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[Prime] Oculus Quest 2 - Advanced All-in-One Virtual Reality Headset - 64GB $419 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Prime day deal. $60 off for prime members only.
Also $60 off for 256GB version - $579

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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    If you're not concerned by the Facebook, data, privacy stuff etc definitely worth the purchase!!
    If you are concerned, probably still worth it..

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      Or have an IPD outside the range of their kludgey design

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    if only i could swap my quest 1

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      Feels bad, don't worry, wait until the 3 or 4 :)
      Make the most of the Q1 for now, it's still a great piece of tech!

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    Too bad Facebook owns it they are even testing ads in their games.

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      no, why, they can't be for real. ads in VR that must suck a lot

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        When you try to get around them, you run into a paywall. Literally.

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      Testing being they have started and won't stop, but yeah, pretty shit, but it's the Facebook way.

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    Bargain, bought it a week ago and it's amazing. Working fully wireless playing Half-Life Alyx

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      How do you run it wirelessly with your PC?

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        Airlink, it's in the beta settings of the oculus PC app, switch it on then in the headset hit the network icon and it should have an option to airlink to your PC

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          Interesting, I stand corrected. But looks like experimental for now. How do you find the performance?

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            @rookie317: Amazing, check out a few video reviews on it, somehow, with a good wifi connection, performs better than the link cable

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              @smoothymcmellow: Didn't know Oculus has come so far, might finally pull the trigger. Thanks!

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                @rookie317: Yep image quality is the same as having it plugged in. I my pc acting as a hostpot though to further ruduce the latency, ends up being only 15ms

          • @rookie317: I recently got one too and it's amazing being able to play PC VR with no cables. I used to have a HP headset, and the dance around the cable kept taking you out of the experience.

            I had some performance issues on a couple of games for a bit until I gave the Oculus its own Wifi Network, now it's amazingly smooth.

            (I did that by turning my 5Ghz Wifi back on on the NBN modem/router that came from TPG and having it just for the oculus. The rest of the house gets WiFi from a mesh network)

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          Username checks out

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      It was easily the best experience I ever had in a game.

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    If I was to finally cave in and buy this despite my issues with Facebook owning it, and the privacy implications of that. Any reason to get the 256GB model over the 64GB? I probably intend to play mostly off my PC. Is 64GB enough even if I wanted to play everything locally without my PC?

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      If you are going to play a lot of PC VR, 64Gb is fine
      But inbuilt games are getting insanely good.

      And the Porn… omg

      • Ahaha well in terms of the games, pretty much everything I can run on the Quest I can run through PC VR right? There aren't any Quest exclusives or anything like that?

        • Not sure about OQ exclusive but it was just too convenient to install them on device.

        • I'd assume yes, if you bought the games from the Oculus Store. Anything you buy from Steam probably will only work if you play via wifi streaming or link cable (unless there is some 3rd party mod out there). As for Quest exclusives, not any that I've heard of, there probably are, but I doubt they are anything to cry home about. I believe there are some Oculus exclusive games however.

        • The only one I can think of is The Climb 2 which I think is currently only available for Quest 1 and 2.
          There are some other Oculus exclusives but they are also available for Rift so I imagine you should be able to play them on the Quest too.

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        So how is the video quality if you are watching 'movies' ? 😂

  • I ordered one last night for 479!!! Lol… Guess I'll be asking Amazon to refund the difference!

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      If you're like me they'll ask you to return the first order and buy again at 419! Strange system

      • Well I hope it's not sold out before they respond to my email

  • The pricks won't refund the difference. Want me to return and order another but their system is saying I can't order another because there is a 1 per customer limit. Now I'm pissed off

    • Try a new account with free prime membership?

      • Either that or ask them to escalate it to a supervisor, they might not have the authority to do the difference refund or something like that, but a supervisor possibly could.

        • Yeah got the refund in the end but damn they make it difficult. Ended up having to call on the phone and complain to them. They really had no choice as it wouldn't let me buy one because the prime sale is limited to 1 per customer but I haven't purchased one on the prime sale so yeah… Lol in the past they have been really good on service, this time not so good.

          • @AndyRoo: Can I ask how did you get the refund? I was also informed that they won't price match and refund the difference. With thanks in advance.

