How Much Do You Value Your Mental Health?

What's the price you put on your own sanity ;

Most of all, what are the upper monetary costs you are willing to let go for them?


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    How much do you value your health full stop ? It is the most important thing you can value, so I would say its priceless.

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    Don’t forget Cashback

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    The misso.
    That is the cost.
    Money saved and being able to do things without compromise is the profit

    Been in enough 1 sided relationships to know that sticking around for someone is not worth your sanity.

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    When you put a price tag on things, it loses its intrinsic value.

    Monetisation may lead to a lost of our human values.

    Your question could be rephrased to, What's the asking price, to sell your "soul"?


      my soul is intact and untouched by it

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    dead concept.

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    Perhaps might be an unpopular take, but I find that the less I think about my mental health, the better. Find that the more I think about my mental health, the more I pick out problems, the more reasons I find to be unhappy…etc. I've just come to expect that life is best lived in flux - enjoying each day as it comes.

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      Aren't there people that have chronic depression without a particular incident?

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    "How much do you Value your Mental Health?"

    I work in hospitality so I feel like I have to ask………what's mental health?

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    ROFL, like asking a mad person ?

    Are you mad?

    Nah I am mad you asked.
    Are you mad ?

    In other words

    If you are mad, would you even know you were mad.

    So what are you asking me?

    Of course unless you are mad, you won’t know what I am saying.

    And I must be mad for writing all the above.

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    I guess you mean mental comfort?
    If you have bipolar or depression it’s not like you are doing so to save on treatment, at least I can’t imagine anybody doing so.

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    I'm a sole trader and I bill per hour. I used to do 50-60 hour weeks a few years back. I decided that the money was not worth it for the deterioration in my mental health. I dialed my weeks back to 40-45 hours a week.
    If I felt my mental health is going bad, I will stop work for a week and focus on exercising, eating well and sleeping enough.
    If you let your mental health go, it spirals and gets worse.

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      I am a sole trader too. I earn a very modest income, but my mental health is much better off for it. To be able to take time off when I need to, without needing to explain myself to anyone, is priceless. I am very uncomfortable with the idea of a full time job, especially being locked up in an office 5 days a week.


    appreciate the insightful comments

    If you all were to put a $ figure on it, how much are you comfortable giving up (so the problem/s go away sooner) ?

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      Before anything else, this is a hard thing to say. Of course, mental health, just like any other aspect of life, should be of utmost importance, thus making sure that you maintain it to the best of your capabilities. However, that is not always the case for everyone. We also go through varying intensities of mental health problems.

      If it would be for me, I am willing to spend no matter how much to take care of my mental state.


    Looking after my mental health and maintaining my sanity is very crucial to me, not as in to be happy but crucial to live. I tried working part time (7.25 to 29 hours a week) and studying full time but that didn't work for me - work related stress, uni stress, not getting enough sleep, poor diet, and past trauma led me to try and fail in killing myself - not the first time I've been suicidal or tried.
    I'm now studying part time and working during the uni holidays, money income is now a problem, I can't afford to just buy something if I like, but at least I'm a live and that's the priority for me

    Also, peoples attitude, response to last year's R U OK day on OzBargain really have me this shits.


    Take it or leave it at this point.