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[VIC] 21% off and Free Shipping @ The Food You Choose, Melbourne


It's the time of year where everyone does sales! Not wanting to miss out on the action, we figured we should have an EOFY* sale too.

The Food You Choose is a Melbourne based charity that's trying to make the planet less hot by selling food that tastes great, but doesn't cost the earth. Whether you're trying to do your bit for the climate or just wanting to save a couple bucks on your shopping this week (hey, that's what this website is for), go check it out!

* as a charity, our reporting is based on the calendar year, so there's no actual reason for us to have an EOFY sale, and since we don't make any profit on our items, we'll technically lose money on this sale, but, you know, whatever.

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The Food You Choose
The Food You Choose


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    Nuggets and burgers are our favorites. Great cause, great food and really cheap!


      Thanks for the support! :D

  • +2 votes

    100% recommend you guys & your food!


    Hey, I placed an order (#1481) and got several text messages saying the order was coming at 12pm, then 4pm, then 5pm (alongside other texts saying the driver was on their way), but it's 6pm with no sign. Just wondering if those are in error?

    edit: nevermind, just arrived. Cheers :)