            • @rainex: Spoke to them on the phone. They said to re purchase it but because of prime day sales they have changed it to a limit of 1 per customer and it wouldn't let me re purchase at the new price. In the end they had no real option but to refund me the difference.

  • PC VR Compatible - Step into incredible Oculus Rift titles by connecting an Oculus Link cable to a compatible gaming PC. Oculus Link Cable sold separately

    $122.59 Oculus Link Virtual Reality Headset Cable for Quest 2 and Quest - 5M (16 ft) - PC VR

    Im only wanting to play PC VR. This seems like a dealbreaker

    I've had two Rifts fail because of the cable, no support from the manufacturer, as such Im very hesitant to invest my money into this company and their accessories…
    Does anyone know, can you change the battery?

    No you cannot replace the headset battery
    2hrs playtime without a battery pack

    PC VR should charge while using the link cable

    otherwise it seems that you can use a usb-c powerbank to power it

    Good luck guys!

    • +4

      Powerbank + Wireless connection to PC would probably be the ideal setup

    • +5

      You don't need the cable for PC VR gaming, you can use Airlink now, so completely wireless. It works amazingly well.

      The battery life is around 2 hours, yes. It's a rechargeable battery in it, charged via a USBC port. We have been able to have a really long USBC cable plugged into a power adaptor to keep it charged for extended play sessions.

      Except then you're tethered again, which is nowhere near as nice as being wireless, but it does allow you to keep playing.

      And yes, you can get straps/adaptors to hold a battery pack on the back of headstrap

  • Is there a decent amount of stuff available for free, particularly non gaming? Or do you have to constantly shell out for anything worthwhile?

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    Can anyone recommend a link cable, or are they not required now airlink is available?

    • I haven't needed one at all

    • +1

      Not needed. Airlink is amazing.

      One benefit would be that it would likely provide some power as well though, which would extend your playtime past the 2 hours or so you get on battery.

      But 2 hours is a long VR play session anyway.

      • Put the money towards a 10000-20000mAh power bank instead of the link cable. If you pop the power bank in your pocket and run the cable under your shirt or something its basically as good as being untethered but with extended gameplay.

  • I love my quest 2, keep in mind the comfort add ons are necessary! The vrcover facial interfaces are free if you put a ticket to their support and show evidence of skin irritation. That interface is WAY better than the other ones I've tried so don't waste your money on alternatives. I also got the elite strap and bought the VRcover elite strap padding from an Aussie website.

    • +1

      You don't have to show any evidence of irritation, you can just select 'I'm concerned about it'. My replacement is on its way.

      I've also ordered a BoboVR M2 head support, because yeah, the one real downside of the Quest 2 is comfort on the face. To have it tight enough against your face it ends up really hurting.

      All reviews seem to say the M2 is a super comfortable replacement. Waiting on it currently.

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    Some recommended accessories if you get one:
    A GOMRVR Halo strap from Aliexpress
    Controller attachments with an elastic for easier holding
    Battery pack. I use the Blitzwolf BW-P9 10,000mAh.
    The shortest USB-C cable you can find to route from the charge port of the headset to the powerbank (back of your head or in your pocket or whatever).
    A 3D printed powerbank holder that you can zip tie to the back of the Halo strap.
    If you hang the battery off the back of your head the balance on the headset becomes really good and makes it really comfortable to use.

    • +2

      Absolutely agree. A Halo strap or similar plus a battery pack are absolutely needed, and definitely don't buy the Oculus strap, overpriced and has a design flaw resulting in cracking and breaking.

    • Damn, you just reminded me I should have looked for grips during the Shopback 15% cashback.
      Been wanting a set of AMVR grips but not at $40.The black ones are a bit cheaper right now at $30, no discount on the white ones.

      Which grips do you use?

    • thanks bro for the solid recommendations. would you recommend that I get replacement padding for the bit that cushions around my eyes? if so what would you recommend, this?

      • +2

        Don't bother with those, check this link instead. You can get a proper VR Cover courtesy of Oculus.

        • deadset champ.
          Thank you VR sensei.

