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[VIC] 6.6kW Seraphim 370W Panels/5kW Goodwe Inverter $0 Upfront / $1,850 Total Cost (after 1st July $2,975) @ Cerium Energy


Victorian Solar Vic Rebate and Loan are reducing from 1st July 2021 by a total of $900! ($450 Rebate Reduction and $450 Loan Reduction)

Solar Victoria has just announced that Solar rebates in Victoria are reducing from the 1st July 2021. The current rebate is $1,850 and will be reduced by $450 to $1,400. This means that the Interest Free Loan from Solar Victoria will also be reduced to $1,400 making the upfront cost of this system $1,575 from 1st July 2021 whereas currently it is $0 out of pocket with our current discount offer of $675 (this discount has been continued from our previous Lockdown Offer to help people save even more)

Current Rebate is $1,850 + Interest Free Loan
New Rebate is only $1,400 + Interest Free Loan

Secure your Spot for the $1,850 Rebate + Loan!

Any customer who secures their spot with Cerium Energy before 30th June 2021 will be eligible for the $1,850 rebate + loan. Spots are limited and filling fast.

Make the most of the maximum solar rebates and interest free loans and get a quote today.

Click here to see how many rebate allocations are left: https://www.solar.vic.gov.au/solar-panel-rebate

To help Victorians take advantage of the rebate and get a great price on their home solar system, Cerium Energy has on offer our 6.6kW Seraphim 370w/Goodwe 5kW Inverter for $0 Upfront.

After 1st July 2021 this system will retail for $1,575 upfront. Get in now to save and secure your solar vic rebate!

This is a genuine offer to help our local community reduce their electricity bills for an affordable price! And take full advantage of the Solar Vic Rebate before it is reduced. Help us help you reduce your carbon footprint and save on your Electricity Bills!

JUNE 2021 REBATE OFFER - $0 upfront

OFFER VALID UNTIL 30th JUNE 2021, or until rebate spots are filled!

Not valid with any other offers

Offer Details

Install a 6.6kW Solar system through Cerium Energy for $0 upfront

6.6kW Solar System

18 x 370w Seraphim Mono Split Cell Panels SRP-370-BMC
1 x 5kW Goodwe Single Phase Inverter GW5000-DNS

Retail Price (after STC Rebate) : $4,375

Solar Vic Rebate: $1,400 (eligibility criteria at www.solar.vic.gov.au) (From 1st July 2021)

Purchase Price: $2,975

Solar Vic Interest Free Loan: $1,400 (paid at $29* per month over 4 years directly with Solar Vic) (From 1st July 2021)

Out of pocket: $1,575 (From 1st July 2021)

Cerium Energy Discount: $675
Additional Solar Vic Rebate: $450
Additional Solar Vic Interest Free Loan: $450
Total Upfront Cost Saving: $1,575 (Until 30th June 2021)

Upfront cost: $0 (offer ends 30th June 2021)

Total Customer Cost :$1,850 payable via Solar Vic Loan @ $39 per month over 4 Years

Price after 30 June 2021: $1,575 Upfront/$2,975 total cost without loan

*Price Includes Installation on Single Story, Tin/Tile Roof Metro Melbourne. STC Rebate and Solar Vic Rebate included

Additional Costs:
$350 Double Story (without scissor lift access)
$200 Terracotta Roof Tiles
$300 3 Phase Power
$800 Switchboard Upgrade if needed (send us a photo and we will let you know, most new houses don't need it)
Removal of Existing System (Quoted on a job to job basis)

Seraphim - 15 Year Product Warranty, 25 Year Performance Warranty


Goodwe - 10 Year Warranty


We have a wide range of products Jinko, Longi, Q Cells, Hyundai and LG Panels. Sungrow, Huawei and Fronius Inverters, get in touch for specific products and pricing.

For quotes please fill in the quote form on our website homepage : https://www.ceriumenergy.com.au/ and our team will be in touch.

or Call us on : 03 8322 9999 during business hours

or Email us on : [email protected] with your address and contact details.

