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10% off Nintendo eShop Gift Cards + More Deals @ Target


Target will have 10% off Nintendo eShop gift cards from 24th June along with some good deals on Games & Consoles.

$60 eShop card becomes $54
$30 eShop card becomes $27
$15 eShop card becomes $13.50

Thanks to Facebook & Vooks

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • +1

    time to stock up!

  • nice! stack with macquarie etc target discount gift cards?

  • Hmm.. Wonder if I can combine with 10% off for first responders? They haven't advertised an offer yet but last year they did 10% off storewide…

  • +8

    Perfect for the Switch Pro announcement in 2025. Will get the BOTW2 for free then

    • +1

      /r/tomorrow ?

  • +1

    Can we use Coles group and Myer gift card for this deal?

  • +3
  • +2

    Combine really well with the game vouchers you can buy if you have a Switch Online subscription, down to just over $60 per game.

  • Will be just in time for THPS1+2!

  • Will the gift cards be available to purchase online too?

  • -1

    Waiting for 15% off at Coles

    • +3

      Yeah, not going out for 10%

    • +3

      Is this confirmed with a date?

      • +1

        Nope, just hope that history will repeat itself eventually

  • Can I use this gift card on overseas eShop?

    • +1

      No, Nintendo eShop cards are per region.

  • Any shops matching gift card? My local Target only stock $60…. :P

    • +1

      Nope I asked at JB and EB and they won't seeing as they will be selling at a loss.

  • cool

  • Do I have to use the gift card in full? For example what happens if I only use $45 of a $60 gift card? Does the balance remain?

    • +1

      Yep, the balance will remain on your nintendo gift cards for future purchases.

  • Any luck actually getting these GCs at Target? I tried a few local stores and they didn't have any in store :(

    • From Thursday, June 24th until June 31st, you can get the 10% off cards at Target. Now is a good time to load up on credit or spend some of it during the massive eShop sale currently on.

  • Anyone know where you can purchase Nintendo eShop cards online in Aus? Like a digital card that gets emailed instantly?

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