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Sony Alpha A7C Camera (Body Only) - $2199 Delivered ($1999 after Sony Cashback) @ Parramatta Cameras


This seems to be a reasonable price for an A7C. Obviously not anywhere near as good as the recent JB Hifi deal, but if we consider that to be an extreme outlier, this is actually a pretty good deal. Not sure how much stock they have on hand. Both black and silver models, with or without the kit lens, appear to be available.

I bought one today and have already received express shipping notification, so they seem to be quick off the mark.

Black - https://www.parramattacameras.com.au/sony-alpha-7c-body-only...

Silver with kit lens $2570 ($2370 after cashback) - https://www.parramattacameras.com.au/sony-alpha-a7c-silver-b...

Black with kit lens $2570 ($2370 after cashback) - https://www.parramattacameras.com.au/sony-alpha-a7c-black-bo...

Sony cashback post

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    Lowest price I've seen for this outside the freak JB Hi Fi deal (Which I am not expecting to be repeated anytime soon).

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      I am trying to forget that I missed out on that deal…


      How much was that deal again? Like 1800? Cant remember but I didnt get it. So I am waiting for the prodigal son to return


        About $1900 with kit lens. You might be waiting a year or two…

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    Those that have the Amex Sony $60 cashback offer, don't forget to price match at Sony.

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      Just did this and ordered yesterday. Thank you!