This was posted 10 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Synology DS920+ 4 Bay Network NAS $693.55 Delivered @ Newegg (from USA)


Great price, likely cheapest ever! but delivery from USA Warehouse. Also likely a USA power cable, but since it's a power brick it's easily interchangeable with a standard pc/monitor power cable. Newegg also does payment in USD, so you may have another $20-$30 depending upon your payment type and USD-AUS conversion, if applicable.

Synology DS920+ is an ideal network-attached storage solution to streamline data management and productivity. Four bays support both 3.5" and 2.5" drives, and two M.2 slots accommodate M.2 SSDs (sold separately). Combined with Synology SSD Cache technology, the M.2 SSDs work as high-speed cache to boost system I/O and application performance.

Powered by Intel Celeron J4125 quad-core processor and 4 GB RAM that can be upgraded to 8 GB, this NAS offers robust processing power to keep up with heavy tasks and multitasking. Dual GbE Ethernet ports support Link Aggregation and Failover. Plus, scalable storage design lets you start small and expand storage capacity with Synology DX517 as your data grows.

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    check guides online, i have 16gb unofficial/non synology nas in mine because i have a couple of VMs runs like a champ.

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      Can confirm, I have another model (DS718+) that uses the same CPU and the CPU 100% will support 16Gb.

      Edit: Sorry, CPU on mine is a J3455, but supports 16Gb. This one might not actually support 16Gb and have it all usable.

    • Also have about 7 Docker containers running flawlessly.

      • Running what exactly?

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          Not the person you asked, but I'd guess it's probably Sonarr/Radarr/Transmission/etc. That's what I'm running on mine.

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            @MrFunSocks: This guy gets it :-)

            • @jaymzrsa: Ah gotcha. I'm also in the Sonarr/Radarr camp but have my NAS running them with sabnzbd; Transmission kept bugging out for me, not finishing downloads properly. But 7? I'm legitimately curious as to what the remainders are

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                @bargainer44: As an aside, I've moved away from running the 'Synology Apps'. They are always behind in version, you run into issues and I just found managing it all with Docker to significantly easier. I stick to the images that are regularly updated and the biggest reason for me, is I want the Nas to run wild on my internet connection, but I want to route all the traffic from my containers via VPN which I was only able to do via Docker (that I could work out).

                So one container, call it the main container is PIA, then in the config I use that as the network for all other container. VPN goes down, all containers lose internet (like a kill switch).

              • @bargainer44: And the 7, pretty much what you listed (with Jackett and NZBget), but I also have a Minecraft server running for good measure :-)

    • Yep - recently installed a crucial 16gb ram (following some guide online) and my DS920+ is showing up with 20Gigs.. happy days !

      • did you download the extra 4gb of ram?

        • 1x 16GB stick, in addition to the 4GB stick it came with.. I assume. Usually you'd match the sticks, but I don't know how that affects these NASs.

          • @redpen: yep - 1 4gb and 1 16gb. Agree normally you want them to match, but online lot of people have mentioned this works well for them, so just bit the bullet. Link to the one I bought in my other post below.

      • Do you happen to know the part number of the Crucial 16GB?

        • Crucial 16GB Single DDR4 SODIMM 2666MHz 260-Pin Memory

          Bought this one:

          • @dzam72: Thanks!

            Do you get any nagging from the NAS when rebooting that the RAM isn't genuine?

            • @yannduran: I don't have a monitor connected, so can't see if any messages.

              The first boot took about 3 mins to complete but other than that, nothing that I could note. No issues / notifications on the server. Running Docker image (minecraft server) for the last few days without issue.

              • @dzam72: Yes of course you wouldn't see a DS920+ booting up lol. I remember now that the original nagging comment was for a different model.

                Thanks for your replies!

  • Is Newegg still ok to buy from? I remember hearing a few years back once the new owners took over the service dropped dramatically.

  • is there 10% gst on top of this? eBay collected 10% GST for items less than 1K the other day

    • GST included

      • sorry yes .. this is including GST ..

  • Dang, bought a DS220+ last week, should've waited for this for the ~$100 extra…

  • Hopefully not a pain to return. Had to go through 2 synologies before i got a reliable model.

