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20% off Dell @ eBay (S2721DGF $383.25, S2721QS $299, AW3821DW $1499, S2721Q $279, XPS 8940 11th Gen i7-11700 Desktop $1859)

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                @cille745: Mate, can you please refer to the beginning of the conversation?

                Dell S2721QS good for 4k 60 fps on ps5?

                This is about that, not whether this monitor is suitable for desktop PC use. For text, yes, you can see the difference. That's why a lot of dynamic 4K games still have HUD display at 4K. However, in terms of gaming (and also video), there is more to that. You just don't get the same wow factor for 4K at 27 inch. Furthermore, HDR400 is fake HDR.

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                  @netsurfer: Then the answer is simple, all 32 inch 4k monitors of the same quality are 2-3X the price, less sharp and not worth the extra cash tbh. The only one that's similar in price is the S3221QS, and has a pretty mediocre VA panel

                  • @cille745: Please read my first comment on this. Aren't you repeating what I wrote?

                    Also, just because it is cost effective, doesn't mean it is perfect. The HDMI VRR is not working (though for PS5, since VRR isn't supported yet, I didn't mention it). I have this monitor, but I am not going to sugarcoat it that much. The HDR on this display is subpar (because it is HDR400 - fake/hack), no matter how you want to spin it and it does affect gaming experience.

                    • @netsurfer: Yes I am because I agree with you. I wouldn't say VRR is a killer feature for consoles as most games have their framerate locked

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                        @cille745: Mate, this is about gaming, especially on consoles. For console players, we KNOW that this monitor is somewhat a stop gap for now (unless all you care about is PS4 and XBox One X). There are several issues:

                        • HDMI 2.0 only, so 4K/60 HDR is at best 4:2:2. PS5 does support 4K/60 HDR 4:4:4 (it also supports 4K/120 4:2:2) but both require HDMI 2.1.
                        • VRR over HDMI shouldn't be broken. We know Dell won't fix it. It only needs a firmware fix. It won't happen.
                        • The broken VRR over HDMI is annoying if you use Series S|X which DOES support VRR.
                        • On PC, if you want 4K/60 HDR 4:4:4, your only choice is DisplayPort.
                        • 27 inch is too small for 4K gaming.
                        • Yes, I don't like VA either, but IPS isn't perfect either. Displaying blacks is a weakness of IPS. HDR400 on IPS is lacklustre. The IPS glow on this monitor is on par (which is good).

                        No doubt, with this price, it is a bargain. On PC, you would use DisplayPort (as you get HDR 4:4:4 and working VRR), but it doesn't feel good that VRR is broken on HDMI for console players.

  • RRP of U2720Q goes up from $920 to $1,020, faint …

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    Some thoughts on having used the S2721QS 4K for about a month now. Screen quality, stand, OSD etc. all fine. For Windows and Linux the 4k res resolves fine at 60Hz. Some caveats for M1 Macbook users though:
    - There is no USB-C connection, so you will probably still be stuck with some ugly dongles on your desk
    - The Displayport spec is 1.2, and HDMI is 2.0 - though this can strictly pipe 4k @60Hz just fine (which it does for Linux and Windows), it has issues with Mac. There is a reason this model is cheap, it uses this now quite dated connectivity specifications
    - I have not been able to get a flicker-free picture for the M1 on 4k except at 30Hz, or at QHD 2560x1440

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      The Mac issue is dongle related. Most dongles are [email protected]#[email protected]#. Apple DigitalAV - the first version is limited to 4K/30Hz, the second version, while addressed the issue, can still be a pain to use.

      This USB-C/Alt-mode rubbish is just Apple doing cost cutting. For people who don't know the technology behind it, they might think USB-C is so amazing. The reality is that it is a big mess. Apple knows this, so in Mac Mini M1, an HDMI port is added (if USB-C/USB 4 is so amazing, why would Apple do that?). Apple knows the mess it caused but for a Mac Mini, Apple has to at least let you get 1 display working. Typical Apple nowadays….

