How Much Have You Spent on Amazon Prime Day and Do You Think It Was Good This Year?

I am curious on peoples opinions on Prime day this year and how much they've actually spent. I thought prime day was pretty average just like last year was.

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  • +1

    spent more on Ebay recently. Spent zero on amazon

    amazon dosent appeal to me in the slightest

  • Thanks OP for including the zero option!

  • Recently moved to a new apartment so was hoping to get some good deals to help furnish it. Ended up just getting an instand pot and some KEF Q150 speakers

  • Some moisturisers and lip balms to sent to a friend who is going through chemo and some anti nausea lollies and aromatherapy stick from US. Free postage made it a little cheaper and meant I didn't have to reach $49 but nothing
    Exciting. Plus a box of toilet paper for me.

  • +1

    I picked up Kindle paperwhite @$149

    tempted by the coffee pods tho

    edit:+monitor stand @ $32, hope its a good pickup

    • +1

      Yep got the paperwhite plus the half price cover plus cash rewards - so about 150 all up. Old Kindle finally died a few months ago so was happy to get a deal.

      • Nice, I'm coming from Kobo's basic reader (mid 2010s). I like the paperwhite so far, a little less reading stats than kobo. Interface feels like a constant web browser, alright though.

        I'm thinking I should have added more funds and just gone for the Oasis. Maybe in year or two.

  • Bought a Eufy camera 2 pro 2pc with Homebase 1 set, and a 2k doorbell
    The 2k door bell at $229 and after prime is $201.5, thought I had a deal.
    Then the next day after prime it drop to $199. Oh Come on Amazon!

    • For a second there I thought you spent $2,000 on a doorbell.

  • 7 months worth of nappies.

    • +1

      I hope you remembered to factor in growth.

      I find that Aldi nappies are just as good or better than huggies, and they're always ~20c each whereas huggies are sometimes twenty something cents if they're on a huge sale.

      • +2

        i did. we tried the aldi ones initially but found them leaky and honestly have not reviewed our choice since. perhaps we should…. in 7 months

  • Need an option for 5000+

  • +1

    Got prime membership in anticipation for Prime Day, The only thing I got is Lotus Biscoff spread. That makes it a $10 spread, should have gone to colesworth instad..

  • +1

    It was pretty disappointing.

  • agreed def not as good as previous years and seemed more items were sold "on sale" were just regular prices but with a save $X tag on them

  • Worked out very nicely for me. I had been eyeing off a soundcore motion + speaker which is usually $180 and on prime day it was reduced to $95. I'm very lucky that the exact product i wanted was reduced and reduced heavily.

  • +1

    I found my best two deals on eBay during Amazon Prime Day.

  • +1

    Nothing that usually doesnt pop-up anyway.. not impressed this time around.

  • 2x air fryers, 4 months supply of nappies, bulk buy of various pantry items (I'm sorted on foaming hand soap, dishwashing liquid and KanTong sauces for about a year), two SD cards, Switch pro controller, Ring Fit Adventure, Monopoly

  • Just the Fire Stick 4k at $59.

    Used citibank points gift card, so $9 for a high end streaming device. Nobbad.

  • $68 hot pot nova duo đź‘Ś

  • I was hitting refresh at midnight, then spent an hour looking for unbeatable deals. Absolutely was not impressed. Couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

    • +1

      Couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

      It was about all of these.

      • Yep, can confirm, meh.

        • If you still can't understand what all the fuss was about, you just have to realise that not everyone is like you, so it is entirely possible for the sale to appeal to other people even if it didn't appeal to you.

  • I literally bought 2 bags of the T2 honey chai, 1 bag of vadham masala chai, 1 box of curash water wipes and 1 bottle of 800ml Voss sparkling.

  • I bought two TENAVOLTS Rechargeable AA Lithium Battery x4 with charger - they have a constant output of 1.5V which makes them way better than other AA batteries. But their usual price is $45 for a pack of 4 which certainly isn't cheap.

    The Prime Day deal was 2 for $57.56 which is a darn sight better than $90

    If you love AA batteries but hate how they lose voltage as they discharge, you will love these batteries.

    They're awesome.

    Review here:

  • Didnt get anything, didnt seem like there was any real worthwhile deal, unless it got ozbargained so quick that i didnt even see it.

  • A pair of shoes and a Naga X for my eventual return to MMORPG's.

  • Never ever will support the Amazon behemoth and its insidious owner Jeff Bozos.

  • +1

    I got so much coconut water, lol.
    Tiolet paper was ok too, but without ShopBack or Cashrewards it’s definitely not worth while.

  • +1

    So glad Amazon have the cancel and return policy. Already cancel a few things and while I am at it I return a few unopen Lego that is still eligible for return.

  • Would’ve got more but delivery was too long for me to care about spending, went from next day to next week service lol

    Spent over 100 tho

  • Just one game, probably one of the worse prime sales lol

  • Nappies and dog food. Not much from thr prime deal but the cashback was sweet especially the baby products are generally excluded for the cashback.

  • Bought a 3 pack of Calvin Klein Ts for < half price, some Chesty singlets for $6, Belkin power board, Renpho bathroom scales. Stuff I needed at a decent price but nothing mind boggling.

  • Wishing I bought some Toilet paper, now……..

  • -1


    I don’t support amazon business practises. Could say the same for most large corporations tbh

    • Any businesses you can recommend?

      • What are you looking for?

  • I bought a few things, but the most essential was the Gas X chewables from the US.
    I mainly use Prime day to stock up on things I wouldn’t get coz of the $49 min spend for international Amazon orders.

  • +1

    This is my first prime day.
    Over hyped.
    I bought some popcorn and toilet paper.
    Both similar to store prices.

    • And a tie from us because I didn't need to pay the postage

  • +1

    This Amazon prime day just had many of the usual Lightning deals happening at the same time.

  • Got a 4K firestick for our second TV (very happy with this purchase so far) and some nappies for our newborn daughter.

  • I was happy because one of the wireless headsets I was geezing happened to go on sale at the time. Managed to cop one right before it sold out too. Half the stuff I bought wasn't even on sale though, bunch of cable management stuff, rgb mousepad, led lights, some pc cables and pudding keycaps. I was suppose to buy an Echo Show 8 but ended up forgetting and prime day was over ;';(

  • I voted 100 - 200 but I forgot that I bought a coffee maker, which makes it to about $400 now.

    My verdict is that this year was disappointing in terms of actual good value electronics and computer hardware. The only decent deal I remember in either was the Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB, which I think I ultimately decided I should not spend on.

    Most of the deals I got was for household items: Coconut water, Method cleaning agents, tabasco sauces, some hdmi cables and hubs.

    I bought a coffee machine only because we had a $150 Amazon voucher to spend

    I'm certain I would have spent way more if the deals were good - I spent about $500 on computer parts I needed after prime day on local sites at the end.

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