Painting Concrete under a Carport/BBQ Area in Winter - Ideas to Keep Temperature > 10c ?

I would like to paint the concrete under a carport (at the back of the property) as I'm selling my house, want to change ye olde concrete to a dark blue/grey to make the area move inviting. It's like a BBQ area with the carport attached to a back shed, and not for cars, it will only be for BBQ, planters etc.

The paint shop and product support people (Berger - was planning to use Berger jet dry) advised NOT painting as it's too cold and the paint won't cure correctly, can't go under 10c, which it regularly does in Melbourne at the moment.

BUT, is there a way I could maintain a 10c+ conditions under my carport? The area is covered so I was thinking, is there a way to heat the area prior and during painting/curing? Like, a tarp tent suspended just over the top of the concrete with some kind of fan heater (set to turn on/off at intervals) or something.

Any ideas? I would like it painted next week and cured within 2-3 days.


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    Portable gas heater


      I've got 20amp outlets nearby, now I'm thinking outdoor electric radiant heaters/infared - I also have temp control units that I could combine to help regulate the temp (i.e. but the temp probe in water, on top of the painted surface.

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    You would need to keep ambient temperatures over 10 degrees, which is much more difficult than it seems. The lower the offset temperature the harder it is to do.

    Even on hot days concrete is usually several degrees less than ambient in an enclosed area. I would say its pretty much impossible to do what you want to do. You would need to run those hot outdoor lights 24/7 over all the concrete. Probably be very cost prohibitive as well.


    Take the carport off to get as much sun as you can on the concrete?

    Keep the moisture off it overnight. Might need to seal the area somehow. Cold slows the curing process, moisture will wreck water based paint.

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    If applied around 9am in the morning then the temperature should have risen above 10 degrees - even in Melbourne. By the night-time time it should have cured sufficiently to withstand a drop.
    I am in Melbourne and use Nutech pavecoat on our driveways - about half the price of Berger.
    Give the factory a call and have a chat to the sales staff - they are quite helpful

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      The concrete may not hit that temp. Depends on the ground temps.


    Warm morning, paint at say midday, when it tacks off, maybe 1pm, cover with plastic sheeting, the black agricultural stuff, and find an old electric blanket , maybe?


    you're selling, why worry too much about whether the paint stay or not, if you let the air circulation going, the paint will settle. Heck one of my nearby neighbour just painted his drive way a couple of days ago and it looked fine. If you have time then I'll come back in a year to tell you how the paint fare, but I doubt there'll be any drama.