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[Prime] Yamaha YHT-1840 5.1-Channel Home Theatre System $349 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Better sound than any of soundbar you are trying to buy for $900 and with great expandability.

Deal of the day for Prime Members: Yamaha YHT-1840 5.1-Channel Home Theatre System

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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    Current price at Bing Lee & Catch is only $399 (and $430 at Videopro) so take the $599 RRP with a grain of salt.

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      Amazon always does the Fake RRP, need to be really careful when they advertise something as 50% off. Many times I've seen a product that they may normally sell for $600 (and available everywhere for similar) that they reduce to $500, and advertise it for 50% off citing a RRP of $1000, which must have existed at one time, but nobody is paying that much today

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        Yep, they've done this for a while. Particularly with movies. Best way to be sure (not necessarily you, but others) is to use camel x3 to get an idea of pricing.

  • are surrounded speakers wired to the main unit?

    • I'd say yes

    • Yes, all wired speakers. Includes quite long wires for all speakers with it, I recommend buying little thicker wire for subwoofer at least.

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        Surely it's an active sub, all you need is RCA cables. I've never seen a receiver with a dedicated amp for a sub

        • I am using this HTS this does not come with a powered subwoofer, but it has an option to connect a powered subwoofer (purchased separately).
          I am using a normal speaker cable to connect to this subwoofer (passive). I dont know if they have changed this recently.

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            @harryaus: OK wow that's weird.

            Does the receiver have channel out for the sub?

            Or does the sub do the crossover? As in front channels from the receiver connect to the sub then the L/R speakers also connect to the sub?

            Edit: just had a look at the manual, appears there is powered outputs for the sub. I guess that would be cheaper to add a discrete amp on the receiver for the sub. Neat

    • According to this you get a single long roll of cable for the speakers (which you can cut to length as required or replace with whatever cable you like), and an RCA lead for the ACTIVE subwoofer.


      • I am using this HTS this does not come with powered subwoofer, but it has an option to connect a powered subwoofer (purchased separately).
        I am using a normal speaker cable to con ect to this subwoofer (passive). I dont know if they have changed this recently.

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    I wouldn’t say the same person wanting this would even look at a soundbar, since the speakers are all wired and given it’s age, there’s no Dolby Atmos. I’m sure there are other options to consider at this price point, if wireless connectivity and Atmos are considerations. Still, seems teasonable value for what it is

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      Yes, you are right about wireless part but even you if use front 3 speakers and subwoofer it will sound better than any soundbar and subwoofer.
      And for dolby atmos to work you need more than 5 speakers. This clearly mentions 5.1 which means 5 channels/ speakers and you can't expect 5 channels to do atmos.

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      What it is, is an indisputably better sound system than any soundbar under $700. It'll blow similarly-priced soundbars out of the water on volume and quality alone, let alone surround field depth.

      Plenty of power to upgrade the speakers when the budget allows, too.

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        There are those interested in a soundbar based on soundbar-specific features, e.g. compactness, wireless connectivity etc. who aren't going to be interested in this system no matter how good it sounds comparatively for the price (e.g. based on it's lack of actual Dolby Atmos compatibility in the receiver or lack of wireless satellites/sub etc.).

        Good to know it can be upgraded etc. a feature I don't imagine is unique to this amp/combo, but good value nonetheless.

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          Yeah soundbars were invented for people who want better sound than their TV has, but not if it means having speakers all around the room.

          Unfortunately many people think a soundbar is almost as good as an amp and speakers, and fall prey to dishonest marketing. But the physics of sound can't be escaped: the more speakers there are, and the more they surround you, and the bigger they are (especially for the mid range and bass) the better the result can be.

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            @ItsMeAgro: No harm in trying to educate people, that's the point of being here isn't it?

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        I have two of these kits, both with upgraded front speakers (to floor standing speakers, and one has an upgraded centre speaker). I mainly use them for PS4/Xbox and Plex (Google TV) and I think it sounds great for the price!

        Both kits are connected to 4K 65" TV's, and it works fine supporting 4K with my Series X.

