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20% off Dell: Dell G5 Gaming Desktop (Intel Core i7-10700F 16GB RAM 1TB SSD RTX 3070) $1999 Shipped (OOS) @ Dell via eBay


Lowest price I found for this now.

Dell G5 Gaming Desktop Intel Core i7-10700F 16GB RAM 1TB SSD RTX 3070 - $1999 Delivered - Out of Stock

10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10700F processor(8-Core, 16M Cache, 2.9GHz to 4.8GHz)
Operating System
Windows 10 Home (64 bit) English
Video Card
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3070 8GB GDDR6
16GB, 2x8GB, DDR4, 2933Mhz
Hard Drive
1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive
1Y In-Home Hardware Service
Dell Wired Keyboard KB216 Black (English)
Dell Wired Mouse MS116 Black
Power Cord
Power Cord (ANZ)
802.11ac 1x1 WiFi and Bluetooth
500W Chassis with Bezel Lighting

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    This is a horrible gaming PC full of cost cutting and a windows install full of crap, that is all.

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      Although OP's post is a different model and obviously different internal parts e.g. 3070, any prospective buyer should watch Gamers' Nexus review: https://youtu.be/4DMg6hUudHE

      They did a tear down of a Dell G5 1660 Super variant and you can just see the atrocious crap Dell pulls

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        He typically nitpicks everything. Having said that, the gamers nexus summary was that wasn't good for the pricing, this deal is.


          CPU load is a poor remark, coz i bet there are many updates running in the background.

          I've recently taken apart the Alienware r10 (similar mATX mobo and case) it is not bad.

          A few pros:
          - update manager for drivers/firmwaves
          - screwless access
          - decent cable management
          - legit Windows license

          Recommended upgrade (not sure if the R10 is similar to this):
          - Cosair H60 AIO (not only cooling down the CPU, significant reduce temperature inside the case as all heat generated from the CPU go straight out of the case - oppose to air coolers)
          - additional case fans - Arctic/Noctua/Cosair all work fine.

          - space (well, it is an mATX)
          - matching ram module can be very painful

          Overall, the Ryzen 7 5800 idles at just under 30 and runs at 60 when stressed. Suspect will be another 10 warmer in summer.

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      I agree. But some people wanted to know of there were any nonLHR offers.. this is for them.


      Msg me when yours finally arrives


    Gamers Nexus reviewed an older model and it was a piece of shit. No idea if the current one is any good but I'd be cautious.


      As poorly built as this is, if you have a bit of know how I reckon you could alleviate a lot of the issues with this machine. Firstly a new CPU cooler (additional cost but if you can score a deal on ozb then that should be good). Also a fresh install of windows to get rid of the bloat. There are some reviews that say running it without the side panel also helps with getting rid of heat too which will be the quickest/easier fix.

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        if you look at the video by Dawid, it shows that you can't fit any cooler as it has a proprietary cooler fittings on the board, so its a pretty big problem

        EDIT: Actually he was referring to the XPS. Still, I would be nervous assuming the cooler mount was the same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ej89Y1kpFBo


          I dont even think its the cooler itself that is the primary problem. The case is so restrictive as a whole.


        By the time you spend all that money 'alleviating' issues with this why not get a better deal elsewhere?


        yeah no Dell has their own plug and socket on the motherboard that some parts are not open standard designs. Better off getting the tech fast deal if you want to change stuff around.


    I think Nvidia recommends a minimum 650W for a 3070, I'd go 750w personally. I have a 850w, why ? Because Ozbargain made me…

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    Have done a lot of research on these Dell PCs after getting a good price on one recently. The Gamers Nexus review is worth watching, but is far from the full story. Biggest points I'd mention:

    -If you watch a few tear downs on YouTube you'll see the cooling on the 3060 /3070 cards is far better than the 1660 super.
    -Thermals will not be great in the base model, but the machine is very responsive to undervolting. You can also install a noctua fan or similar for good results.
    -the motherboard, power supply, and case will not be usable in future builds.

    In a perfect market I wouldn't recommend these things, but the GPU market has been anything but. At the moment there are some better deals out there, but if you can get the Dell machines at a reasonable price you'll get you money's worth.


      Are you referring to undervolting the CPU or the GPU?


        The CPU. The heating issues are with the CPU not having an appropriate cooler, plus poor ventilation in the case. Never saw any mention of GPU heating issues.


    I got this last time and used the 3070 into my gaming rig. Love it and saved $$$$


    My son has had the XPS 3070 version since Christmas (Deal from here). It has performed flawlessly in a corner no A/C during summer and hasn't missed a beat.

    I think this whole power supply upgrade thing is a beat up must have, a bit like you need a snow cannon now to pre-wash your car.


      Not quite a beat up.

      30 series GPUs are known to have pretty big power spikes, most enthusiasts will recommend going for a beefier power supply than the manufacturer recommendation. Lack of power can cause big issues for sensitive components.

      If your son isn't giving the system a run for its money (for example using a [email protected] display, playing less demanding games or having them set to lower graphics settings) then it will never power spike enough for a 500w supply to ever become an issue. On top of this, OEM and in particular Dell, have quite solid power supply units right out the gate, even their business focused machines have pretty good ratings as far as the PSU goes.

      I would guess your son isnt playing very heavy games on this system, as thermal throttling has been an issue for these G5s in the past under heavy load.


    Is this the one gamer nexus reviewed lol?


      no that was i5 crap , this one should be some similar shiiixxxx like that….lol


    can't be too bad as it's out of stock!


    Got one, installed the Noctua NH-U9S and a couple of NF-A9 fans to fix the heat issue. CPU now steadied at 65c during strew testing and GPU doesn’t go above 60c. Very happy with it.