How to Restore Gloss Black Plastic Front Grille on Honda after Spilling Glue?

Hi all I have recently made a very dumb mistake. I was using super glue to stick the RS badge on my Honda Civic front plastic black grille and I accidentally spilt it everywhere.

The glue dried up so fast so I used Isocol to wipe the area trying to remove the residue. I ended up removing most residue but those area have become dull. Is there any way I can restore the piano glossy shiny black?

Thanks for all your help in advance (:


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    Is your civic an RS?

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      It is now….

    • RatSh#t paint job now.

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      Its a 2016 rs model so only have badge at the back not in front grill

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    1st question: is your car really an rs?

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    Real RS?

    BTW - you have knackered the grill. There is no way to restore piano shine back other than replace grill.

    • Yes and rip

  • Hard to say without pics but you're most likely seeing hazing from the superglue. Anything that will remove the hazing (eg acetone) will almost certainly remove/damage the paint as well. You could try carefully polishing given it's already ruined but piano black mars if you look at it wrong so unlikely it can be fully restored but you may get lucky and improve it at least.

    • repaint in silver and be a trendsetter

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        Repaint in 🌈. it’s the thing to do.

  • You could try Bowden’s Own Black Box Kit on special right now at Supercheap Auto, but not sure whether it will work because it depends whether your rubbing has faded the colour or it’s the glue sitting on top.

    • Won't work, that's for unpainted plastic.

      • Oh right, didn’t realise it was painted plastic. Don’t waste your money on my suggestion then OP.

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    Replace the grill.

    Oh and is it really an RS or a poor mans RS?

    • Real rs and I'm poor so I can only afford a second hand 2016 rs

  • Pics?
    Option 1: replace
    Option 2: paint it - which will require removing the badge.

    • IMHO option 2 with a plastic friendly paint is your only bet worth trying - will only cost you a can of paint and prep, so much cheaper than a new grille.

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        OP can't even stick a badge on. I can only imagine the result of a first time diy rattle can paint job using a very very high gloss paint.

        Just replace the friggin' grill.

    • wouldnt the superglue have damaged the plastic grill? I dont see paint ending up looking that good with 1/2 dissolved plastic

      • It may have caused a little damage, but superglue doesn’t typically dissolve plastic, usually just makes the surface hazy.

        As with all pint jobs, ta all in the prep though.

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    Replace the car.

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    When it comes to fake performance badges on cars, never forget:

    1. If they don’t know what the badge means, they don’t care about your car.

    2. If they do know what the badge means, they know it isn’t a real one.

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      If they don’t know what the badge means

      On this not, I looked up what RS means in relation to Honda, I thought it would be "race spec" or something cool, it's not.

  • Glue something else on like “Type R” to cover the dull area. :)

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      …or BRZ badge.

    • My civic is actually a 2016 rs model but there isn't a badge in the front so I added one ):

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    Thanks for all the replies. My Honda civic is actually a 2016 rs model and they only have front rs badge for post 2019 model that's why I added one. Btw I'll probably use this opportunity to buy a after market grill to replace the existing one (cost $200+install). The guy from my local supercheap auto recommended meguiars scratch remover to buff it out but I have no luck with it rip

    • Look I dont know exactly because I can't see the grill, but why not try a clear coat touchup spray if the black hasnt faded or been worn away. That should restore some of the shine if not all. Or has someone said this wouldn't even be worth trying.

  • Put a mugen sticker over it ;)

  • get some transformer stickers and an place them over the spots

    autobots… roll out

  • I'm not sure what the grille looks like on that particular car and if its practicable, however badges are normally attached with a strong double sided tape. Perhaps keep in mind for next time.

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    Some cool how-tos out there like this one, when you do get a different grill. Would be a good chance to swap it for an aftermarket one and jazz the car up a bit

  • Maybe spray on clear high gloss lacquer

  • WD 40?

  • You could have a chat to Touchup Guys there will be a franchise in your area, they specialise in repair/restore plastic bumpers and fittings, removing dings and dents from panels, mudguards, fenders etc, matching paint scratches, refurbishing wheel rims etc. My two experiences with them have been tremendous. They come to you and honestly the result is really like new. Google the local for your area. Both times I sent them photos and they quoted straight away. Thoroughly recommend them for dings dents scratches and bumper graunches

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    Buy some wet dry sandpaper, about 600-800 grit. Take your time and wet sand the gloss off the rest of the car.

  • Sand it back and re-spray

  • An update: I use acetone and removed all residue. Does anyone know if any black trim polisher would work? It seems to primarily work on interior black piano plastic components and bumper, thanks

  • Can you put another badge over the dull spot? The more badges, the more RS?

  • I was going to suggest peeing on it, then rubbing off using very fine sandpaper. Then cleaning very well before respraying with clear coat to blend into existing paintwork.

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