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[Prime] Inkbird ITC308 Digital Wired Temperature Controller $37.11 Delivered @ Inkbird via Amazon AU


Perfect for converting a working fridge into a thermally controlled Home Brewing/fermenting cupboard.
Usual price around $50

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    Good for aquariums as well… :)

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      Depends on the aquarium. They have the Aquarium specific ones now that are better for saltwater (like mine). The stainless steel probe of this in a saltwater aquarium isnt ideal. You can even get the an aquarium version with
      two probes in case of failure of one probe which i had with earlier versions of these.

      • The stainless steel tip is just a sleeve and can be removed leaving it plastic probe underneath, I've been using one that way for years. But you are correct. There are other models specific for aquariums.

        Great devices.

        • Interesting, it looked pretty secure on there to me so never thought to remove it. i read of people considering replacing it with a plastic probe or covering it but they obviously do the calibration with that probe so any removal or covering would mean seeing if it has made a diff to temp readings.

          I used to use it with the stainless until they bought out the newer ones and never had any issues but with thousands of $ in corals i like to exercise caution.

          I did have an issue with this stainless probe version slowly going out of calibration years ago. The digital read right but i could tell the water felt cold and sure enough when checking with another thermometer it was way off. You can adjust the calibration manually but only so much. Time to replace it then but it did cause me some loss in the process.

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            @worthy1: Yeah i used one for years with the tip removed.. Didn't seem to affect readings, but i calibrated anyway against a trusted thermometer. When you have the expensive corals at stake, then agree, go with the one with plastic probe. But for freshwater, this would be fine.

            But i run Apex now, so the trusty Inkbird has been retired… I keep it for times when i need to quickly run a quarantine or frag tank. Handy.

    • What do you plug into cooling for the aquarium? Also, does that mean you just bump your heater thermo to max, and leave it plugged in?

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        Yeah, you just have your heaters inbuilt thermostat set higher so the inkbird controls it.

        You can use a cooling fan for the cooling option.. to blow over your tank during summer.. Or the sump if you have one.

  • Thanks OP, I was wondering if this can be used to protect equipment setup in a server/IT room, e.g. use it to turn off the power(via a relay perhaps) to the UPS.

    Thanks in advance.

    • doubt it unless you have some way to remotely monitor the temperature - why not just use a remote temperature sensor?

      • other options seem to more expensive to implement, e.g. with a remote temperature sensor, you get the notification, then you need to take action manually, most likely remotely as well.

        Many thanks

    • I've got the WiFi version and use it to control the exhaust fan in my home cabinet.

      If you want to just turn power off and on you might be better off with a smart switch, network PDU, etc.

      • thanks for the info, the wifi version seems to be interesting. I will look into it further. Many thanks.

    • Check if your UPS has an option for Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP)

      These are usually connected or inserted into the UPS and monitor Temperature and Humidity.
      You can set your upper and lower thresholds.
      You can also connect externally via Network, where you can then either send emails or send SNMP reporting , etc.

      I've set up dozens upon dozens in my time.

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        thanks for the suggestion, will look into the option when getting the ups next time.

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    Good for regulating temps in your hydro setup too…. ;)

    • Good point, I was thinking along those lines, but for strawberries, chillies and tomatoes.

      • I used one last year for seedling station to give a few things (pumpkin, tomatoes, corn) a headstart in wko before moving them to my garden once the soil temperature improved.

  • Note there‚Äôs a different wifi version where you can change settings in an app.

    I use this for my kombucha set up which is set and forget so have no need for an app.

  • Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Bought one last year to make my dumb aircon and room heater slightly smarter. Recommended.

  • I use one of these for my homebrew… works well

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