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        What about the Samsung q950a. I been wanting a speaker system and love the sound bars. From what I've seen the q950a has great atmos sound.

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          I don't know if the q950a sounds better than this, but it's literally 4 times more expensive, so it doesn't matter.

          If you have a $1500 budget, and don't mind having speakers all around your room, obviously any decent $1500 proper surround sound system will beat the best $1500 soundbar by miles.

          And unlike the soundbar, it will support actual Atmos, not just have the logo on it because it accepts an Atmos input.

          • @ItsMeAgro: I believe companies are spending big on enhancing soundbars and little on speakers/amps. Speakers are speakers not much change.

            You can't compare a $1500 soundbar to a $1500 speaker system. But I think by the reviews the q950a could compete with a $750 system.

            Soundbars have come along way speakers receiver systems are the same for long time.

  • From what I can tell this unit does not seem to support DTS decoding is that correct?

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      One of the answered questions at the bottom advises it has DTS

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    I bought this a few years ago as an entry level system and think that it good value for money.

    • Did you get it when it was 200? I have hesitaters remorse and can't bring myself to pay 350 for it now

      • Wow never saw it when it was $200, that would have been a great price. I think I paid similar to around what it is now, $300-$400 somewhere.

  • As someone who has a soundbar (Yamaha YAS-108B) and looking to upgrade, why shouldn't I get this? I have a high end 4K OLED panel for reference and e.g. this doesn't have HDMI 2.1 support.

    I suppose I would want a receiver that will last a while ("future-proof") but at this price it's probably ok?

    • It's 'ok', but not great. Those satellites won't give a very full sound. And no support for uncompressed HD audio (DD Plus is good, but this won't decode HD Audio from a blu ray player). This won't do eARC, so it's not like you could plug a blu ray into the TV and expect HD audio to be streamed back to the receiver, nor can you plug HDMI 2.1 into this for it to go to the TV. It all comes down to whether you want the sound quality to match the image quality.

      • +1

        Wouldn't the blu-ray player (or PS4/Xbox) convert the HD audio from blu-ray to PCM and push that through to the receiver, with no loss of quality?

        • I think he means with regards to hdmi 2.1.

          So eg. if I have a pc and want to game at 4k 120hz with hdr, Dolby whatever… All the works. I'll need to be running hdmi 2.1

          PC > receiver > TV = no hdmi 2.1 for high refresh video
          PC > TV > receiver = no lossless audio due to no earc (receiver can't accept the audio feed from the TV, has to get it directly from source or though optical)

          • @krisspy: Not sure a Blu ray player will convert to 7.1 channel uncompressed PCM. Optical can't do lossless either. Only eARC can get lossless from tv to receiver.

      • Good to know, thanks.

    • It depends on what you mean by future proof. I would prefer having 7.2 ch receiver to better future proof, but also depends on your overall budget (incl. Speakers).
      For this price point, I would recommend this setup.

      • Probably at least 5 years. Given this doesn't have eARC, it's pretty much a deal breaker though.

        • Decent sound equipment lasts decades. Lots of 50 year old speakers still in use, still sounding as good as when they were new. If you really want an amazing experience in music and movies, it's worth saving up and/or collecting a couple of speakers at a time.

          • @ItsMeAgro: Any recommendations for entry level speakers? Only want front facing ones and a sub to start.

            • @synergy: Mine are from the 1970s so I haven't shopped for speakers recently, sorry.

    • Depends what you mean by future proof. This is an entry level set up that's pretty much behind on features, so it's basically already dated if you look at it that way.

      eARC will make your receiver last longer. It means that when 8k becomes the norm and your receiver can no longer pass on an 8k signal to your TV, you can just plug that little 8k chromecast directly to the TV and have the TV pass uncompressed audio to the receiver.

      It all comes down to what you want by being future proof. 5.1 is in the past, if you're not going to be adding upwards firing, downwards firing, butt firing speakers then do you need a better receiver?

      If you want long term, get a good set of speakers - they will last decades.

  • What is the difference between this and just Yamaha RX-V385


    • Not much, I think just external mic for calibration is addition and front usb port.

