Hoka Shoes Discounted?

I have been recommended Hoka shoes for hiking / trail any ideas on where to find a reasonable discount?


    • I did see that but doesn't appear to be any hiking variants discounted

  • If you’re a size 12 there’s a couple pairs on sale here https://www.supplystore.com.au/brands/sale-items/c-28/c-157

  • Got 2 pairs of black Hokas (wearing a pair n0w)
    Pretty comfortable, but the heel/out side have all come apart on 1 pair making them unwearable.

  • Amazon have a sale on salomon at the moment too.

  • running warehouse has a few hokas on special, not the speedgoat but some of the hikers are discounted.


    use code SUNSUPER15 as well for 15% off

    are you actually after a trail runner, or a hiking shoe? they are becoming more and more different every year. trail runners = flexible, light and grippy, hiking shoes = heavier, stiffer, grippy.

    • Thanks
      I was thinking along the lines of Kaha or Challenger maybe Anacapa.

      Something for daily wear / lots of off-road / uneven terrain

      • if its daily wear personally i'd get trail runners. depends on how uneven the terrain is and how fast you are moving around, but hiking shoes' weight for daily wear will be a bit more noticeable than trail runners. If you're constantly crossing streams, scrambling up rocky approaches or have ankle issues then a hiker definitely makes sense though

        • I wear Vivobarefoot most of the time but a podiatrist recommended Hoka pretty much the polar opposite.

          • @socheap: Umm yeah quite a difference. I didn't realise anyone was in barefoot shoes anymore on any trails… they seemed to have died out lately in favour of maximal cushioning

            i'd recommend probably going to a shop that sells them and see what the difference on feet is between something like the kaha and the speedgoat. you can always get the speedgoat gore-tex if you want to be able to go through puddles. i have some nike pegasus trail GTX's and you can run through shallow creeks , puddles and rain in them which is great.

            also hokas can run a bit narrow but they make 4E widths in most of them as opposed to the "standard" 2D width. They have some info on their website about how to measure your foot to figure out what would work.

            other maximal cushioning shoes you could look at are the brooks caldera ( I have a pair and they go alright) and there's a couple of salomons with large stack heights too but they don't tend to be as soft as hokas, brooks or nike react.