Any Good Name for a Drone Delivery Company?

Hey guys, just seen the thread about the limo company name that had 174 replies,
A few real pilots and RC enthusiasts are hoping to get a drone delivery company up in the air in the future. It can deliver anything from parcels to pizza,
Looking for a smart, ultra modern company name, something on the lines of Uber air, aero drop, sky pizza, etc…
Any ideas? cheers


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    Planet Express.

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    • Awesome Express.

      • Mom’s Friendly Drone Delivery Company.

  • Dron't go hungry
    Dron't bother
    Dron't mention it
    Dron't leave it to the last minute next time
    Drone & Dusted
    Props 2 U

  • Dronify

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        Dronly Fans?

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          Drone Hub?

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    Air Drop.

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      If you want Apple to come after you, sure why not?

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        Any publicity is good publicity.

      • Screw them :)

        they can't just trademark a word and make it theirs.

        In the dictionary: airdrop

        • noun, an act of dropping supplies, troops, or equipment by parachute from an aircraft.
        • verb, drop (supplies, troops, etc.) by parachute.
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          Unfortunately, logic doesn't prevail with the Apple marketing folks.

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        you could call it Aird Rop Or Aerd Rop 😁

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        If Apple trademarked it for a certain category then you are free to trademark it yourself for other categories, like the name of a pie shop or whatever.

        • Not really, there was a guy selling camping shovel bearing the brand similar to apple products and got chased by their lawyers. The question is whether you have the money to fight or not.

          • @lgacb08: The Apple logo itself is copyrighted art, as well as a trademark. You couldn’t make a shovel with someone else’s copyrighted art on it.

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    US Air Force

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    Up There Cazaly

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    You buy, we fly

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    Drop it like its hot

    • esnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop x2

    • Drone stop believing.

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    We’re noisy but we deliver

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    Stoned & Droned

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    The Flying Fox

  • Well we’ve got Wing already, why not Cockpit?

  • Drone Alone

  • Fast food delivery - Pie in the Sky.

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    For recreational pharmaceuticals - Flying High

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    DDC - Drone Delivery Company

  • Air America

    Large but niche Market could be misunderstood.

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    Enemy UAV Overhead

    • *Above

  • Only Drones

  • Plummet Airways…

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    Dropit. Same as what I say to the dog…

  • Drone Strike Deliveries

  • Flying Fish. You cant use Fox because of Fox Logistics

  • Shootemdown

  • Bombs Away

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  • Mad Max Thunderdrone

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    Thx for the comments so far we like
    The Flying Fox & Fone-A-Drone

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      Linfox wont like it, a huge logistics company, started by Lindsay Fox

    • Fone-A-Drone is better than The Flying Fox

      You might not get "The Flying Fox" as there are similar names and you want your business name to be unique:

      even though they're different business operations and services, try be unique in the name. Even go as far as a made up word or combined words like Oreo and Optus (opt to us)

      For example:
      I registered "onyx lab" 2 months ago for my cake business but I 30% regret it because on social media and google, there is a very popular coffee business called "onyx coffee lab" in America. I am considering changing my business name, who knows.

    • Honestly I would just shorten it to Fone Drone. That way you can use it as a verb e.g. "just Fone Drone it"

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    How about UFO

  • Dronazon

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    MosquitoePost (MoskitoPost)

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    Drone Flown

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    Droney McDroneFace

  • Flite

  • U buy em, we fly em

  • How do you intend to deliver the drones?

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  • Couri-air
    One-dr (pronounced wonder, anagram of drone)

  • And here's another one.
    The Flying Postman

  • Enord

  • Drone on

  • Get in quick and get iDrone so apple has to buy it off you for heaps in case your business fails.

  • Dr Ones Drones

  • Sky Drone,
    Sky Delivery,
    Sky Courier,
    Sky Xpress.

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    Buzz About.

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    Uber Drone

  • flying (profanity)

  • Fly now, cry later

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    Drop Zone
    or Drone Zone

  • Flying Fries

  • Droner Kebabz

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    Is Drone, is Good

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    Carrier Pigeon

  • Chopperz

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  • Droning On (Do)
    Bug Smashers (BS) or
    Da Bug Smashers Enterprise (DBSEn) so that way when someone says they gonna call for a DBSEn, other will think "WHAAAAAAA!?! did you just say?" thinking as if they heard you say you're oirdering for a bdsm LOL

    Also each unit can be given call signs like Mosquito 1, 2 etc. or Surveillance Vehicle 27 lol

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  • deuce dropper co

  • Cake Taxi

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    Droner Kebab

  • DroneDash

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    Props2U 😁

  • if you want to be as iconic as uber and ebay it has to feel nice coming out of your mouth. It could be a made-up word. And the whole vowel-syllable-vowel thing might be a starting point.

    or you could riff and have something like Buzzber or Buzzby (although that might remind people how annoying drones are 🤣)

  • Hover Hand

  • UAV Drone Believers

    (And your homecoming cuisine)

    • Though I also have a soft spot for Enjoy This While It Lasts, Meatbags. It doesn't roll off the tongue nicely though.

  • As mentioned earlier, be sure to check your chosen name for conflicting trademarks (even similar sounding ones):

    And check in your classes of interest based on what you plan to do with the company. (Generally, you can clash with names in other classes, but try not to in your classes.)

    Creatively, ask yourself 'what is the one thing i want the name to communicate?' and brainstorm concepts and ways of expressing it from there. Avoid puns.

    Good luck

  • Was going to say Skynet but it's already taken!

    • SkyNoms(nom nom)?

  • DroneAir

  • DroneDash


  • Drone2Door

  • Sky Snack
    Drone Dinner
    Drone Diner
    Flying Dinner
    Sky Snack Express

  • Drone Dash
    Menu Drone
    Uber Drone
    Fans Only-Drone
    Drone-Way or Sub-Drone