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Small Fries $2 (Was $2.35) @ McDonald's


I have this discount when buying the $0.5 BigMac, unsure if this will also applied to normal price BigMac, or targetted.

Saw this also applied in app on checkout page.

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    Sorry can't up vote this. $2 for small fries is not a bargain to me when I regularly get $1 large fries in the Maccas app.


      I picked this up with my $0.50 Big Mac today

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    i could buy 4 big macs for this

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    Doesn't Hungry Jack sell small chips for $1?

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      Yes. Apples and oranges, though.

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        Yeah, they're a different cut. I personally prefer HJ's


          I should have said: "Apples and oranges, though/also".

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        Ok, well how much are there oranges then??

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    Thanks OP, saved me half a cone

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      What does smoking mariju…
      Oh wait, nvm


    Sign up for a new McDonald's account and you'll get large fries for $1

    Except it has to be done as two separate transactions if you are trying to get it at the same time as the 50c Big Mac

    Stupid system they have


    Combine with AMEX offer to make it cheaper.
    How about 7 $2 Small Fries and a frozen Coke

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    Slow day today for OP?


      $2 for shoestring fries that limp after 45min - i rather get a kilo of thick cut steak chippies from woolies :) not worthy of ozb bandwidth imo


    deal is for only half a million 50c big macs today.

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      That's a lot of 100% beef patties


        Wonder how many cows that is.

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          About 1…ish.

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            @Xistn: I worked it out. 227 cows for the promotion.

            About 440 pounds of mince per cow and that's 16 ounce per pound = 7040 ounces. 1.6 ounces per patty = 4400 maccas big mac patties per cow.

            4400 patties (one cow) = 2200 (2 patties each) big macs per cow.
            500000 big macs÷2200=227 cows, give or take a few. I think, lol.

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              @mckayver: You think they are using cows? I'd assume it would be a concoction of donkey hoofs and special paste to never expire.

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          Have you seen how thin they are???

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      Half a moolion

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        Technically 1 moolion (2 patties per burger)


          227 cows.

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    but for $2.95 more, you can get a happy meal with a snack, small thick shake and toy. Other loose change menu items here


    Wtf? $2 for small chips?? what a rip off