      Anyway, if you have Macbook Pro/Air M1 and want to use Q/QS, make sure the dongle you have will work. If you opted for el cheapo dongles, it is likely HDR won't be supported (not that HDR400 is good anyway).

    • 4k60 works just fine for me on my 2018 MBP, I use this dongle:

      It seems like you need a dongle that tricks the MBP thinking it’s on a DisplayPort connection to get the maximum bandwidth required for 4K 60hz, I know a lot of adapters that don’t and max out at 4K 30hz.

      • 2018 MBP, that's intel still. Even so, still unhappy with Apple. Apple v1 digital AV is limited to 4K/30, forcing people to go dongles from a 3rd party if you want 4K/60Hz. Most of the dongles which does 4K/60Hz are not able to support 4K/60Hz HDR (as that will require more bandwidth and basically a more expensive chipset). Then, Apple released v2 digital AV dongle.

        • The DisplayPort and HDMI specifications are same for both 2018 and 2020 MBP (1.4 and 2.0 respectively) so it should work the same

          • @Could Be Better: No, that's the thing. It's more complicated than that. Intel, due to cost saving or some weird technical reason, can only do 4K/60Hz via DisplayPort (hence the hack to achieve HDMI 2.0 via DisplayPort), at least for 8th gen (and possibly 9th gen) CPUs with embedded graphics (technically, the 7th gen CPU can do the same hack also).

            M1 uses its own GPU (different GPU, not Intel). Then there is USB-C/Alt-mode display support… Anyway, it is not straightforward. You have USB 3.1 gen2 based dongles, dongles which actually support Thunderbolt 3 bandwidth, and the junk class USB 3.1 gen 1/3.0 based dongles.

    • I've got an M1 Air with the AW3821DW running [email protected] so it's probably the cable/dongle that's breaking the QHD at least.

      Not running 4k screens atm so can't comment on that one, but I used to run 2x 4k screens out of a single port on Intel

      • That's nice to hear it works on the 38" at a decently high refresh rate (notably 1600 < 2160 pixels). To clarify, QHD works fine on the M1, it's 4k that flickers - and frustratingly, sometimes "settles down" after 5 minutes or so to work (at 4k).

      • @nubix was wondering whether the MacOS scaling option appears on the AW3821DW?

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          found a 4k screen too https://ibb.co/album/tMPQGm

          it did take lots of frustration though and i really wish i went with the thunderbolt options instead :'(

          • @nubix: Thanks @nubix, RDM (https://github.com/avibrazil/RDM) provides a convenient dropdown indicating thunderbolt options as well. I see even the 38" just misses out on the native scaling (though should be overridable as you mention).

            Seems Macs will really only work "without issue" on the LG Ultrafine 4k+ lineup perhaps.

            • @brilliantmik: So would you suggest a 1440p monitor at 75hz for the M1 MacBook Pro? And use a good quality USB c to hdmi dingle? As I don’t want flickering and also want clear text.

              • @BargainBenno:

                1. If you want clear text on Mac at "retina" standards, you cannot go below 4k - you need at least 2160px vertically for MacOS to kick in with its scaling properly. That said, I've since managed to get the Macbook to stop flickering on the S2721QS after having bought a [email protected] DP to USB-C cable on Amazon (another $30). This setup works on only some of the resolutions, so do at your own risk. Otherwise for no fuss I'd spend up on an actual USB-C monitor such as any LG Ultrafine 4k.

                2. I also have a Dell S2719DC which is a QHD 2560x1440 75Hz USB-C which I bought a VESA adapter for on Amazon (an extra $50 or so) which works a charm with Mac, but there's no scaling option for it.

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    This would be great if any of the cheaper laptops were usb-c powered. Lenovo much better in this regard.

