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Xiaomi Dreame T20 Cordless Vacuum for $455.20 ($443.82 eBay Plus) Delivered @ oz_accessory on eBay


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I've been looking around for an alternative to a Dyson V11 because there's no way I'm paying what they're asking.

Anyway, I know there's some deals on the Dreame V11 at the moment, but I know some people want the extra features of the T20, so I found this deal on eBay. If you have eBay Plus, you can get it for $11 less.

One thing I'm not sure about though is whether you can charge it through the dock, or if you have to hang it in the dock and THEN plug in the charger to the vacuum itself? Some pictures show the charger plugged into the right hand side of the dock, while others seem to be plugged in on top - any T20 owners able to confirm?

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    You can charge through the dock. The dock also has an extra slot for the extra battery they don't sell.
    I feel like I should have bought a Dyson. At least I can BUY an extra one of their swappable batteries. The risk of buying a no name I guess…

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      I agree with the battery issue but Xiaomi is not a no name brand lol.

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        I also bought with the intention of buying an extra battery and the mop attachment at some stage, but that has never surfaced. Performance wise it's not too bad, but sometimes struggles to pick up larger crumbs and objects. Much quieter than the V6 Dyson it replaced. Overall good for it's price but gutted they didn't bring out the additional accessories.


          Has anyone managed to find anywhere to buy a spare battery and additional accessories?

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    Xiaomi no name? On the other hand, buying a Dyson feels like overpaying

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      This is a Dreame not Xiaomi, the title post is wrong… just saying

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        Xiaomi manufactures the Dreame product line.

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          That’s like saying Foxconn is Apple, it’s not

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              @Nukkels: Nope, from google:
              Dreame makes Xiaomi-branded vacuums and operates its own label, a common setup between Xiaomi and its suppliers, which get to enjoy the security of Xiaomi distribution

              I believe roborock is the same as well

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    I think you will be better off getting the new model Samsung Jet 60 lite for less price and Aus warranty


    Moreover, In Samsung education store it is:
    New models:
    Jet 60 Lite: $359
    Jet 60 Pet: $399

    Jet 70 Pet: $479 on special offer, I guess the cleaning station

    They all have 150AW suction power!


    I got this from the Indiegogo kick starter offer. As one of the early releases my carpet head motor stopped working. A known issue for the early releases. I was impressed how quickly Dreame got a replacement to me. About a week via Express FedEx.

    Im really impressed with it to be honest. Much better than my old V6 Dyson.

    I managed to pick up the hard floor head on ebay for $90 and love that to.


      Do you happen to have a link for that mate?


        Unfortunately it was a private seller on ebay. I'm guessing he got it with his Indiegogo purchase as that's the only time I've seen them for sale.

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    Why not this one much cheaper?

    AU $264.42 Ebay Plus
    Xiaomi Mi G10 cordless Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner 150AW Suction Au Version


      Thanks - it's almost identical to the T20, minus a couple of minor things.