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SanDisk Extreme Pro (SDSDXXY-128G-GN4IN) 128GB - $41 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Been waiting for these to drop to get a couple for my camera,

170MB/s read, upto 90MB/s write. They're V30 rated so can sustain minimum 30Mbps write speeds!

The prime deal is 48.92, but the normal "regular price" is $41 so make sure you change it!

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • Any reason to choose these over the Samsumg 256gb EVO plus microsds that go for the same price?

    Edit: oh wait I was comparing the $48 price. Suppose this is cheaper but not too much so (~$45 for microsds)

    • I'd rather a full size SD card instead of a micro with adaptor. Adaptors can ruin read/write speeds and that's my main concern

    • Any reason to choose these over the Samsumg 256gb EVO plus microsds

      Both read/write speeds of the Sandisk are much faster than the Evo Plus.

      • Ah yeah the read speed is faster. Write speeds are about the same though.

        However, looking at the Amazon reviews all the benchmarks in the top reviews for the Sandisk Extreme Pro report slower read and write speeds than my 256GB EVO Select microsd just did with a SD adapter via CrysalDiskMark (~97R/85W).

        • My bad. I was looking at the specs on the package of my 64gb Samsung Evo Plus which said 100/60. Apparently the speeds are higher on the 128gb and up.

          • @Buy2Much: Yeah I only found out the speeds were different when I bought some smaller cards to use as spares. Confusing model!

    • +2

      Source: https://www.cameramemoryspeed.com/reviews/

      Reader: Kingston MobileLite G4 USB 3.0 FCR-MLG4

      EVO Select is basically Amazon exclusive rebranded EVO Plus. But as always, performance can vary between devices and manufacturing year/batch.

      I would say it mostly comes down to form-factor and endurance/warranty. Sometimes compatibility.

      Samsumg EVO Select SanDisk Extreme Pro 170MB/s
      256 GB 128 GB
      microSDXC SDXC
      Seq. Read (MB/s) 96.129 97.036
      Seq. Write (MB/s) 87.74 87.798
      Rand. Read 4KB (MB/s) 6.174 5.754
      Rand. Write 4KB (MB/s) 3.139 3.32
      Rand. Read 4KB (IOPS) 1507.4 1404.9
      Rand. Write 4KB (IOPS) 766.3 810.6
      Warranty 10 Years Lifetime
      • "The Extreme Pro 170MB/s 128GB card performance was evaluated using USB memory card readers. In benchmark tests, the highest sequential read speed reached 176 MB/s in SanDisk's proprietary card reader. The highest sequential write speed measured 98.6 MB/s. In other card readers this card performed at 99.2MB/s sequential read and 88.9 MB/s sequential write speeds."


        Wow that is scummy. Only achieves advertised speed in a proprietary reader.

  • +2

    For people who want the 256GB one, it is available at [email protected] for $72.78 with coupon PFYS20 (or $70.96 with coupon PEOFY22 w/ eBay Plus).

    Don't forget using discounted gift cards.

    • oh nice pickup!

  • Good price! Cancelled my earlier order for the 64gb one at $26.99 and ordered this instead but sadly no more shopback 15% :\

    • You should be able to pick up the 64GB for under $20 from various sellers if you still have unused AFTERPAY10 code.

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