  • Would someone be able to tell me how well the S2721DGF would run on a GTX 1070? I have a 1080 144hz monitor at the moment which runs fine. Playing games like Apex/Overwatch

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      I got this monitor on a 1080 and the 1440p res is perfect for it, don't think the 1070 would do 1440p at high refresh rate so well but I would youtube those games 1440p gtx 1070 and see what frames people run them at

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      I've been running the S2719DGF (the previous model) on my 1070 for a couple years and it's great, you won't push 144fps in everything but Freesync solves the worst of it to me (Overwatch you'd definitely hit it though)

  • I currently have https://www.pccasegear.com/products/31600/acer-predator-xb27...

    Would the Dell monitor be an upgrade for me?

    I have had the Acer monitor for nearly 5 or 6 years now I think

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      The colours might be better but other than that, specs are basically the same it seems

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        Saved me a purchase!
        Almost justified a new monitor for myself ;)

        • I just purchased the AW2721D to upgrade my ASUS PG279Q monitor… supposedly it's a decent upgrade (165Hz vs 240Hz, better motion clarity, colours etc) but I haven't received it yet.

  • How do I get past "This code can't be applied to your order." when applying the code at checkout?

    • Issue resolved.

      • How did you resolve it? I can't get past either.

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          Make sure your account is set to Australia

          • @dvbb: I couldn't get it to work. My account is from ebayUK and I've changed everything to ebayAU. Thanks anyway!

        • Checkout as guest (via incognito window). Worked for me.

  • Thanks op.. jumped on the S2721QS .. had a ref credit for afterpay which took it down to 269

    • did you use DELL20 at check out ?

      update : i think my account country is not australia so the code didnt work. i used incognito mode and it works

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    The S2721DGF has an estimated delivery date of 20th July - 27th July…that's a long time nowadays

    • Same for S2721QS. I didn't read the email properly and thought it was 20 Jun to 27 Jun LOL

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        Me too!

      • Oh man.. I hope that it comes sooner than July!!

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        Same misread the delivery date in the rush to order… thought it was 27th June, not July :-( bugger..

      • I bought the qs last week for $30 extra direct from dell and it was delivered in 3 days.

    • Pretty disappointed about that delivery window.

    • +2

      The one I got from the ebay sale had a month+ delivery window too.
      Ordered 30 May, Delivery estimate by ebay: Tue, 29 Jun - Tue, 06 Jul, got an email 10 June from Dell the order was delayed, then another emaill 11 June that the order has 'shipped early', received 15 June.

      So all in all not too bad, Dell are usually speedy (if i order from them direct it comes in a few days!) + Amazon delivery service is great, so you can probaby expect to receive it earlier than in a month.

    • Would like to know from those who purchased from Dell AU ebay how long your order took to arrive.

      • I ordered on this Monday and my ETA is still showing as 20-27 July. FYI you can't get an invoice until 48 hours after the product is sent for delivery…

      • Got mine today so 8 days (6 business days) delivery time.

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    Hopefully they are just giving themselves a big window of time before they work out the actual ETA that is sooner than 20-27 July….hopefully..?

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      Yeah, what happened to that express delivery and next day delivery bullshit!!

  • DELL20 is not working?
    not able to get this to 299 S2721QS 4K 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz AMD FreeSync HDMI

    • worked for me a few moments ago, with gift cards added too.

      • thanks . i think my account country is not australia so the code didnt work. i used incognito mode and it works

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    Can anyone share how text looks on the S2721DGF for Word etc.? I currently have a 24" 1080p AOC 24g2 and text looks awful and it gives me eyestrain/headaches.

    • +2

      Text appears pretty clear on a S2721DGF to me - maybe watch some reviews though as from one IPS to another IPS screen here's not that much difference. I find I lower the brightness to around 70-80% when not gaming as a white background is too bright otherwise, but the 1440p res should assist on clarity greatly (I only use it for non-gaming use for less than 5hrs a week though)

      • Thank you for the reply. I'm thinking from other comments it's still probably better to go high res.

    • +1

      Depends on what you’re used to. After having used a 9 year old Apple monitor, I had to return this model to Dell. According to Rtings website, the QS has excellent text clarity. I would pay the difference if I were you. Or even the Q ( fixed stand).

