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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1 for 3 Months


The 3 months for $1 deal seems to be back. It worked for me even though I had previously used this deal a while back.

Mod note: This deal works for existing accounts unlike the previous deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/630036).

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    Nice! worked for me to and i already have an account and previous used this same deal. Thanks!

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      Might have upgraded your Game Pass for PC to Ultimate with $1 trial, which is what it offers for me.

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    These deals generally only do not work for current members or recently finished members. If you have had a reasonable time lapse then it will generally work again.

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      Works for my friend. He has renewed the $1 for 3 months 4 times in a row and had a years worth of games pass for $4. Just comes up each time his games pass runs out.

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        Probably because he doesn't purchase or redeem XBox Live Gold or Game Pass (console or PC) on that account.

        For me, Microsoft clearly knows which account is my main account and stops offering any discount for a year now. My secondary account, I just checked, is eligible for this once again.

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    $15.95 / month for me :(

    • Same here. I had Ultimate 2 or 3 months ago, so maybe not enough time has lapsed.

    • same just got off a deal so guess thats why

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    Worked for me again. I have 3 accounts so far i've been using. I guess I can just cycle through them to get the $1 deal :D

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    Worked! Thanks OP. 1 month for $1 and 2 months bonus free.

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    Thanks OP. Worked for me. Though, I used the same offer last December. I'm somehow eligible again for 30 days Disney+ trial, which I also used last December. Not bad

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      They're offering that again?

      EDIT: They are! Great! Got it last time and never saw the last ep of WandaVision. or any of TFAWS

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        Loki so far is alright too. Really enjoying the weekly shows a lot more than a movie every few months, tbh I have no interest in Eternals, and like Shang Chi I'm interested in the Mandarin but outside of my boi Spidey and like Thor 4 there's not a tonne I care about coming out (I always forget about Black Widow bc the constant delays, I am keen on that), but I've really dug these shows tbh.

        Feel like I missed out when I watched the first 5 or so eps of Daredevil when it came out and then didn't bother. Like I enjoyed Jessica Jones but I don't know if I even watched series 2, Iron Fist was so so. Maybe I just enjoy shit David Tennant is in.

        Anyway, point is, don't sleep on Loki either, I was thoroughly over him and his bullshit in the movies but the show is cool so far.

  • You can make new accounts and get 1/3 months free or for $1 over and over and do 'my home xbox' on the account that has the subcription to give all the accounts on the xbox game pass, ive done this and paid $4 for a year of game pass ultimate and its on all the accounts on my xbox.

    • I am not a pro in XBOX. Can you please explain it more? What's "my home xbox"?

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        It’s a setting that lets any Game Pass or Gold subscriptions be shared with all other accounts on that Xbox, and also allow you to play digital games without needing to be online to authorise ownership.

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        shares any digital games or subscriptions you bought on an account to be shared to all the accounts on the specific xbox that you have 'my home xbox' turned on. but you can only do it on 1 xbox, so for example if you have 2 Xbox's in your you cant do this because only 1 physical xbox can be shared all the benefits of the account with the subscription. Its like game sharing for console.

        1. buy subcription on alt account for cheap or free
        2. on alt account, go into settings and turn on my home xbox
        3. log out of alt account and back into main (or any account on that xbox) and you have all the subscriptions and benefits of the alt account.
  • Works for me. FYI: Offer expires on end of day of 30th of Jun. So, if you want to delay until school holidays (NSW) and save a week, then wait a little

  • Worked for me though I had the same $1 for the months in Jan-March 2021. Time to play Yakuza and star wars squadrons on game pass, then go back to PC playing assassin's Creed series

  • Anyone know when this offer expires?

  • My $1 deal still valid until Aug 21 so won't work for me.

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    don't forget to turn off recurring bill straight away.

  • Worked for me thanks!

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    Don't forget CashRewards and get the $1 back.

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      good comment. just read after I paid without CR. 😢

  • Good deal. Son totally converted to PS+, good reason to give Xbox another shot.

  • Thanks OP, works for me!

  • Damn, $15 for me :(

  • Great deal. Paid for Xbox live last month for 12 months and not I have ultimate till Aug 22 for an extra dollar. Gold is converted to ultimate.

    • I’m currently on the promotion $1 for 3 months, if I buy the gold/xbox live, will that convert to ultimate?

      • The last $1 3 months deal already Ultimate.

        • I believe if you buy gold it will then convert that to ultimate when you pay for the extra 3 months for $1. This is what it has done for me/

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    Every time I get one of these offers, I swap back to Game Pass PC when the 1/3 months is finished (and that's usually when I have enough Microsoft Rewards points to get a free month or 2) and then it eventually offers it to me again.

  • Works for me too. Thank you!!!

  • You can't stack this offer if you're already on a $1 for 3 months offer :(
    Thanks anyway OP

  • After signed up, should I
    Cancel subscription
    Turn off recurring billing

    • The latter.

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    worked, thanks. now to let it expire without playing a single game, just like the last 3 times.

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      Disney+ 30 days trial?

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      Free 4 months Spotify premium and Disney plus for 1 month?

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    deal does NOT work with existing ultimate accounts. I get "Offer available to new Ultimate members only.". possibly you upgraded from a non ultimate to ultimate.

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    Sorry all but how do you get Disney PLus out of this? I already had an Xbox account with 3 months for $1… the link attached just sends you to xbox's website?

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      Sorry all but how do you get Disney PLus out of this?

      From last deal can only see it from Xbox phone app perks page.

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    Thanks OP

  • Worked for me in the Xbox App