Need Ideas for Safe Drop Courier Delivery in Apartment Block

First world problem. I'm sick of having to be home or go to the post office/locker to get my OZB purchases.

Apartment dwellers, what's your solution? My mailbox is too small and building door can only be opened using a key.


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    Safest option is AusPost Parcel Locker. Else move house to a building with 24/7 security that picks up parcels or stay/have someone else stay at home.

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    Deliver to work?

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    If Amazon purchases then: Amazon Hub near you.

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    I'm sick of having to be home or go to the post office/locker
    Apartment dwellers, what's your solution?

    Move to a house. Sounds like you don't want leave your home to get your package.


      Yea .. this first world problem is very simple with first-world solution - Just get a house with a long driveway and a porch.
      Another plus is you'll generally get better capital gain and no expensive body corp.

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    Pickup from the post office.

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    • Parcel Locker
    • Deliver to your work address
    • Move to a house or a fancy apartment building with a concierge service
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    Stop buying items that require delivery - simples!

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    wfh forever

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    Move to an apartment that has parcel lockers in the building or has reception area that can take your parcels for you.




    Not sure if you’re an owner or renter, either way you could bring it up with the body corporate or landlord, requesting parcel lockers for the building.

    If you’re an owner you could see if other owners are interested, in which case everyone could chip in for a parcel locker area (mail box upgrade). If most people aren’t keen it could be a case of those interested pay for the upgrade but have permission from bc to do the work/use the space. If renting it’s unlikely your landlord will be bothered - but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

    Alternatively is there a neighbour you trust who is home a lot? Or a friend/family member you see a lot who’s address you can use. Work address depending on your situation may also be an option.