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[Prime] Palmolive Liquid Hand Wash Soap Refill 1L $1.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU



Ready your carts. This looks like an all-time low for the popular Palmolive 1L refills. Starts at 11.30am EST.

It says 'selected' so likely multiple styles. Liquid and foaming soap available in flavours. Enjoy

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • Showing $5.85 for me. How do you do it at $1.95, please?

    • Starts 11.30AM EST

      • Sorry and thanks — didn't realise it is a "lightning deal"

        I bought this rice cracker earlier and received Prime Day Deal 40% discount

        I am confused with actual start time of "Prime Day"

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      Read the post, 11:30am

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      By reading the description of the post…

      Starts at 11.30am EST.

    • STARTS AT 11.30AM EST

    • Starts at 11:30am

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      finishes 11.30.01 am

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    Where do you get info on these deals? Great price!

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      I just went to the Prime day page and filtered by discount. It shows some upcoming ones with a countdown timer.

  • So no chance the foaming kind will be included?

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      1 part soap, three parts water and you have perfect foaming soap for a fraction of the price. I do this all the time.

      • So is the foaming kind just watered down? Is it better to just buy the regular variety and do this if you have a foaming dispenser?

    • +1

      foam kind included as well

    • foaming is also same price

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    Extra 10% off S&S?😆

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      Edit: except this time. D’oh.

  • Oh I'll be working soon

    Will miss out on this one

    • +1

      Thanks for letting us know

    • It’s active now

  • -2

    Antibacterial is not good for sewage

    • -1

      Yep cos sewege loves germs. This will kill germs! Oh no.

  • +1

    Foaming included.

    You can also get 1 of each variety.

  • got foaming ones.. one each. for you lads

    • Link to foaming ones? I'll add to description

      • You can just select on the same page

        • Ah okay. I probably got some without realising then. I got one of each flavour

  • Limit of 1 for each 'style'. Got 6, thanks OP. Can't see this lasting very long.

  • Thanks OP. scored 1 each.

  • so what do i put this in or can just use it like this?

  • If I have a different 'flavour' at home in the little pump bottles, do I have to buy the same one? Anybody mix and match before? lol

    • There are no laws against mixing them, you should be alright!

    • Yeah it's fine. Will just confuse your guests

  • So basically they are just giving them away :P great price, thanks OP!

  • -2

    not self-foaming. I don't like that.

    • Check the different scents. There were foaming options available

    • Dupe*

      • Oh~ I see, thank you mate.

  • 93% claimed. Go, go, go!

  • +1

    Now have 6 bottles, not sure how I'll use them all…

    To the butthurt neg, I already had 4 at home from Woolies and purchased 2 more..

    • Neg is a sore loser. They had ample time to purchase

  • OMG prime day is crazy. Can't believe i've been missing out !!

    • +1

      These are the deals I've been waiting for 🔥

  • +4

    Join waitlist if you don't get one - I did, got offered product to buy one bottle after about 2 minutes.

  • Thanks OP

  • Got one of each of the liquids, cheers OP.

  • =Gotta be quick on those ones lol

  • Finished? Not showing up as $1.95?

  • +2

    Hi, where are you finding deals like these? Amazon is enormous, and I find it tedious from having to scroll through all the unnecessary items

    • There’s a filtered deals list here

  • Managed to get 1 of each, nice, thanks OP!

  • Shame just 1 per account and I missed it :(

    • +1

      1 of each. I Grabbed both the natural ones

  • missed out again

  • Mine arrived but the consistency is like jelly. When I dispense, it comes out like a big blob.

    • That's a shame, maybe why it's cheap?
      These two look ok on a visual inspection without opening

      • damn, I put them straight in the storage as I still got 3 more from the previous order.

    • +2

      Quick trick for you is this stuff (especially the orange 2 hour defence), is thick when cold. In winter leave in a sunbeam or a sink of warm water for an hour or so and it’ll pour smooth.

      Once it’s in your smaller normal pump it’ll be like normal.

      • Thanks for the tip, will try leave it in warm water.