    • What model were you having issues with?

      • D918+. Had two that died on me - thankfully the drives were all fine.

        • Did you get a replacement via warranty twice? How easy are they to deal it?

          • @bheart: Bought through a sydney retailer - they were seamless. Sent a replacement when I sent the model back.

            Have only bought RAM through Newegg - not sure if I'd buy much else through them

    • I must have been lucky. My DS918+ has been an absolute beast for the last 3 years.

  • Is there local warranty?

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      it has this line at the bottom of the page
      "Please note that for products shipped to destinations outside of the United States and Canada, any manufacturer warranty may not be valid"

      not sure if Synology would honour warranty

      • Dam that unfortunate, thanks but

        • I'm hesitant for that too. Waiting for a local deal

        • Warranty is stopping me from pulling the trigger. I've been waiting for ages for a good deal on this.

      • You are missing out on ACL protection too. A good oz based deal is not significantly more expensive, doesn't worth the risk IMO.

  • Any chance we get a deal on this model from Amazon?

  • great price
    great device

  • +2

    Shipping is $93.78 to Qld address which makes it $788.44. Given warranty and power cable issues probably not worth it.

    • Must be regional? Shipping to most state capital city urban/metro is included/free

      • Shipping was to Gladstone but tried South East Qld regional address and free.

  • Bought it yesterday Australian model for $771 from ebay plus. Eagerly waiting for it to arrive. Still 2 more days to go…

    • Would you mind sharing the link? They all seems to be over 800 at the moment

    • +1

      I literally just bought one yesterday (or the day before lol) from - I can't wait to get it up and running!

  • Starting to plan replacement Plex server, but seems a refurb small factor PC might be more economical albeit without support for raid options?

    Also seems a few comments on this one that might indicate inconsistent results with transcoding.

    • Nvidia Shield TV Pro is excellent as Plex media server, reportedly no issue with transcoding.

      I'm waiting for price to go down

      • I have this and when using it to play back videos (via Emby or Nova Video Player), it does rarely struggle on some 4k videos. So I doubt it would work as a Plex Media Server, unless all your stuff is 1080p or lower.

        • +1

          Pretty much, run the nas as the server and the shield as the client otherwise itll run like shit.

      • I had nothing but issues with my 2019 Shield TV Pro as a plex server. Maybe it's ok for small libraries that are kept on an external HDD connected directly to it, but it was complete garbage with my DS920+. Factory reset multiple times, Plex server just kept stopping and erroring no matter what I did. There's a reason it's the only android plex server.

    • There is a driver that you need to copy manually to get it to work. Also Plex needs to be installed from the package centre and not via Docker.

      Once you do those two it's seamless and does HEVC amazingly.

    • +1

      Yeah personally I'd rather build my own using Fractal Node 304 Heard of people having issues with these Synology's and finding it difficult to replace the parts. End up having to buy a new one.

      If you're planning on storing media, Raid wouldnt be the best idea anyway. Unraid or Snapraid might be better than a Raid5/6, as at least you won't lose all your data if you lose your parity drive/s+1 more.

      I still have a HP Microserver N54L from 5-6 years ago and it's been working great, too bad those have gotten more expensive now.

      With regards to transcoding, look for a recent intel CPU with Quicksync support.

      • Cheers mate, my N40L died recently. Currently living inside my normal PC but want to offload the HTPC duties including Plex server and downloading to a dedicated machine.

        • This is a perfect HTPC replacement. I have one with 4x10TB drives in it with Plex running on it, then with docker images of Sonarr/Radarr/Jackett/Transmission + VPN/Headphones all running and it doesn't skip a beat.

        • I used to have my N40L running Small Business Server. Shortly after, I bought another one, but it's still sitting unused in the plastic bag beside the first one.

  • any cheaper model available?
    I saw a deal on Amazon for a 2-slot model for ~$200, but it turned out it's a DAS, not NAS.


  • can this stream 4k/bluray 50gb+?

  • +2

    When is 10Gbit going to go mainstream, the 1Gbit models are slower than a single drive.

