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BlitzWolf BW-HOC6 Office Chair US$130.72 (A$173.05), BlitzWolf BW-P14 60W 74wh 20000mAh Power Bank US$40.99 Shipped @ Banggood


Ship from AU warehouse,one week delivery and inclusive GST.

code BGAUHOC61 for the office chair

code BG3a4bd9 for the power bank

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    Ive noticed with these cheap chairs as opposed to more expensive ones, they are extremely flimsy/flexible, IE when you lean back into them they flex quite a bit, i really dont think they are good for you.


      Do you have a blitzwolf chair, or just a generalisation?

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        just a generalisation, I have two mesh back chair, both look about the same quality until you sit down and lean back.

        but i should be more specific and mention that, its just in general.


        I have a Blitzwolf like this but without the leg rest. OP is correct in saying there is A LOT of flexion. Just at the standard seat setup. reclining would only exacerbate it.

        With mine entire the backrest ratchet system is incredibly finicky to stay up for my position. The headrest DOES NOT STAY UP on any setting, I had to put a screw through it in order for it to stay since I'm 6'4". I'm only 80kg and anyone higher than that will go through this kind of chair within a year with use imo.

        The chair base is very sturdy, large and the mesh is comfortable but the way the backrest connects to the base and the amount of flexion it has going from back and side to side leads to me to believe it'll begin to twist and warp in time but alas you get what you pay for. It already squeeks like a mother with any movement and I got it at the start of the year.

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      Blitzwolf is normally a pretty good brand, so keen to hear if you have this same chair. The reviews are very positive

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      I wouldn't dare to do a 150' recline on this chair

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    Hey Rep, are the arm rests removable?

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        It was a simple question. No need for name calling…