    • edit

    • eARC

      • There is another one with a "B" RX-V385B is it the same?

  • Would this pair well with a LG C9? and ps5? I don't really know much about audio and looks like an upgrade from my 2.1 setup

    • +1

      No as this won't passthrough DV etc.

  • What model is this receiver? Any idea? How will this compare to Voll speakers or lower end hifi speakers?
    Wanting a second HT system for the downstairs movie room.


  • +3

    I purchased this as a gift for the parents a few months back. It's a surprisingly good package for the price point.

    The sound is certainly better than TV speakers, and they've managed to play anything thrown at them - obviously down sampling Atmos and DTS:X to standard Dolby Digital and DTS. Also does 4K at 60hz if passing through video (Nvidia Shield).

    Personally I can't stand sound bars and think they're a gimmick, they can never faithfully reproduce side or rear speakers. I'd take this set-up over any soundbar any day of the week.

    But also it's a budget entry level surround sound system. The bass, while present, is muted, the speakers themselves are loud but not wall shaking, and the CEC needs a bit of fiddling to make it work properly. When setting it up, had issues passing the TV sound to the AVR, but eventually it sorted it self - basically the AVR needs to power on first, before the TV or anything else connected to it, otherwise the HDMI handshake doesn't quite match up.

    Overall, feel it would suit people who want a no-fuss set-up that watch movies/TV shows a lot, but don't want to spend thousands on AVR's and speakers.

  • How can we connect guitar and mike (and is possible a small mixer for karaoke) to it?

  • Would this pair ok with the Samsung TU8000 and a PS5?
    I am a total ausio noob

    edit: only using TV speakers at the moment

  • Do you think this would be better than a Yamaha YSP 5600 Soundbar with a soon to be added NS-SW300 subwoofer + AVR key for video extraction to get DV and HDR?

  • +1

    Picked up this about a year ago and happy with it for the price (I paid $395). If I had the budget I'd stretch to a more recent model with Atmos and HDMI 2.1 support, but I've got an old TV and simply didn't have the budget for more (yes I could have saved for longer, but in the grand scheme of things would rather that extra money go to other things).

    Definitely better than having a similarly priced soundbar though, particularly for gaming.

    • what model that has Atoms and HDMI 2.1 would you recommend? I am a newbie sorry if my question sounds silly.

      • I honestly don't know. Didn't have the budget to be worth looking into it.

  • +1

    I still have the HTR_2064 version of this rocking as my main theatre, can't complain just keeps on working.

  • I got the Sony HT-ZF9, it's okay. Constant disconnects and Sony support is terrible. Anyone know of a decent Atmos capable system ~$1000?

  • I think parents have this, and I have the upgraded version with better amp and powered sub.

    Just saying, $350 isn't getting you any 3.1 good soundbars. And that centre channel is absolutely critical to watching movies these days, due to the dialogue/effects mix.

    • @StickMan, what is the model of your upgraded version?

    • Just saying, $350 isn't getting you any 3.1 good soundbars. And that centre channel is absolutely critical to watching movies these days, due to the dialogue/effects mix.

      And this is why I picked up this home theatre last year. Started off looking at soundbars below $500 and realised I'd be better off with an entry level 5.1 system (only to discover there really aren't a lot of entry level 5.1 kits anymore).

  • heres my argument why for most people even a normal basic sound bar is better - im guessing most people watch the majority of their content on their TV, through services like Netflix etc. You'd want to use HDMI ARC (or eARC) to return this audio to your speakers, but this receiver doesnt have ARC as far as I can tell?

    Unless you happen to watch all your content via pass through, and willing to lose the HDMI 2.1 etc as well, it would be a problem.

    • It has ARC but not eARC

      • oh my bad….. was missing from the spec sheet i was looking at.

  • this set have the usual faulty sony chip ?

    • Can you elaborate on this chip? I pulled the trigger on the yesterday and can't find too many reviews for it and wondering what problems there could be

  • Would this pair with the Hisense 65Q8? Has anyone used these with a Hisense TV? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    • Why wouldn't it, just a basic HDMI connection for audio