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[Prime] Bosch Screwdriver Bit and Mini Ratchet Set 26-Piece $12.50/27-Piece $13.75 (OOS) Delivered @ Amazon AU


These little guys have their uses. For me they can get into tighter spaces and are a stronger and more comfortable Allen key.

The 26 piece has been this price before but the 27 piece is an all time low.

Edit: 27 is out of stock.

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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    Here is the link to 27 Piece

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    If you're buying this to work in confined spaces, go the 27 piece. The ratchet has a lower profile.

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    Comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99EGWbn-4JI

    Seems 27-piece is the way to go.

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    Just a warning to anyone buying the 27 piece:
    Be very careful not to strip whatever you're using it on, or breaking your fingers… It's a bloody powerful little tool at: Wattage 750watts. 🤣


    Anyone know of a good quality normal size set on sale?


    Great set!


    How do I use prime day. Do I have to start a 30 day trial?




    Could not decide on 26 piece or 27 piece set. So I bought both - at least I'll now have a spare 10mm

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    Set is tiny, not very useful unless you specifically need miniature tools. Avoid.


      Negging on first hand experience?


    I'm an industrial electrician and the 26 piece is handy to keep in the pouch for its size. It has gotten me out of alot of sticky situations where size and access becomes an issue. The bits are decent quality for the price. For diy purposes it's a great bit of kit to have.


    27 piece is back in stock now (but $34.52, not the ultra low price)


    I received both today! BUT the 27 piece' ratchet is not working smoothly. It would not reverse direction properly. Any way of getting a replacement from Amazon rather than a refund?


      I suggest waiting for it to be available again via Amazon AU then hitting up customer service.


    Expired? Showing as $30 for me.