[Price Error] TP-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug (Timer/Energy Monitor) $5 Delivered @ Bing Lee Catch

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TP-Link WiFi Smart Plug w/ Energy Monitoring TL-HS110, sold via Bing Lee - free delivery on this product. Leaves warehouse in 5 business days

Product blurb below:
Please note: compatible with Android 4.1 or higher and iOS 8 or higher devices - need Kasa app to work/sync etc.

Pre-heating the oven, warming up the iron, turning on the TV, boiling the kettle or even starting the fish tank filter can all be controlled right from your smartphone! Simply connect your appliances to the TP-Link WiFi Smart Plug and turn them on/off whenever you like. You can even setup schedules to automatically power electronics at any time of the day, turn on Away Mode that switches your lights and other devices on to deter burglars, and monitor energy consumption in real-time to put an end to rising power bills.


TP-Link network accessories
Model: WiFi Smart Plug w/ Energy Monitoring | TP-HS110
Colour: White
Pack contents:
    WiFi Smart Plug
    Quick installation guide
Compatibility: Android 4.1 or higher, iOS 8 or higher
Remote Access - control devices and appliances connected to the Smart Phone right from your smartphone
Setup scheduling to automatically power electronics at any time of day
Energy Monitoring - analyze a device's real-time and historical power consumption
Away Mode - turns on your devices, lights and more to indicate someone is always home even when you're not
Easy set up with the free Kasa app via any Android or iOS device
Operating temperature: 0℃ to 40℃
Weight: 131.8g
Dimensions (approx. mm): 100.3 x 66.3 x 77
Designed in: N/A
Country of origin: N/A

Mod: Price error, orders were cancelled/refunded.

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  • +3

    Received refund a few mins ago .. out of stock
    They weren't going to honour it !

  • Also got a refund - shame as I would have bought other deals that have since expired :(

  • refunds coming through

  • Refund. Selling out of stock items. Bastards.

    • +2

      I suspect "out of stock" is their code for price error

  • +1

    "Out of stock"… ie "we were supposed to apply a $5 dollar discount but Chandler entered this into the wrong field… however we have "restocked" and you can purchase for $35…"

  • +2

    They are out of stock when it's $5 but they are in stock when it's $33.80 (save $36?). They should at least admit that it was a price error.

    • +1

      The $33.80 price you see on the page now is if you were buying direct from Catch.

      • +3

        Sorry, my bad. Keep forgetting Catch is like a marketplace these days.

  • Still available on the Bing Lee site for $5 although only select stores by the looks of it. Shame that they can't use these to supply the people who placed legitimate orders via Catch.

  • I too received a refund.

  • Got a refund :(

  • Boo hiss. Bad form

    • +1

      Indeed. If they're still selling at Binglee store for $5 a pop, they should at least honour some of the orders until sold out.

  • Only store in NSW that has stock in port macquarie - and it has 1 and it could be a stock error :D

  • +1

    Order cancelled. Talk about bad business. No wonder I never use Catch. It feels like a flea market in an outer suburb.

    • First thing to do is to revoke upvote.

      • You can't.

        • Why? I did revoke.

          • @Neoika: Mmmm, doesn't allow me add or revoke. Apologies and thought must have been locked or something.

  • +1

    Fair to say I can say I told you so to a few people.

    • I clicked and bought before there were any comments. It was worth a shot anyhow ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Bing Lee being out of stock online was a good indication their stock levels at Catch hadn't been updated. You being one of the first orders certainly enforces that theory.

  • Think I measured these awhile back and came to conclusion they consume about $30/year in standby energy use, per device.

    • Measured what?

      • Power usage

        • These only use around 2 or 3 watts last I checked and certainly not 12watts. 18kWh give or take per year.

    • +1

      That doesn't sound right. That would put them around 12W (based on WA rates of 28c)
      They are supposed to be around 2W so I think more like $5 a year.

  • +1

    Refunded what a gip!

  • I only got refunded 99 cents.. I'm so confused

  • I paid via giftcard and got refunded in store credits. How do I get them to refund it back in my gift card.

  • bought 2 and got refund. worth the effort to keep up bargain spirit.

  • +1

    Just got an email confirming it was due to a price error
    “technical error occurred which resulted in items being priced at below cost”

    Pretty disappointing given they were selling it for $5 from physical Bing Lee stores (and still have that price on their site)

  • +1

    Question: Did anyone actually manage to get one for $5 from Bing Lee direct or were they also cancelled/refunded?

  • Not cool! what a catch, Binglee is advertiseing them at 5 probably to lure people into stores.

  • Catch are such scammer. They processed the refund as store credits and now they took the store credits away. I called them and they refuse to give me my credits back.

    • Check your bank account - mine turned up there

      • I paid via gift cards. They refund via store credits.