Buying shares what do you guys think?

Hi folks

Got 2k to burn so will get on with nab trade as I'm already a nab customer to buy some shares.

Looking at Rio Tinto so might buy invest some $$ there. What else do you guys recommend?


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      For OP, Opentrader at $5 trades for under $5k will be an even better choice.

      • I thought they are using a shared HIN number? Maybe I am wrong

        • Nope, individual HIN, it's run by the mob who give selfwealth market access

    • So if I sign up to selfwealth, i can buy like VDHG or DHHF via selfwealth?

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    Im in the same position as I have a bit of cash. Buying stocks right now at an all time high I'm not keen of, so I've put it in a 3% westpac saver to keep up with inflation. And waiting hopefully for a market correction then ill buy etf.

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      In the same boat here.

    • Don't have to buy stocks that are sitting at 52 week highs ;)

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        It depends. You can, but you'll have to be more patient, expect it to go down a couple of percent before it goes up. It's time in the market not timing the market that gets results.

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          There are also plenty of stocks nowhere near 52week highs…

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            @blighst: True, but if the market is at a 52 week high then why aren't those stocks also high? Perhaps they're legitimately not recovering as well rather than just being undervalued.

    • If you include dividends (which you should) then VDHG has been hitting ATHs since November 2020.

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  • Not an advice for less risk prone people and always remember to invest only what you can digest if lost 100%.

    I am buying $DDD and $BGT on asx. High risk, super high gains (IF any).

    Lost bunch of money in other penny stocks, made couple in few others. So I know what I am doing.

    But as other wise people have mentioned the Fund houses are safe bet (comparatively).

  • If you are after a longterm investment - have you considered precious metals at all? With 2k (and a bit on top) you could go for around 2kg of silver or an oz of gold. If you do so, make sure you don’t go paper but you get an actual physical bulion.

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      Historically a terrible investment.

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      The economy no longer runs on gold and silver, precious metals are simply a commodity, just like coal, wheat and barrels of oil. They are not a protection against inflation, and unlike shares, do not produce anything of value.

      • I have a very small amount invested from sometime ago, agree, not much movement, no dividends.. might dilute it soon and put it on an ETF

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    Hookers and coke

    • In that, you can't even get the coke let alone hooker..

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        Coke is a great dividend stock!
        I think LJ Hooker was delisted, but they possibly still sell properties? #DYOR

        • Can't buy Coke any more either, CCA was bought back by parent company OS last month.

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            @miwahni: Pepsi is also a good dividend stock…

  • The best time to plant a tree was yesterday.

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      Really? I'll try it…

      • Tell Doc to warm up the DeLorean.

  • Rio is solid, but also check out JBH, NCK, RRL, and EOS. Value investing is the way.

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    CLNE on Stake. I'm 4k shares into it. Got my money from GME and AMC. Sold way too early on AMC.

    CLNE is safer than all of them, albeit slower.

    I'd try and buy in around 11:50 if you can, but that time may be over. Don't FOMO whatever you do (I have done too many times!)

    Not financial advice!

    • I sincerely hope to god that you did not follow this advice.

  • VDHG or DHHF.

    • VDHG is stable, but actually slower growing than VAS historically. With just $2k I'd take a little bit more risk.

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    2k Isn't alot for shares, Even IF you make 100% in a year that's still only 1400 back.

    • … what?

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        I think they're assuming after tax. Of course they don't realise that if you hold for more than a year then you can claim the 50% CGT reduction.

        • Very cool, I've been holding TSLA since last October.

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            @Zondor: Double check the implications of CGT on foreign assets. It might not be so straight forward.

    • and if you only earn 20k (good money for uni student) a year that's 5% of your yearly salary!

  • Not a lot of money to be honest, I will put all in FMG, next dividend payment should be $2.30 come August fully franked for 6 months. Hold and forget it for 10 years and watch it blooming to $10000 with all the dividend reinvestment plans included.

    If not I will put $666 each into: TEL, ADA, Matic

    Not FA

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    I would try my luck with a dartboard and a monkey before I took any share advice from Ozbargainers.

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      Can you get a monkey and dartboard for 2k though?

    • give a monkey a keyboard and eventually he might write Shakespeare …

      • "It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times?!"

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    Just an FYI. This is from the AFR today

    UBS analysts sour on Rio Tinto shares

    Rio Tinto shares are destined to fall by a fifth over the next year and investors would be well placed to sell the stock as the lofty price of iron ore begins to turn, according to UBS analysts who downgraded the company from a neutral to a sell rating on Monday.

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    don't buy individual shares it's not good, a diversified fund is better. People like to think they can pick them, they cannot.

    also dont invest in fossil fuels please thank you

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      I invested a decent amount in ETHI last year. To date it's my best performing stock, up over 20% from October. 'Cleaner' investments still make money.

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      also dont invest in fossil fuels please thank you

      This. Thank you!

  • Best just to go for a diversified ETF. Vanguard VDHG has served me well

    (This is not investment advice etc.)

  • You mean this Rio Tinto?

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    NAB - I bought some of those on a friend's recommendation over 6 years ago - they're currently worth 17% LESS than what I paid for them.