If you are not eligible for the Solar Vic Rebate or Loan the total cost of the system is: $3,700 until 30th June 2021.

Our latest work:

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ceriumenergy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ceriumenergyaus/
Google: https://g.co/kgs/Vwq1B4

Terms and Conditions:
Valid for new customers who purchase a standard system between 20th June 2021 to 30th June 2021
Offer valid until Solar Vic Rebates Spots are filled or 30th June 2021
Valid only on new quotes/installations in Melbourne Metro
Not Valid with any other offers
System Price Includes STC Rebate and Solar Victoria rebate

Eligibility Requirements
Solar Vic eligibility and approval criteria applies (www.solar.vic.gov.au)
Melbourne Metro residents only
For regional customers extra costs apply please get in touch for a quote
6.6kW Residential New Customers / Installs only, for larger systems discount still applies
Single Story Tin/Tile Roof Single Phase (Additional Costs listed above)
Seraphim 370w panels, Goodwe 5kW Inverter at advertised price
Other brands also offered please get in touch for specific brands and quotes

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  • +4 votes

    Why does the rebate reducing by $900 ($450 really as you have to repay loans, well most people do) cause your price to increase by $1575? Some weird maths there.

    • -1 vote


      The Rebate is reducing by $450 and the interest free loan is reducing by $450 as well, making the total rebates available reduction of $900. Yes the loan still needs to be repaid. If a customer chooses to get solar before 30th of June (and are eligible for the rebate and loan) they can reduce their upfront cost by $900 due to the rebates reducing.

      On top of this we are offering $675 discount on this system as we did on our previous offer on Ozb. This is to help the community reduce the cost of Solar and help them get a solar system for minimal upfront costs before the rebate and the loan reduces.

      If you have any further queries please feel to contact us via email or call during business hours on 03 8322 9999.

      Kind Regards,

      Cerium Energy

      • +2 votes

        "Cerium Energy Discount: $675
        Additional Solar Vic Rebate: $450
        Additional Solar Vic Interest Free Loan: $450
        Total Saving: $1,575"

        A loan of $450 is not a saving

      • +1 vote

        A loan is not a rebate.

  • +5 votes

    So this is NOT a deal! It's a community announcement that the rebate is reducing for EVERY supplier.

  • +3 votes

    No price in title.
    In fact the price is completely obfuscated and appears to be hidden in the middle of a thousand words of waffle.

    I think the price is 2975 all up which does seem OK.


    FOMO tactic getting people to make a hasty decision. Doesn't work here mate.

    It's not $1575 savings when you include $450 of your own money. Adding a "*" doesn't give you the right to utter any BS.


    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all your feedback.

    The post was not meant to be misleading or any FOMO tactic. We are just passing on the information to the community and try our best to offer genuine savings to the community like we have done in the past on Ozb.

    To make things more clear we had a Melbourne Lockdown offer which expired last week (as lockdown ended) which was a discount of $675 off the abovementioned system.

    We decided to keep the same discount and let people know about the rebate ending. To make it super clear and informative we have gone into detail on the post showing the reduction of the rebate, reduction of the interest free loan and the discount we are offering.

    The truth is that the rebate is reducing on 1st of July, and if people are in the market for a solar system for their homes then now is the right time to buy. The beauty of it is that there is no deposit for the customer and no obligation to proceed. We do all the ground work prepare the quote and help customers claim the rebate they are entitled to. We are not pushing people to buy now or pay us a holding deposit to secure any rebates or pricing. Unfortunately there are many in the industry who use these un ethical tactics.

    More than happy to edit the post to make it more clear, that's what this community is about. Getting the correct information and an actual bargain. We have been a part of this community for nearly 1 year now and have made great connections with our customers through Oz Bargain and hope to continue to do so.

    We have made changes in the offer as mentioned by everyone, we really appreciate all the feedback.

    If any one has any further recommendations please feel free to let us know and we will amend the post as needed.

    Kind Regards,

    Cerium Energy


    Solar posting on ozb is scum, how do i just block it all?