Xotic Comets Vodka 750ml (Sours Bubblegum, Tutti Fruiti, Grape or Strawberry) $25 Each + Delivery @ Liquorkart

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  • +8 votes

    12% alcohol only


      More like a liquor than vodka per se

      • +3 votes

        Like making love in a canoe.


        It'll have "wine based spirit" printed on it somewhere.. 😂


          Close but not quite …
          "Xotic Comets are clear Vodka-Based Premium bitter. every bottle has lucent, edible jelly-like extraterrestrial object balls, fun, and glow beneath ultraviolet light. Comets are made up of organic extract."


            @Wolfy: I hadn't clicked through before, glad I did now…

            At twelve-tone system ABV, it's nicely sippable…


      Cost less tax because its not a spirit