    I'm currently cranky about CGT - Capital Gains Tax - I had a few months nightmare when I sold News Corp shares I'd bought decades ago which had changed structure and names several times including moving to the US and finally being converted to Disney shares

    I spat the dummy and sold - then had months of how the F do I work out CGT on multiple changes to cost bases and moving to the US - aargh !

    So now I'm looking for something that does the work for me - ideally ready-made for my annual ATO income tax return

    not sure what is the least work option - but just putting that out there …

    ETFs - I bought some NASDAQ types last year - FANG and IVV - one went up nicely, the other sank a bit then went up a bit - on average, comfortable

    Vanguard seems to be the default recommendation for low-cost index fund ETFs

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      You could consider using "Sharesight" to keep track of current / future holdings if you want your capital gains tax calculated easier - it is free for less than 10 holdings.

      • '"Sharesight" to keep track of current / future holdings if you want your capital gains tax calculated easier'

        thanks - I'll consider it

        looks like $31/month to get the 'Unrealised CGT Report' function -

        they offer 7 days free trial - but keep your credit card number for auto-debit - I hope they don't have the nasty trick of making it very hard to cancel …

    • Did you participate in the NAB share offer a year ago, at around $16 per share? I did, and used dollar cost averaging to reduce my paper loss on NAB shares. Now that they're trading up above $25 again I'm comfortably in the green. Just annoyed that I couldn't get as many as I applied for last year, as the offer was oversubscribed.

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    All in on PLTR

    • Palantard reporting in.

  • I see alot of guys putting money into DHHF and VDHG. I checked it out and those are ETFs of ETFs??? sounds like a house of cards. I'd (lower risk profile) stick to ETFs that own stock in real companies like STW, IVV, IOZ, SLF etc. (Not financial advice, only opinion.)

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      The underlying ETFs of DHHF and VDHG are just as solid as the ones you suggest.

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    Pretend i'm you from the future and follow these two tips:

    1. Read this: The link covers a few important topics like the fear of investing, risk-reward, asset allocation etc. These are all important things to understand before you get comfortable with investing in shares. Seems like a punish but you'll thank yourself for it down the track.

    2. Stay away from Hot Copper. You won't be able to sift out the 0.0001% of gold amidst the 99.9999% of BS.

  • I did same basic research a while ago when I had some spare cash, invested in VGS, VAS at first and later Qantas and Westfarmers. Currently up 14% in under a year..

    Going to leave it for 4 more years and reassess.

  • AAPL is a good buy this time of the year, Sep is coming up, the hype will bring good gains, not FA…

  • ZIP

  • DLC

  • buy a bunch of calls on MT, CLF, TX on the USA market for Jan 2022

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    i think you should share any profits you make

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    Invest the $2k on switch pro when it comes out. Your returns should be immediate depending on how much profit you want to make.

    $2k mostly will get you approx 3 units but if the supply is like the switch, xb sx or PS5 launch, get ready to make 80%-100% profit.

    Note:Just don't repeat it….and get greedy.

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    Looking at Rio Tinto so might buy invest some $$ there

    A single investment into a resources stock when its main commodity (iron ore) is at an ATH is just asking to turn that 2k into 1k.

    Diversify the investment.

  • Buy a set of fishing rod and inflatable boat. It will give you much more return

  • buy an ETF.


  • ETFs are good steady as she goes but to make a lot of money in the market you got to learn to pick individual shares
    I have both, ETFs is when I want to stay invest in the market DRP and rarely sell and I usually buy ETFs from large windfall from individual shares pick (a bit like safe keeping my large gains)

  • ETF's for long term or if you are new to investing. VAS (Australian market) and VGS (US market) are a good starting point for a little bit of Diversity

  • diversify your risk, throw them in a spaceship portfolio account.

  • Buy KOGAN KGN, I always get sucked into their sales and promotions so now I'm a shareholder

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      Kogan is down 43% YTD in Spaceship
      Which means they’re on sale right now!
      (just like crypto…)

      • Kogan has rallied 20% in the last week, winning, especially with all the online buying with NSW, NT and WA lockdowns

        • Time to sell then! Buy low, sell high.
          This goes against my WSB training….

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            @muncan: aiming to sell next week - once it hits the next financial year (delay my capital gains bill) and also hoping for kogan to surge a little more with lockdowns getting worse or extending.

  • I wish they taught financial advice earlier at school. I got into the stock market at the age of 26… and in my opinion too late!

    In the 2.5 that i've had had stocks for my portfolio is up approx 30-35% (depending on the day) and that does not include any DRP plan dividends I receive on a year. I was always brought up to 'save my money for a house'… but what my parents didnt tell me, was there is ways to save money, without just putting it in a bank account.

    Now, as you get older I guess you learn. I started off with 1k, then invested 2k, then, 10k, then 10k, just as I saved it up… it was the best thing i've ever done. I must admit though, I've had some losses, I have 50% of my portfolio in ETFs (IOZ, IHD and IVV), 25% in small caps, and 25% in mid-large caps.

    Yes, I've made a loss here and there, but these are greatly outweighed by the gains and a capital loss can always be claimed against your income on tax.

    Additionally, If your employeer offers a SPP scheme, its a pre-tax deduction usually, and generally the benefit is huge - all DYOR and not financial advice

  • A smart a$$ spoke to me Sunday and with rising interest rate likely QBE is the one to prosper in those conditions .

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