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[Prime] Gildan Men's V-Neck T-Shirts Multipack (6 Pack) Black $21 Delivered @ Amazon AU


$21 price in checkout.


Gildan is a huge Canadian shirt manufacturer.
Made of cotton.

Remember 12% cash back.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2021

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    Last time I ordered some Gildan shirts from Amazon I received a cancelation email two months later :(

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    $18.97 for 2XL

    • im seeing $22.40

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        I must be lucky then.

  • -2

    These cost $3 wholesale

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      Cool, so where's your Post here to buy them then?

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    Note there T-shirt’s are boxy in shape

    • +1

      Mine got boxy after first wash.

    • Yeah I really hated the fit of these Gildan V-necks. I wore one of them once, and then gave the rest to charity.

    • +2

      That’s ok, so is my dad-bod

    • Aw damn, they look slim fit on the pic here :(

  • made in cambodia or canada?

  • +6

    I think the cheap standard $3.75 kmart tshirts are nicer quality.

    The stitching on Gildans I brought from Amazon recently (made in Nicaragua) is noticeably more wonky and doesn't look like it's tensioned evenly/correctly.

    • +1

      Yep, the stitching on my Gildan shirts and singlets have largely come off. I can't recommend these.

  • Where do you buy 'thicker' basic shirts like there used to be 10-15 years ago? Everything is so thin nowadays.

    • +2

      Uniqlo U range is great

      • Seconding Uniqlo U. Have had AS Colour staples, didn't like the cut and they lost fit in few months. My Uniqlo U's are still perfect fit after a couple of years of very regular use. Also i find the cut of the Uniqlo U Oversized's suits my aesthetic well. My experience with Gildan is only through work t-shirts over the years but they were garbage and fell apart fast.

    • I've bought these in the past and they are thicker than some awful thin merch shirts I've bought.

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      AS Colour for sure - excellent fit and quality. They have 5 for $100 on their website now and shopfront for you to try on.

      • Those look like low hemline t shirts no?

        • Yeah they look a little bit long. I'm tall, but looks too much on the model they used.

    • Giordano if they are still around

    • I've started buying 'Pro club' tshirts on Amazon, they about 210GSM, very substantial t-shirts.

      The 'Dickies' brand heavyweight shirts (220gsm) are also excellent quality, but I hate the little brand tags they put on them.

      Both are around $18-25 on Amazon, but you can get a 3 pack of pro club for $45-50. I only buy Heather grey, so can't vouch for the other colours.

    • French connect winter T-shirt range are thick
      Been caught a few times buying clearance tops, as half are summer and half are winter

    • hanes beefy T?


      AS colour generally is better than the gildan stuff though

    • Kmart have basic blacks that are pretty nice and thick, im not talkimg about the ones that are $3~. I think theyre closer to $5 each and round neck

  • +5

    I got Gildan polo's last time - and I gotta say I'm actually impressed for the price. They fit well and perfect WFH attire. The sizes do run a bit large but my fit was fine.

    edit: I realised these are V-Necks and not the polo's. I've only used the polo's

    • Yep me too. My polos have been a boon for my casual WFH/part office days.

  • +1

    looking for a 7-pack so i can wear one everyday.

    • Then youre one short if you decide to start a warriors gang

  • +2

    I have a lot of Band shirts that are Gildan. They don't hold shape for more than a few washes.

    • I have some I bought in the past year that have faded more than those i bought a decade ago.

      the old ones have at least shrunk evenly over time. the newer ones are all wonky shaped.

  • What combination ends up as $21? Can't seem to find one

    • $21 price in checkout.

      • It shows ,$33 for 2x

        • 2x isn't sold by Amazon AU

  • I just continued checkout without paying too much attention, just see it charged $33.52 for me.
    So expired?

    • You must have selected 2X. That size wasn't part of the deal.

      • That wasn't mentioned in the deal here.

        • True. You should be able to cancel your order if you want.

      • I got 2X for $18.97

    • 1x (which is actually XL) went to $21 in checkout for me just now.

  • +1

    Ordered. You can never have too many plane black shirts.

    • Makes deciding what to wear so much easier IMO

  • +1

    I bought the $3 polos recently. Size L is bigger than XL usually would be. Way too big for me, I'll have to gift them on…

    • Did you wash them a few times?

      • Washed them once, didn't notice any difference. Might try to wash them really hot, not just the usual 40 degrees. Thanks for the tip.

        • Yeah my XLs were giant. I'll try a 60 degree wash.

  • +1

    3.50 per shirt more than a Veeam one, no deal!

  • Black crew necks also $21

  • Are these like the Gildan Heavy Cotton 5000 t shirts? I have 5 year old Gildan t shirts, collars are still good. Im lucky to get 12 months out of kmart shirts.

  • It's showing as $30

    • Discount applied in cart

      • OK thanks

  • Where to buy oversized Tshirts?

  • Anyone received their Gildan Men's V-Neck T-Shirts Multipack ?

    • +1

      Sure did, but I think they went to backorder not long after posting…

    • +1

      My order got randomly cancelled

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