Need help as I'm looking to start UX /UI career!

I've done certificate IV in web based technologies and have a great understanding of coding and web design, also have done a few projects on figma and use of adobe programs.

My passion is to design websites and user experience.

I'm looking to get into bootcamp, but not sure whether to study at harness project or academyxi is right option. I'm looking for a good course coverage and one that will help me get there has anyone studied at these bootcamps or others and what would you say was your experience , as these courses are very pricey.

Any advice or any thing let me know below, that would be great!

There's too many course online and stuff its kinda confusing where to start.


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    have a great understanding of codeing … and useing adobe

    But perhaps a not-so-great understanding of spelling. Not to mention sentence construction, capitalisation, and punctuation. Oops, I did mention it.

    User interfaces with errors like those in your post are very off-putting.

    • Yup, it gives a jarring UX.

      These days if you can’t grab the users’ attention in a few seconds, they’ll just move on to another website.

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    In term of tools, try to learn figma or similar program.

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    Are you just designing the UI/UX or do you also plan on doing front end development like React.
    For Mobile are you looking at React Native, Ionic, Flutter or Xamarin.

    For UI/UX Design there are tools like
    * Figma for UI Design and Anima for UI Exports
    * Adobe XD ( Like Figma but has better Snapping and Rulers, but less features)
    * Sketch
    * Adobe Illustrator
    * Adobe Photoshop (Less common tool)
    * Zeplin for UI export for Sketch, XD and Figma

    I would stick to Figma, Sketch or XD, as they are the industry standard and most developers already know how to use them as they are dead simple.

    In addition to the three mention they have easy API access to allow developers to automatically generate the UI to code like XAML, CSS, QML and React.

    • Awesome thanks for that, yes I'm interested in ux / ui design, I think instead of wasting money going to bootcamp , I'll learn figma , Adobe XD and sketch and build a portfolio and practice.

  • Are you looking at doing front end design? Or are you looking at going through the user experience process (having interviews with users, going through problems/opportunities and feedback, understanding requirements/process/flow etc?)

    • I'm not looking to front end dev as it requires allot of programming, instead I'm more focused on user experience and interface design

  • Have a look at Moralis Web3 if you want to program money from home.

    • Ok I'll check it out thanks man

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    Best is to build a portfolio, especially if you want to focus on the UI front end design bit.

    • Yeah I think so too, thanks for that

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    I've seen torres univertisity offer diploma of ux and web design but course goes for 18months , am not sure if it's worth doing that

    The Torrens course is eighteen months as you take 12 subjects, with eight subjects per year, in a three-three-two Trimester system. If you want to finish it in a year, you'll have to take four subjects a Trimester.

    Disclaimer: I work for Torrens University (which you misspelt, amongst many other words.)

    • I understand that but still not sure what diploma offers that a bootcamp won't , I'm just going to create a portfolio firstly thing , not sure what to do after that, yeah haha just realized misspelling , I forgot to double check spelling oops.

      • Your grammar and punctuation could do with some work too (as pointed out in the first comment). I would make sure someone proofreads what you write before it gets published when you work in UX.

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    It is a competitive field, lots of people want to be designers, which means hard to get work and comparatively lower wages.
    If you can bring more to the table, like being able to do html/css coding and some js programming it will be better.

    If you have a cert IV you already have enough formal certification/learning. Develop impressive portfolio projects.
    The best things to show off are where you worked to solve real world problems, for a real stakeholder, to produce a good outcome.

    The “work” part of this type of design is less about coming up with some fun new idea, and more about collaborating with others, dealing with difficult clients and getting stuff done on time and budget.

    Building a portfolio to show this might involve doing some work for friends/acquaintances or volunteer work. There are a million non-profits that would love somebody talented to spend a few weekends making their web site great.
    If you do a good job you will get a portfolio item, and a reference (and to be truthful, will probably be asked to join the board!).

    Good luck.

    • I do recognise that last bit was a “do it for the exposure” comment.
      I understand the argument that work should be valued, so I will say doing work for a non-profit or charity where you support their efforts is another way of donating and showing support. In this case it also gets you a portfolio item.