          • @spinferno: Guessing you would have got this also, but I just got an email from Amazon regarding the skin irritation and replacement.

            There is a product safety notice here

            Short story, may not be able to get the replacement from Oculus any more (the unit I received doesn't match the criteria, so depends if you get some older stock)

            Affected products:
            1. Were manufactured between 6 July 2020 and 4 January 2021; and
            2. Accompany Quest 2 headsets with serial numbers beginning with ‘1WMVR’ or ‘1WMHH’ and fourth from last character ‘0’ (zero).

  • +1

    This will be great for bigscreen movies while out camping or in a hotel etc. Also reviews are these are amazing with 3d movies. Something else to think about other than gaming.

    • +1

      Yes on all counts. 3D movies look great, even 2D. It's like sitting in the cinema in front of the bigscreen (literally as you can use cinema scenes, or maybe you want to sit on the moon while watching?).

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    So tempted but not sure if it would join my other various gaming components (steering wheel etc) that dont see enough use

    Any experience with glasses wearers?

    • +4

      My brother in law has wide frames so it's next to impossible for him to wear the Quest with glasses. I think he has horned rimmed so the extra width interferes with the actual hole, that's what she said.

      • interesting thanks

    • Glasses wearer here. The set includes a 'spacer' that gives you more room between your eyes and the lenses which can use useful for people with larger frames. However, the OC2 uses fresnel lenses (concentric circles) to do focus so the closer your eyeballs are to the lenses the wider your field of focus is.
      Side-note - doing any kind of game that involves a level of exertion will get your glasses steamed up to the point of blindness within 15-20 mins.

  • new to this, I know that it can play games on its own but is there any connectivity with Mac yet?

  • This or wait for quest 2 pro…field of view is the killer..

    • Just did some research, it looks like next quest will get a new lens that improve FoV along with Sony PSVR 2, but dont expect it release until Q2 next year.

  • Great price.. had the 64GB since last year and it's a great bit of kit even for the normal price. Considering getting a second one, even the missus thinking about it haha..

    I'll just leave this here for all you new Quest owners.

    • is 64GB enough?

      • Tricky one to answer. I'd say probably yes, you can fit a fair few games on there as most range from a few hundred MB to a few GB (though there's a few starting to get up there like Walking Dead and Myst around 9GB).

        The thing is it depends what games you play and how you play. Arcade games are usually going to stay on it since they don't really end, adventure games you may finish them and uninstall, but if you like to work on them a bit at a time and keep everything installed you may run out of space.

        Running Android, if you uninstall the app you lose your save data. Some games store it on the virtual SD card so you are able to back it up, but others use internal data space and without root access we can't get to it. If you take a break from the game and don't want to lose your progress sometimes the game has to sit there taking up space anyway.

        Have a browse of the Quest store, the size of the apps are listed so you can get an rough idea what you might use. I think there is about 50GB usable space available on the 64GB..

  • Bought one and also got a GOMVR headstrap replacement from some eBay seller for around $50.

    • Nice one. Make sure you take your time installing it to avoid stressing any plastic. There are youtube videos you can follow. For my face I had to slide the halo strap's arms right up to where the pivot points are to get the headset to rest nicely.

  • +3

    Can someone suggest a specific link for the GOMVR headstrap? There seem to be 15 different variations on aliexpress and I really cannot tell the differences between them all aha

    • +2

      I ordered the 'SKJWhite' colour/option from this listing (about 35 dollarydoos posted from CN)
      it's the dearer option of the two with more padding at the base of the head.
      Hope that helps!

      • Thank you

    • Had the same uncertainty. After a little research, I believe this is the latest revision and is what I ordered earlier today:

      Ignore me, person above is more likely to be correct.

    • If you haven't ordered one yet I read the bobovr m2 head straps are better and don't cost much more.

  • I don't have a PC to connect to. This is still good to go for most games? Thanks.

    • +1

      This is designed as a standalone headset foremost so you'll be more than fine.
      If you ever decide you want to get a PC later to access the PC VR titles, that's an option as well.

  • This will be a lot better than the be headsets where we put our phones in? I mean we got phones with specs much better than this.

    • +2

      Of course. Better head tracking, controller tracking.
      Also it uses a Snapdragon XR2 chipset, which is similar to the SD865, a top end smartphone chipset.

