Any Good Name for a Drone Delivery Company?

Hey guys, just seen the thread about the limo company name that had 174 replies,
A few real pilots and RC enthusiasts are hoping to get a drone delivery company up in the air in the future. It can deliver anything from parcels to pizza,
Looking for a smart, ultra modern company name, something on the lines of Uber air, aero drop, sky pizza, etc…
Any ideas? cheers


  • Drone n' Bone

  • The Flying Chip (think seagull)

  • AMAZdrONe

    GAME of Drones

  • +2

    Dronit (pronounced "Drone it") so it's already verb ready. "I'm too lazy to get lunch. Let me just Dronit."

    • Yeah this was my thinking, drön-it to be used as a verb, or Wing-it.

  • Deliverone
    Fly a Meal
    Take off Delivery
    Drone Express
    Drone station
    Drone box meal
    Switch 2 drone

    Lol good luck

  • Air (profanity) we don't have permits for this

  • +1

    Drone Strike

    or Reaper Deliveries / Reaper Express

  • Buzz Couriers
    Sky's the limit

  • +1

    Death From Above

    Fake Drone

    We Respect Your Privacy, Promise

    Santas Little Helpers

    Social Isolation Santa

    Drug Delivery Robots

  • Weyland-Yutani Corporation

  • Drone2u

  • +1

    You're a drone, 'arry

  • +1

    E.T. Phone Drone

  • Angry Bee Express

  • Keeping up with the droneses

  • Dr-pwnd


  • sky hook

  • Pocket Rocket

  • Yeet

  • Homedrone

    My homedrona us your first ad

    Also register workdrone, schooldrone etc. Keep it simple

  • The name is the last of your worries. HOW are you going to achieve delivery, and ensure it gets to the right person?

    There are enough laws already preventing you dropping anything from an aircraft, or flying within 30 metres of people, over cities etc. Viewing your trip via a video camera feed isn't the same as flying line-of-sight, which currently requires you to observe the aircraft with the naked eye whilst flying it. That sort of limits your range quite a bit, especially at night. You can forget autonomous pre-programmed waypoint flying as well. The technology might be capable of offering it, but the practicalities and legalities prevent it.

    What if I'm on the 3rd floor of a block of flats? Where are you going to drop off my pizza? The last thing I'd want is a pizza being suspended under a bunch of high powered fans cooling my product, as well as being exposed to windchill from the air at altitude. You are going to need some (expensive) seriously powered industrial drones to deliver anything over a couple of hundred grams, not a toy. For every aircraft, each will need a pilot actively flying the machine, concentrating for 20-30 minutes for the trip out and back, praying you don't run out of batteries or run into headwinds, or failing to be able to fly in the conditions and then have to try and recover the crashed aircraft. Better have some pretty hefty flight insurance! That's an awful lot of highly paid skilled employees. You'd be better off using the existing model of having things delivered by some low paid part-time employee using their own car, for $1 per trip than some fancy drone service.

    Don't you think if it was viable and legally permitted, as well as profitable, the big boys with millions of dollars in their pockets wouldn't have done it by now? You are going to need a lot of political connections too to override all the air safety regulations already in place, and have the laws amended or repealed in your favour. That's going to need a lot of cash for kickbacks too.

    Selecting a name should be the last thing on your mind.

    • I knew there would be a hater in here.

      Google wing has paved the way for other drone delivery companies, much like Uber paved the way for ride sharing.

      It would not be useful in any highly built up areas but country towns and less populated areas it would work fine.

      How does it get to the right person? Well when you book with the app it gets you to put a GPS dot point on your delivery sport, it then gets confirmed with the pilot clear of trees power lines etc… the user then get a countdown based on airspeed of the ETA, it’s highly Unlikely it will go to the wrong person unless the person who orders ignores it and leaves it on the ground on the driveway or backyard which wouldn’t make much sense.

      Pizza deliveries work like any other, except they use an insulated box, it not going to get very cold flying 140kmh for 2 minutes. And yes you could only ship one at a time, however you would just send a few aircrafts to the destination.

      Of course the delivery depends on weather conditions
      Theres thousands of test runs before any real bvlos takes place, it will take time to develop a well built prototype. It’s a long road could
      Take 5 years but it’s possible

    • The only real obstacles are legal, but this will change. Same with driverless cars, the laws will change.

      Drone delivery is the future man, it will be 'normal' before we know it.

      …and it's going to be great, you order something online and it could be dropped at your house in 30 mins. Imagine that.

      It could even be dropped not at your house. You're out and about and need something now? Dropped right to your location!

      • and you thought people stealing your parcels from your door was bad? Wait until they start knocking them out the sky!

  • Bullseye

  • So Fast, So Drone, Order Now

  • I came up with a few names, but my favourite was GOTT.

    Marketing - Hey, I just GOTT my pizza

  • Flydroid

  • sky chariot
    do drop inn
    drop it off
    sky spinners
    ride like the wind

  • Not a bird
    Not Superman
    Not an AC130 above

  • Double D's

  • name "Is it a Bird?"

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