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[Prime] Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder 2.27Kg Varieties - $65-$68 ($58-$61 S&S) @ Amazon AU


For those who want to stick to ON Whey here's a pretty decent deal if you can't commit to 4.55 kg


This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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    I don't recommend, have the feeling my last order from Amazon was a fake products

    • Every ON protein I have ordered from Amazon has been 100% legit. Were you definitely buying from Amazon AU? And why did you think it was fake?

      • Yes was from amazon. I had dhiahrea and stomach bloating since first cup i took from this batch. I usually order ongs from Amazon without issue, but this time was different. I continued despite the feeling in my stomach then i noticed my gain were not following… I have ordered aminoz and i will throw ones, despite the box is full at 70%.
        Check the comments from Amazon , a lot are complaining. Some posts photos from real vs fake ongs box, and according to them, I have a fake but i only trust my stomach and my poo.

        • Not sure if relevant, but I used to be lactose tolerant (somewhat), and then became lactose intolerant, used to drink a lot of protein and was fine, then what you've just described happened to me as well. Which is how I found out about my lactose intolerance. It could very well be the ON batch that has higher lactose content. Try taking some lacteese pills before drinking protein and see how that fares.

        • This is more likely due to the copious amounts of artificial colours and sweeteners. ON is the MacDonald's of protein powders. Absolute junk.

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    I prefer these 2.27kg in a bottle compared to 4.55kg in plastic seal-able bag.

  • The AminoZ whey is way cheaper… is this whey way better?

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      See Amizo Z rep's summary here :)

      • Thanks for the link @currentfad

    • Can buy from aminoZ for around $28-29 per / kg if getting the 4.5kg bag

    • I think its personal preference. Aminoz is only slightly cheaper, unless you intend on regularly ordering from them to take advantage of the store credit.

      Personally, I found other brands, such as BN, to mix and taste better than Aminoz. I prefer ON overall, so usually stock up on 2.27kg tubs when it regularly goes on special … so around $60.

  • Thanks OP, bought the Mocha Cappuccino for $61.20 through S&S. Great timing as my currently tub is nearly empty. :)

  • I've never actually used subscribe and save for it's purpose but I'm assuming that the pricing signed up for today will last on the subscription going forward?

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      if u subscribe , the price remains the same for however long you're sub till

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        Not true. Price does fluctuate

    • Just use subscribe and save and then immediately cancel it. You still get the discount 😁

      • yeah but I think I might wanna actually keep getting this item for once hahaa

    • Not sure if you got your answer, but no if you S&S now your first shipment will be at the discounted price and whenever 'x' month comes around you will be charged the current price on the day.