pages of keys, so you aren't limited to 15 btw.

    *assuming you already have a great KB, and mouse.

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