      • +1

        Thanks for the feedback. I did end up ordering the S2721QS. I do a lot of WFH so the clarity matters to me.

  • Does cashback work with this when using eBay gift cards?

    • +3

      unfortunately not. But if you have Qantas Frequent Flyer and shop through the Qantas Shopping link, you can redeem points usually. I've done this in the past with coupon codes + gift cards and have just done so with the S2721QS I just purchased.

      • Ah, something I should have been doing all along I see :(

        • Well now you know for next time!

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    Purchased a QS last week from Dell directly. Naturally their Price guarantee excludes eBay :(.

    • Hi Leo,

      I purchased a S2721DGF from Dell yesterday for approx. $100 higher than this deal. I rang up Dell customer care and they let me cancel that order with full refund, allowing me to get this deal. My order had even 'just shipped' too. Maybe give that a try? They wouldn't price match but that sorted out my issue.

      • Thanks Jastone. Issue is that I received my monitor last week - it only took 2-3 days. Maybe I can say I want to return it and see if they'll budge on the Price Match. Although they might call me out and say there's a restocking fee…

        EDIT: Called up Dell and we played a game of chicken. They said no we can't price beat our own eBay store. And then I said okay I want to return and they are like okay we can start the processes, it might take 10-15 business days rah rah. I backed off - a lot of effort for a $29.40 price difference but it's the difference between full write-off and not…

  • Do these have change of mind (open box) returns?

    • I just called Dell re returns (see above comment re unsuccessfully trying to force them to price match their eBay store) and they said I need to do it within 15 days of delivery and that I will only get my money back after they've tested it and confirmed it's all good etc. I didn't ask for specifics but website does also mention a restocking fee but doubt they'd enforce it if you return it quickly to Dell.

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    Dell provides big delivery window, however they usually deliver much earlier. I received my Dell monitors probably within 7 to 14 days. They use Star track which is a good courier.

    Dell S2721DGF is probably my favorite monitor right now, very vibrant and smooth colours with quick response times.
    I also have the QS 4k in portrait mode but somehow I still prefer the DGF in terms of colour and display. It has much better build quality and feels very fluid.
    Maybe I didn't calibrate the QS properly or I'm just spoilt by the DGF.

    • Hey, did you buy your S2721DGF from Dell's ebay store? Did it take 7-14 days for that monitor to arrive?

      • +1

        Hello actually they were bought at different times~

        Bought the DGF back in December last year and that was when demand was very high. That took about 6 weeks to arrive if I remember correctly.

        I bought the QS recently and that took around 2 weeks. Maybe supply and demand has changed now.

      • I bought my QS last week from Dell directly and it took 2-3 days.

        @Handymancan, how do you calibrate these monitors? Do you mean just fiddling around with brightness, contrast etc.?

  • +1

    thank you, OP.
    I bought ONE S2721DGF.

    I am looking out for USB-C monitors too.

  • Thanks OP, saved me $100 from my purchase yesterday re: S2721DGF (see comment to LeoSpaceman)!

  • having a real tough time picking between the S2721DGF and the gigabyte M27Q here https://www.pccasegear.com/products/52016/gigabyte-m27q-qhd-... a fair bit cheaper especially if I can flip the bonus headphones for say $40 to round it to just $300

    • Have a look into M27Q and the BGR subpixel layout issue, which effects text clarity. I do not have M27Q to confirm first hand but this came up few times during my recent monitor searches.

      • Yeah I have heard both some say unusable and some say super sharp.. .suppose its just do I take a gamble on it for ~$50 or go the tried and true. Gigabyte seems to be a bit brighter, better vertical viewing angles (unsure if that really would impact me) and KVM (again unsure if I have a use for it) while the Dell is just in general more highly regarded it seems

        • M27Q - I was really tempted. Firmware wise, it is better (with 4K downsampling to 2K mode). BGR is not ideal, but my main concern is that an OZBer tried it 3 times, the retailer actually let him swapped the monitor 3 times and all had excessive backlight bleed. Another OZBer had single bright pixel issue. Basically, the quality control is concerning. Bonus headphones, people mentioned that don't count on Gigabyte to honour that. Once they used up the pre-allocated number of units, you will just get a sorry e-mail and not get the headphones.

