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MONO Electric Bike Mountain Step through $1250 + Free Shipping @ Move Bikes


. Supplied with 36V to deliver a high output power
. Reach up to 60 km (depending on the conditions)
. Easily removable battery so you can charge it anywhere
. LED panel 5 levels of E-assistance
. 36V 13 Ah battery
. Disc brakes
. 1-year warranty on battery and motor
. 2-year warranty on frame

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    for OFF-ROAD use only

    Huh ?

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      the full quote is "Speed: Max. Speed Up to 25 Km/h (Australia Legal Speed); Can unlock speed limit to 35Km/ h, for OFF-ROAD use only ". It is about the top speed.


        Yes aik


        thanks for clarifying…

        But it would still be illegal to use on the road then, since it is capable of doing > 25 Km/h.


          absolutely. and 35kmh offroad is kinda scary imho :)


    Hi OP,

    Are you guys gunna have a sale anytime soon with folding E bikes? e.g. https://movebikes.com.au/collections/buy-an-ebike/products/n...

    • +1 vote

      It will be the next one

  • +1 vote

    Anyone in the know can comment on the real difference between what OP has listed and this from Kogan?

    Looking at a bike for the Mrs to get to work with


    Hey OP, looking at the range, the Aspen would be the only model that'd handle the beach(fat tyres) or maybe not?

    I'm looking for a beach bike.


    My father is interested in this, but is it just one size? Any details on geometry or sizing please?
    Also 2 specifications on the product page. One says 27.5" wheels, one says 26".


      Hi ktastrphe ,

      This bike is 26'.

      If you are looking for 27.5', we have other options.

      Move Bikes


        Thanks. You can get 26" wheels bikes in xs, s, m, l, XL though, what would you place the 26"at? Cheers


          Hi ktastrphe,

          We just have one frame size.

          You can check all dimensions on the las product photo.

          Let me know if this bike doesn't fit to you.

          Lucas Toledo