5-10 Port Ethernet FTTN Router Recommendation

Hi guys,

What would you recommend for a basic 5-10 port home Ethernet network to share FTTN NBN? I'm currently using the Vodafone modem.



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    Need more details. I have FTTP and it gives us a direct to internet ethernet port in the wall and we plug our BYOD router into that.

    Whats the model or your modem, if it's a router, all you need is a cheapo switch. If it's actually just a modem then you may as well fob it off and buy a whole kit and caboodle like-


    I have this, it's old but it will handle 1Gbit internet and you can put custom firmware on it if you like.

    If you need a router with 8 ethernet ports then you'll probs end up paying more than if you just buy a separate switch to add on.

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      Vodafone supply a modem/router with 4G failover. A cheapo switch is the way to go.

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    A VDSL2 modem/router for FTTN has at most 4 LAN ports. Purchase a switch for more ports.

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    Thanks everyone!