Budget Tablet Recommendations (Budget below $500)

Hi everyone,

I am looking for recommendations on a fairly good tablet device that I can use to connect to a TV.

I am not the biggest fan of Apple products due to their pricing and I also find them a little limiting. It can run just on Wi-Fi as I have quite a lot of data on my phone plan that I am happy to hot spot off. Looking to use it for streaming videos as well as using Office type programs/apps for producing slides/presentations. I like the idea of tablets because of their portability as I am always working in different locations but would also be willing to look at 2 in 1 laptops if they are not overly big.
I had been looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ but it is a bit expensive.

Looking for anything below $500. What does everyone recommend and why?


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    Lenovo Duo Chromebook would suit. If you have a Chromecast, can cast to your TV. Picked one up a few weeks ago, kids used it for home schooling, and seemed to be pretty good

    Detachable tablet, with keyboard



    Tab7 has recently been down to $6-700.

    The best tablet always depends on what you intend to use it for.

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    This gets asked here at least weekly. Theres not a lot of good choices with cheap tablets, Samsung and Lenovo are about the only mainstream manufacturers (alongside various Chinese companies). They are basically all extremely slow with crap processors and little RAM.

    The S7 is currently on sale at JB for $799 but thats hardly budget!

    Look at the S6 Lite. Its going for about $450 on sale at the moment but i am praying for a better sale on Prime day. Its gone for as low as $380 in the past.

    Btw the Samsung education store is approx 20% cheaper than RRP making it $430 all day every day, and you can get a $50 voucher for registering. I've been waiting about a month for my voucher to turn up.