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Been with them 4 months for the high interest savings account then took out after the intro rate ended. Moved to ubank more modern banking…
23/05/2024 - 17:27
What time do they close? Dont even have a number we can call
16/05/2024 - 19:57
I agree, someone take my ps5 off me i dont want it. Load of crap console. Fan collects dust, controller goes flat after 1 gaming session.…
05/04/2024 - 23:55
LOL I couldnt find the coupon thing on mobile i had to switch to desktop site. I thought it might be after Complete Purchase, I messaged…
29/03/2024 - 09:11
I accidentally checked out, trying to refund my 30 dollars now
29/03/2024 - 08:44
I work in IT, i know there are many jobs in Canberra in that field and its great and what made us choose buying in Boorowa. However just…
30/11/2023 - 18:08
Yeah I put Canberra in the title cause its more known, but Boorowa is just off Canberra and so its similar scenario
28/11/2023 - 23:21
Thanks for the suggestion @AlienC! I enjoy listening to Joe Rogan too, especially when he has the likes of Elon Musk and others on! I know…
28/11/2023 - 15:18
Thanks for the comment. I can see it getting annoying long term. In terms of car wear and tear i was checking it out and instead of…
28/11/2023 - 14:59
Thanks mate, I was keen on getting peoples thoughts so appreciate you commenting. I guess i wont know unless i try and see
28/11/2023 - 14:56
Thanks @freefall101 for the good comment. I appreciate your time. I have an estabilshed job in Sydney at a bank, i can WFH most of the week…
28/11/2023 - 14:55
Thanks Guys, i would be sleeping at my parents house in Sydney, having dinner and taking some goodies with me and driving back. I know a…
28/11/2023 - 14:53
Thanks Gunnar for the insight. It could get tiring, if so ill have to look for a job in canberra.
28/11/2023 - 14:51
Thanks @AlienC Thats what i was thinking, there are plenty of people that go for a long drive on the weekend and then drive back the same…
28/11/2023 - 14:50
Thanks @1st-Amendment We have been deiving back and forth now for a few months, its not too bad of a drive. I do out on cruise control and…
28/11/2023 - 14:48
Thanks @Stewardo I was living at my parents house, but with the increase of house prices and buying witb my partner we decided to buy in…
28/11/2023 - 14:47
Hi Guys, I wanted your thoughts on if this would be manageable to do for a few years. Live in Boorowa > Work 2 days in the office in Sydney…
28/11/2023 - 08:15
Thanks, could it be that im on mobile and cant see the link? All I see on the frame is start 7 day free trial. (No link underneath that…
01/09/2023 - 07:46
The audit button is no longer there, just has start free trial.
31/08/2023 - 19:28
Do you get a cert for free?
23/08/2023 - 10:00
Jasow4444 was awarded a badge.
23/08/2023 - 10:00
Its not working :( offer dosent exist anymore
16/07/2023 - 17:20
Its not in my rewards section, how come?
14/07/2023 - 11:20
Which 4G modem should I pair with this deal? Im looking to switch my NBN and try this for home internet.
27/06/2023 - 07:15
For real?
07/12/2022 - 16:32
Thanks yeah, will do.
06/12/2022 - 22:13