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Free T-Shirt for Microsoft Inspire 2021 Event (Business Email Required) @ Veeam


Link: https://www.veeam.com/microsoft-inspire-2021.html

Same as previous deals from VEEAM; register your business email for a free T-shirt

• How long do I have to redeem my T-shirt?
o T-shirts supplies are limited. We recommend you redeem your shirt as soon as possible.
o The promotion can end at any time once all T-shirts are redeemed.

• Why won’t my link work?
o The promotion can end at any time once all T-shirts are redeemed.
o The link will only remain active as long as the promotion is live.
o For any specific errors, please reply to the email address that sent your Veeam® registration confirmation to receive

Copy & Paste the link, it won't work directly

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closed Comments

  • +21

    Veeam have blocked access from bargain sites -

    "" != a && (b = document.referrer.split("/")[2].replace("www.", "")),
    "" == c ? -1 !== ["cheapies.nz", "chollometro.com", "dealabs.com", "dealabs.digidip.net", "dealdoktor.de", "freesamplesaustralia.com", "hotukdeals.com", "kostenlos.de", "mydealz.de", "toutgagner.com", "ozbargain.com.au"].indexOf(b) && (document.cookie = "bargain_site=" + a + "; path=/; domain=.veeam.com",
    window.location.href = a) : window.location.href = c

    You need to launch the link in incognito browser or search via Google.

    • cheers, worked.

    • Great job mate! Pathetic Veeam. They think OZB is like the others.

    • +3

      I am wondering from all the people below stating they didnt get their shirt from previous deal links (myself included), if they deleted those previous orders they identified as referred from this site…

      • Could they really see that once the form was entered? I'd say by the time they clued on they probably would have went straight to implementing the above code

        • yeah, it would still have the referrer, like how CashRewards etc. work.

  • +7

    last time i never got my shirt - i think others did but personally i didnt

    • I didn't receive the shirt from the last deal as well (I believe it was a long sleeved shirt), the only shirt I ever received from Veeam was the teal shirt they gave out a few months ago.

      • I didn't get the team shirt:(

    • i didnt either

    • It's been half a year and I never got mine.

      • Me, too.

        Yet to figure out what those OzB did differently to have their t-shirts delivered.
        Maybe they ran out of stock for those of us who didn't receive them.

  • Link not working

  • Link not working but I got my shirt last time

  • +1

    Don't bother, didn't receive mine from last post

    • I didn't receive from multiple posts back, doesn't seem to be likely.

  • Link not working for me either. Just returns me back to the main ozbargain page

    • Copy + paste into another browser worked for me

  • I guess this is expired then since the link is now dead?

  • Link dead

  • +4

    You need to open the link in edge and it works

  • +3

    Open the veeam link in incognito mode. Not the deal or ozb link. Just ordered thanks.

  • Managed to get my redemption email. Seems to be a long sleeve shirt this time

  • Looks nice, hopefully I get it!

  • Thanks OP worked like a charm on Incognito.

    Still waiting for my last time t shirt and the RC car as well =)

  • have to use private browser

  • +1

    I never recieved from the last post.

    • I haven't received the last 2

  • When I clicked on the link in my current browser, chrome, it did what other ppl were saying and goes back to ozb site. But when I copied and pasted the link into Edge it works.

    I got my last t-shirts and this current offering looks cooler. Hopefully I get it too.

  • Received link with new sign up, opened and:
    This link has been already used. You can restore your password by clicking the link "Forgot your password?" below.

    • Same happened to me

      • Just got another link with the T Shirt claim, took some time but it worked.

        Got a Order Confirmation for the shirt.

        Thanks OP, sorry i can't upvote, was only allowed to revoke the Neg

  • Will see how it goes, just ordered. Received one t-shirt and swag bag. Waiting for two more t-shirts and cloud racer.

    • Why so much?

      • +1

        Why order so much? They have new freebies all the time for different events, so I order them.

  • Didn't receive last time, but I will keep trying I guess

  • Errr, how do you redeem??? Made an account, no emails. Sigh

    • wait a few mins.

      • What kind of email do you get, I only have the registration ones

      • Thanks, just came. Order confirmed, woop!

  • +2

    theyre blocking the redirection i think. it worked by opening up in incognito with the direct link

  • What happens after making an account, I haven't received anything about the free t-shirt

    • It will come, mine came after 15 minutes after registering my account.

  • Size Small & Medium OOS

  • +1

    Never received my shirts from their previous 3 offers…. Don't suspect I will have any better luck with this one.

  • Just ordered. Have not received one yet, but couldn't hurt I guess.

    • Email from epromos: "Thank you for your interest in our Veeam t-shirt . Unfortunately, your redemption does not fit the criteria we have specified, and we have cancelled your order."

  • Im guessing you don't get any tracking number, and it shows when it comes

  • +1

    just ordered, 2xl ozbargain size

  • Nice, long sleeve!

  • https://www.veeam.com/microsoft-inspire-2021.html
    copy paste url in browser and it's still working.

  • Ordered last time and received nothing, may be because AusPost Parcel Locker is not supported?

  • Ordered last time and received nothing.

  • I pasted the link https://www.veeam.com/microsoft-inspire-2021.html
    and I get sent straight back to ozbargain…have we been ozbargained by microsoft?

    solution was to head to the link directly in a private window so previous cookies couldn't track and deny.

    • +1

      It sets a cookie so you'll have to open an incognito browser, use a different one, or delete the cookie. See top comment

  • Unfortunately I didn't receive mine last time, thanks

  • registered and all but no part where i order the shirt?

  • Got the dragon long sleeve one last time, never arrived.

  • +1

    I have received my T-shirt. Didn't have high expectations, but the quality is on the level of the cheapest Kmart T-shirts. And unsubscribing from their emails was a challenge…
    Wouldn't bother again.

    • use redirect to Junk folder are much quicker than unsubscribe from them..

  • Never received a t-shirt (order confirmed) from the last deal.

  • i have never received the t shirt or the toy from veeam.

  • +1

    I actually got my T-shirt from them the last couple of times, no problem with it.

  • Guess the shirts are finished, no email for redemption…. It's been OzBargained I guess… :p
    Thanks OP for the post. :)

  • free advertising for them. obviously their accountants are tight arses =D

  • -1

    Not a very inspiring looking shirt. Names Google!!! Not keen on being a walking billboard in any case. Thanks but no thanks.

  • All sizes sold out. All I got for free was a sign-up to their mailing list.

  • from the SWAG deal, I got one plastic and one airplane, by the way this time I use incognito and just ordered 2 extra large shirts (yes, the big size aren’t out of stock yet)

  • Still waiting on the one from last year.

  • When I get this, does anyone want to swap it for a medium Green shirt? I ordered a small green shirt and it's too small…

    • You mean.. if you get this?

      • all of the previous eventually came, it just took time. Patience required

  • +1

    Still haven't received anything from previous deals…
    Not worth my time.

  • Just got an email from epromos.com saying they've cancelled my shirt because my redemption doesn't 'fit the criteria', go figure.

    • Yep got the same email as well.

    • Same. Used my student email.

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