Linsar TV ir Profile Code with Amazon Fire TV


I bought the fire tv stick and it arrived today but the remote won't recognise my tv so now I can't control the volume etc. I googled and tried to find the ir profile required to make it work but couldn't find any. Has anyone faced same issue? How do I get the ir code?

My tv is: Linsar ls50uhd

Thank you.



    Fire stick is a Bluetooth remote?


      Ah, I see it has an IR blaster, I have two of these and never knew that.


        Lol all good thanks


    you will just have to go through every brand you can select and hope for one of them can activate your volume keys, guess that'ss what happens when you buy a cheapo tv


      I will try that thank you for the advice.

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      One OzB user calling another cheapo. This has got to take the cake.