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Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Cancelling Headphones $349 Delivered @ Myer


One of the best Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones at this price range out there. Also in black.

Not the best price but it is still a good price.

Edit: see the below comments for sweet sweet lower price.

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    Its funny how the WH1000XM3's are more expensive..


      Typical Myer

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      $300.30 PEOFY22 here - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/233782037562?hash=item366e7ecc3a...

      I bought some from these guys last week, very quick delivery. I'm very impressed with the sound quality and comfort of these, and that's saying something as I'm a fussy prick! I found when I tuned them to my hearing range with the app they were even better!! Very impressive.

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    $305 at DickSmith after applying discount code TAXTEN


      Not bad. I tried at JB and I was walking out after the sales guy said that he could only do $330, I said, I was looking at $310 and he said okay; so I bought one.

      Earlier a different JB refused to go any lower that $336 even though they were online for $330 for at least a few days. I was pretty confident if I got the right person that I would get a deal, he has helped me out on price before and was happy to see me back again.

      Oh and I got a $10 off coupon, use once in July…. so perhaps that will get something useful then.


        Thanks for sharing, but no luck for me at two jbhifi, they only can do around $335.

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          I went to Cranbourne, not sure if that helps.

          JB HI-FI Cranbourne
          Cranbourne, VIC, 3977
          Phone - 03 5999 4000
          TAX INVOICE - ABN 37 093 114 286
          Tax Invoice
          ** RETRIEVE PARKED SALE **

          0202565336 14014 090 04 25/06/21 14:42

          Number of Items - 1

          Items $

          *SONY - WH1000XM4S SILVER
          477062 310.00

          Comments: Discounted: Ask For A Deal
                     SUBTOTAL   $    310.00   
                  TOTAL PRICE   $    310.00   
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            @affinity: Thank you so much. I have just call my local Jbhifi this afternoon and they have match the deal. Thanks a lot.

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    Ended up paying $297 for these at TGG on last weeks promotion (including CashBack). Awesome headphones, highly recommend them.


    Sole republic pro over head for $100 at JB with latitude

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    I bought one of the refurbished from Sony ebay and audio quality is very impressive. I'm hearing instruments in songs that I'd never heard before.

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    Not the best price
    see the below comments for sweet sweet lower price.

    Then this is not a deal…

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      In fact your "deal" is over $100 more expensive than the set I purchased a few weeks ago through a combination of ebay plus discount and discounted gift cards.

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        Good for you, "mate"


    whats the s stands for? silver?




    These are good but the Bose QC35II are better.


      Given that link, I would prefer the BT5 and longer battery life of the Sony; besides the XM3's and XM4's are very well regarded, especially for noise cancellation according to most things I've read about them.