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½ Price Philips LED Globe 2-Pack 1055lm Range $6.50 @ Woolworths


Edison Screw Led Bulb

Warm ES
Cool ES

Bayonet Cap Led Bulb

Warm BC
Cool BC

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    As mentioned in the past deals of these globes - these are called "soft white" and run very warm at 2700K. Warm White Phillips at Bunnings are 3000K - a more 'whiter' warm.

    I've tried both - I like the 3000K but find the 2700K a bit too warm.

    At the same time, 6500K cool white is far too sterile for me. I only wish there would be more of these globes at 4000K. Hardly any.

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    I love the 6500K brightness

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      It's not brightness, it's colour temperature. Brightness is measured in lumens.


    Any idea if there's an option in the SES or E14 screw type. I am after a bright cool white not the yellowish warm white.

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    1400LM 2-pack available for $7.50
    I usually prefer the brighter bulbs.



    2700k 800lm is our default, might change to 3000k 1000lm but will need to buy some desk/side lamps and install warmer/dim bulb!