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[Prime] Carcassonne $33.11 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


OzBargain's favourite game at a new lowest price.

This is fulfilled by Amazon US. Earliest delivery is 2 July 2021.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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  • +1 vote

    A nice easy to play game. The variant I like is drawing the tile at the end of your turn. Speeds up the game up nicely.


      you have just blown my mind! how have i not thought of this

  • -1 vote

    Few sellers on eBay have it cheaper and the winter edition is cheaper again


      Sure they’re not fakes? Seller’s Azul is also super cheap at just $35, and less for eBay Plus.


        One I linked has 165 copies sold and 99.5% positive feedback, didn't see anyone saying they looked like a fake copy.



          Fakes can be decent quality and hard to distinguish if you don’t have a reference point. Wouldn’t surprise me if many buyers have no idea they’re being lied to.

          Not saying this seller’s copies are fake (I don’t know) but price does seem particularly good so buyer beware.

          • +2 votes

            @DevGuy: True on the fakes and Amazon hasn't been exempt from fake items either.

            The sale price for most copies since January was $39.99 & $38.99.

          • +1 vote

            @DevGuy: If the fake is comparable quality then does it really matter?

            • +1 vote

              @Darkhour: If fake then:

              You're being lied to.
              You're depriving the license holder of what is rightfully theirs.
              You're supporting the theft of IP.


                @DevGuy: There are plenty of fake things in the world, and at the end of the day if you buy an item under the assumption its the real deal, you are doing no wrong. Im not going to second guess everything i buy for the reason it could be fake because its cheap. If its undoubtably fake, then not cool, but if its comparable quality and i don't know any otherwise, then eh.., there are people out there that can wage that war to determine the unscupulous nature of some and report accordingly..

                • +2 votes

                  @Darkhour: You asked why it mattered and I gave reasons.

                  Then you straw manned me by defending those who unwittingly buy fakes; I never said people who get duped are morally culpable.

                  Have a good day.

                  • +1 vote

                    @DevGuy: Seriously dude lighten up.

                    I've seen similar threads before from the perspective of buyers marshalling against and trying to determine the 'fakeness' of a bought product. My question and response is valid. If i buy a product and i have no real reason of knowing its a fake due to its comparable quality and i have spent good money to buy it so, does it really matter if it IS actually a fake to the buyer? I wasn't asking if it's morally correct and you made that assumption based on a question and responded to that point that it is not i.e. "you're supporting the theft of IP"… so instead of assuming, pointing the finger, accusing and backtracking, how about you answer my question re comparative quality?


                      @Darkhour: Finishes popcorn

                      Haha. Nah mate. You definately strawmanned him. Great to see that term used btw.

                      Believe it or not, YOU are the one that needs the lighten up.

                      He started with the argument 'fake v genuine'. You asked why it mattered. He gave legitimate reasons. You then proceeded to tell him how buying something fake does not matter if it is of comparable quality and you are not doing anything wrong.

                      He correctly pointed out you have strawmanned him by trying to win the original argument (fake v genuine) with a totally different argument (If fake is comparable quality to geniuine, does it even matter? Is it wrong?). Being right or wrong or how much it matters has no relevance to the original argument.

                      But the best part is, you got annoyed at him for it. He even said… 'Have a good day'. If you want him to lighten up anymore, he'd have to be on the Truman show…


                        @mit: haha nah mate as i said.. he assumed my question was around the moral grounds of doing so. I clearly called out the question based on comparable quality. Nothing re moral grounds and nor did i mention anything about is it wrong and now you are effectively doing likewise. That was not my intent and he presented that i was asking based on an incorrect assumption. My question still stands.

                        I don't care to win an argument and i also dont care to be called out for supporting the theft of ip or being accused of strawmanning people. I also dont care for people after making accusations, condescendingly stating 'have a nice day'.. hence my comment :D


                          @Darkhour: I think he assumed your question was about moral grounds because it reads that way. It also reads that way to me.

                          Nothing re moral grounds and nor did i mention anything about is it wrong

                          But you did…

                          if you buy an item under the assumption its the real deal, you are doing no wrong

                          So you make a point of saying it is not wrong - which suggests it could be wrong, hence the whole morals/right v wrong idea we all got.

                          I don't care to win an argument and i also dont care to be called out for supporting the theft of ip or being accused of strawmanning people.

                          Why ask questions if you don't care for the answers? If you don't care so much, you wouldn't have bothered replying to comments.

                          My question still stands

                          You asked a question and he answered it but you didn't like his answers. You got offended and took it personally. His answers/views are all objective and brief. His answers are all facts. If you buy a counterfeit product, you are supporting IP theft, whether you know it or not. You think your question has not been answered only because you don't accept his answers.

                          condescendingly stating 'have a nice day

                          Could be condescending, but reads more like, I'm done with your crap.


    definitely the best of the well known gateway games, very approachable but still manages to offer something nearly ten years later for me.

    absolutely ruthless in a delightful way amongst experienced players.


      Any other good entry board games like Carcassone that you would recommend?


        Catan. Can go for a while though.