    • +1

      That's what I thought too. I just got a new phone and thought it would be great at VR media viewing but it was really bad, even compared to the Oculus Go.

      This was using a mid-level VR goggles, a better high-end/expensive model might be better but the picture quality was terrible. I had a better experience doing the 'cross-eye' like magiceye books method.

      The largest thing missing is software for mobile phones for VR. Even finding a VR media player was difficult. I doubt there are (m)any games available.

      Google seems to have abandoned VR too. I own their VR180 camera and there aren't any programs for even that now. And google cardboard only works if you have their cardboard remotes.

      • I use Google Cardboard to capture poor mans 360 (psuedo) 3D photos. Just wish there was an easy way to view them on the Quest.
        Apparently used to be able to access Google Photos and view through there but Facebook took that away.

  • +1

    Purchased. Now to choose some games!

    • +6

      What sort of games do you like?

      BTW, if buying from Oculus it's usually cheaper to pay in CAD.

      Set up your payment method (fee free credit card hopefully)
      Get a VPN set up, ie the free Canadian VPN app for your phone.
      Browse the Oculus app for what you want, it may be on sale though I find it's often still cheaper at normal CAD price.
      Connect the VPN, refresh the page in Oculus app and price will now be shown in CAD.
      Once purchased you don't need the VPN any more, it will be on your account and you'll be able to install anywhere.

      • +1

        Thanks for the tip. Games are pretty expensive. What’s the most immersive game/demo that showcases VR?

        • I'm only a new user but Superhot has been the most fun so far for me, and definitely my go-to for showing others what VR is like.

          Currently on sale on the AU Oculus store too.

        • +1

          For anyone that hasn't tried VR before, it's pretty easy to impress.

          I've had people wowed by the included First Steps and First Contact. Richie's Plank Experience always goes down pretty well too (I set up the physical plank too). Always funny watching em creep out and back, some couldn't even step out of the elevator)

          Puzzle/Adventure games are good because you can take your time to look around and take it all in. The Room VR looks great. I Expect You To Die is fun and interactive, as well as Job Simulator.

          The Vader Immortal series also look good with a little more action (each one is relatively short though). Robo Recall pretty good too, looks good, fairly fast paced action (and can rip the head off a bot and use it to beat another, catch bullets and throw them back, all that sorta fun stuff :)

      • Good tip, thanks!

  • +1

    Anyone having problems with Sidequest? My Sidequest app on my PC keeps saying "connecting" and I can't get the USB debugging to appear in the Quest2 despite having Developer mode activated already.

    • Have you installed the Windows ADB drivers?

  • +1

    Thanks OP grabbed one of these as my CV1 has been in storage due to lack of space.

  • Bought one in this deal, and definitely getting some light skin irritation from the foam interface, and I don't usually have sensitive skin. Nothing long lasting, but a definite tingling irritated feeling while wearing the headset. Have put in a ticket for a free replacement (and upgrade!) here:

    Replacement is this set:

    • +1

      I got an email back from them rejecting it cause it was manufactured after a certain date. Has anyone had success fighting that and getting hte cover for free?

      • Yes, have a read of the comments at the end of this post
        Had to contact support, some had to provide photographic proof, some not.

        • Thanks. Replied back to support about redness and they wanted photos to review. Said I was uncomfortable about sending photos of my face and was given the link to get the cover.

    • Didn't realise the replacement is a refurbished product..

      • +1

        I don't think it is?

        • Following is what my email said when I received it.

          Thank you for your interest in Oculus! We look forward to keeping you in VR. We'd like to offer you a specially priced refurbished replacement product.

          Please log in to your Oculus account to purchase refurbished replacement products by using this personalised link, click here.

          Note: This link was customised for you, and will expire once you complete your purchase or after 30 days, whichever comes first. If your link expires before you've had an opportunity to purchase, and you'd still like to take advantage of this offer, please contact us.

          Our refurbished parts and products come with a 6-month manufacturer's limited warranty. Additional details related to the warranty can be found and reviewed prior to completing your purchase via the link above, and then can be downloaded for safe keeping on your account history page after purchase.