          S2721DGF - while I generally like it, it has the annoying 60Hz second last row being dimmer problem, which Dell doesn't appear to want to release a firmware to fix it. It is not an issue with PC, since you don't get a high refresh rate monitor to use 60Hz, but can be a bit annoying when you use a device that only supports 60Hz.

          M27Q - if you can get a retailer that provides quality service, then it is okay.

          • @netsurfer: Ended up ordering the Dell didnt want to bother with gambles in the M27Q and the dell seems to be held highly. Still using a AOC TN from like 7 years ago just kept putting off getting something nicer so anything will be a nice upgrade.

            Whats this 60Hz dimming issue haven't heard of it? Though will be using PC so not really a problem but does it impact if I am adaptive syncing down to lower FPS around 60 as I dont really have the GPU power currently until I upgrade once GPUs are buyable again (have a 1060)

  • Dell must be making a lot of dough on those computers with 3070s in.

  • Thanks OP, is the 'Dell Inspiron Desktop Intel® Core™ i7-10700 8GB RAM 512GB SSD GTX 1650 4GB' good value for $1183?

  • I just bought the S2721QS — thanks OP. I needed it for a triple monitor setup. My gaming monitor will be in the middle :)

    • Which gaming monitor do you use?

  • Was hoping the 49" would be on special.

    Anyone found any 49" deals?

  • S2721Q.. it's [email protected] If I scale down to 1440p via Windows setting, can it then have higher refresh rate?

    • No, max refresh of the panel is 60Hz.

    • No. 60 is the max for this model.

      Edit. I was on this page for a long time.

  • I bought a S2721DGF back in February from Dell eBay and it broke down last week.
    Guess what, Dell replaced me with a refurbished unit….
    The capacitor exploded.
    I might be unlucky but I shouldn’t get a refurbished unit when the new unit spoilt because of the unless QA/QC.

  • +1

    Alienware AW2721D is also down to $800…missed it last time so very tempting..

    • +1

      Thanks for the heads up! Been eyeing this monitor for a while.

      • me too, unsure whether it's worth the upgrade from the s2721dgf for twice the price since the panels seem reasonably similar

  • Looking to get the AW3821DW, but it looks like it won't ship until late July. Does anyone know if I can get an invoice for this FY for tax?

  • Bought AW3821DW! Thanks OP. Let's see how long it takes to get it. Now to sell my AW3418DW..

  • +8

    For anyone concerned about the delivery timeframes, I received this eBay message response from Dell eBay today:

    Thank you for reaching out about your order status.

    We have already sent your order to our Head Office for processing and you shall receive your booking information soon. The eBay marketplace is not integrated with our system so all eBay orders are processed manually on our end. Also due to the high volume of orders we have during the sale period, we've set the time frames ahead on a long delivery in our listing.

    Generally, orders are fulfilled within 7-15 working days. We will also endeavour to get the unit to you earlier than the quoted timeframe.

    Let us know if you have further queries.

    Kind regards,

    • Thanks for sharing this, I was wondering if anyone with the long lead times on their orders had ended up getting any surprise shipping info already.

      Not that I'm stressing or anything, just curious given it was obviously an inflated arse covering ETA and all the extra accessories have already arrived

      • +1

        No worries. I haven't received my order email from Dell yet, but I wouldn't expect it until maybe sometime early to mid next week :) ordered on 21st June.

        • Yeah, my order was placed on 21st as well. No update so far. I guess earliest would be next week.

          • @tigerswim2: Yup I'm in dire need of replacing my current 1080p gaming monitor with a 4k monitor to use with my new mac mini m1. The resolution is abysmal on MacOS.

          • @tigerswim2: My s2721qs shipped on Sunday and just received notification of it this morning. :)

  • Good product!

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