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    I thought its a microwave

  • Does anyone know why upload speed dramatically falls away (30ish Mbps down to 2-3 Mbps) when I upload to this NAS? I'm on Superloop internet and when I called them up the customer service rep didn't know what a NAS was, so not much help there. Just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing?

    • +2

      I had a similar issue like this and found it to be the encryption protocols.
      I was connected to the same network as the NAS via a VPN which had its own encryption method. When I was using quick connect to connect to the NAS it was again using SSL encryption. This had a lot of overhead which reduced my upload speed significantly. Try different methods of uploading (eg. direct FTP) and see if it is protocol related or an ISP issue.

      • thank you for the info!

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    Out of genuine curiousity, with NAS bays so expensive, what's the advantage of this versus a cheap small desktop turned server/nas storage?

    • +1

      Form factor, power consumption, hot swap bays and fairly stable software.

      Kind of boring (like a good file server should be), no chance of using Proxmox/EXCSI but they'll handle a few docker containers though.

      • plus warranty (3 yr)

        • +3

          NAS Pro-Con list:
          Only some config necessary to setup out of the box
          No need to cover power pin on some shucked drives
          Built in OS does only what you need and easy to navigate
          Easy to configure drives/shares
          Able to be access remotely depending on settings
          Can share files with others outside your network if configured (probably not a good thing to do for security)
          You could buddy with a friend and give him a drive and configure off site backups to each others NAS for and "Off-site backup"
          Nice looking to put on shelf and small form factor
          Low Powered so is quiet and uses less power and can sleep if required
          Drives are hot swappable
          Has an app store that has specialized apps like a Photo share (depreciated), but probably has other useful apps.
          Wake on Lan
          Spin down drives after certain amount of time

          Depending on processor, it may not have good on the fly transcoding performance.
          If your NAS fails it may be annoying to recover your files (can't just put into a PC - you can use Linux to mount the drives and do some magic, probably not possible with Windows)
          If in warranty you need to wait for replacement before you can access your files
          Expensive to buy what is essentially a low powered pc
          If it's out of warranty you essentially have a paper weight

          Server Pro-Con list:
          You can use any hardware. eg 10Gb NIC, or more powerful CPU for video transcoding on the fly.
          Depending what OS you use, you can run other applications, you could just use your normal PC
          May be more familiar

          OS cost. You could use Windows/Linux or even Raid software like Unraid or FreeNas
          Remote management may not be as easy, you may need some sort of RDP or Console view
          Alot of troubleshooting. Is it your hardware? Software? Setting? License? Password?
          If hardware breaks, you may need to do more troubleshooting / old parts may not be easy to buy eg, if your CPU dies you might need new CPU/Mobo/Ram
          Depending on case and parts it might be a tower or a mini pc.
          May be loud
          Need to cover the power pin on shucked drives
          Drives are not hot swappable

          • @tohsb: You noted:
            If your NAS fails it may be annoying to recover your files (can't just put into a PC - you can use Linux to mount the drives and do some magic, probably not possible with Windows)

            Actually if you stated using a Synology NAS you just put it in another Synology NAS and it just works (doesn't have to be same model, can be another as long as the has room for the drives you were using), I've done it. Doing a PC to recover a 8 bay or 12 bay NAS would be a nightmare.

            • @lanky074: Yep, I even put it into the next line figuring it would point out that a new NAS could be used. But it probably wasn't super clear that you can put it into any Synology NAS.

              "If in warranty you need to wait for replacement before you can access your files"

            • +1

              @lanky074: This isn't correct. Synology/QNAP use regular mdadm for raid, you can plug the drives into any debian/ubuntu/yourfavlinuxdistro and you can pick up the array using the assemble command.

              Whole process would take about 15 minutes, definitely not a nightmare.

              • @skynet: With my 12 bay NAS it would be. Finding a PC to support those drives. I have a better time finding a friend with a 12 bay NAS.

      • I am also wondering the same. Raspberry pi is small and low power consumption. Smb is easy enough to navigate.

  • Any Newegg coupons out there to bring it down further?

  • great deal! hope I have seen it earlier. bought one last week at 799 on ebay

  • -2

    Is the Synology the same one tom cruise owns?

  • $419 USD on Amazon US but US shipping only. Damn.

  • Whats the usual shipping time from the states

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